Pioneer’s DDJ-SB: $299 Serato Intro Controller

Pioneer is cracking open an even lower price point than their multi-color DDJ-WeGO launched last year with this new Serato DJ Intro controller that’s designed to look and feel similar to the DDJ-SX and DDJ-SR controllers that have been increasingly popular over the last year. The new DDJ-SB starts out with a MSRP of $299, and sports two large Pioneer jogwheels, 16 performance pads, and basic FX, tempo and mixer controls.

Editor’s Note: We’ve asked Pioneer to clarify if the pads and jogwheels will be the same components and quality of the two bigger brother controllers, but no answer yet. We’ll update the article with details! 

The DDJ-SB’s input and output

From a size perspective, the unit is significantly lighter (at 2.1 kg/4.6 lbs, it’s about half the weight of the DDJ-SR) and smaller in dimensions than the other controllers in the DDJ-S line. Here’s the full hardware featureset:

  • USB powered
  • Combo HP/LP filter for each channel.
  • Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler modes
  • Dedicated Serato software FX Control
  • Single Mic Input (1/4” jack)
  • Master RCA output
  • Both 1/4” and 1/8” mini jack headphone outs
  • High resolution, touch sensitive jog wheels

There’s only one new feature on the DDJ-SB that we haven’t seen on any other Pioneer unit before, called “Filter Fade” – similar to the Fader FX of DJTT’s VCI-100 mappings long ago. Pioneer details the Filter Fade feature:

For extremely smooth blending transitions when using the cross-fader, a new “Filter Fade” function can be  turned on (via a button in the center of the mixer) even with music that has vastly different styles.   The high-pass filter of the left and right decks is linked with the actions of the cross-fader, and the deck’s volume output automatically adjusts while applying the bass filter, resulting in natural sounding mix effect.

The DDJ-SB will be out in January 2014 with a suggested price point of $299, including a license for Serato DJ Intro. Learn more on Pioneer’s site.

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  • Victor Rodriguez

    because the price continues to rise? remember that May and June 2014 was priced at 250 dollars

  • wacky

    guys help me where can i purchase DDJ SB pioneer says is just only $250 but here in the Philippines they sale around $350 Help me please where can i get $250 thanks

  • Ryan Pease

    Ok I got the DDJ SB and I want to connect it to Pad is it possible?

  • Daniel

    what day is this coming out in the U.S??

  • norman_earthworm

    Does ddjsb support traktor or vdj? Or only serato.. Please do advise… I prefer more on using traktor scratch pro..

  • DjSorcerer

    Looks great and im tempted to buy but the only thing holding me back is the fx, i like to use them a lot so im worried that on this it looks like you only have one dial to control all three at once so i cant change them independently. Why would they do this, is there any way around it?

  • Harry Bower

    When is this due to come out as I have pre ordered it?

  • Ty

    Is it compatible with virtual dj? simple yes or no please.

    • darkseid


      • Ty

        Thx bro.

  • Joshua Lamat

    What makes me want this is how it is half the price of the S2.

    Other than missing the gain knob and maybe better “compatibility” and “connection” with the software, I don’t see why the S2 would be “better” than the SB. I’ve been asking NI for a dedicated filter for the S2 for several years and what they give me is better jog wheels (who the fuck even uses the S2 for scratching? its known for it’s use for house djs not fucking scratch dis) and compatibility with traktor dj. Oh yeah I almost forgot. Colorful Buttons. ooooooooo. -_-

    I might sound like a NI-hater but srsly. Lets keep it real. Pioneer’s DDJ series are killing it this year.

    Thank you pioneer. You have my money this time.

  • eduardo

    needs a gain knob

    • Phil-Dubspecter Bertrand

      there is one lol

      • andrei

        uhm no there isn’t

        • Phil-Dubspecter Bertrand

          Up of the jog to the right its written level

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    is this a openly mappable or is it locked to serato?

  • synthet1c

    the only thing I don’t like about it is the small pitch faders, for effects you could just re-purpose the eq knobs when the effect slot is active in traktor or VDJ

  • antifm

    ok so for me there is two things wrong with this unit.

    1) its USB only and the power for that can be sketchy. While the unit will function nicely im sure, that is dependant on the user have a nice stable power supply to the USB, and that can lead to freezing issues with the machine

    2) why the hell would they make 1/4” and 1/8” mini jack headphone outs??? That is just a waste of space when you can simply use an adapter to get from one size to another?
    To date i have NEVER purchased a pair of cans with a 1/4″ male on them. THey always came 1/8″ and included the adapter.

    • djfourmoney

      Why is bus power sketchy? Plug it into a USB 3.0 port, vastly more power, but does the controller take advantage of it? Unlikely…

      • antifm

        the problem isnt the built in bus / port on the unit. The problem is the legitimacy and stability of the POWER in the users location.
        The built in port words great im sure, as long as it has a nice stable source just like any USB device with lights and that sends signals constantly.

  • ChaZ

    Great release by Pioneer. Looking forward to get one.

  • Adam Phillips

    i need to get one of these…

  • stefanhapper

    What strikes me most is the extremely low price point. This comes at half of the price of a Traktor Kontrol S2 – with a comparable feature set and built quality.

    • MikeN

      you get what you pay for is a very good phrase in this case

  • Aken

    This is pure waesomeness


    does it work with serato video?

  • Kalebbbb with a Kay

    I’m sold already… but if it can be programable to Traktor Pro 2 or VDJ… I’m overly sold.

    • ChaZ

      It is programmable to any MIDI based software.

  • tr4gik

    It would be pretty awesome you could plug this baby also to control algoriddm’s Djay and Vjay , this easily looks more solid and for less $ than the weggo2, I would be sold.

    • Hawn Solo

      Agreed, though the fact that it is USB powered only, makes me think it probably won’t be iOS compatible.

      • Polygon

        Power’s not an issue. Pioneer resolved that with the ddj-wecai cable.
        The only thing that could be holding it back would be class compliancy of the soundcard, which pioneer still hasn’t commented on.

        • Steve Francesco

          Going by Pioneer’s site and S/N ratio, the Soundcard is different then both the SX/SR or WeGo :-S (a cheaper one ?) @ -90db vs -101db for the WeGo.

          • bzcxp

            So…has anyone successfully connected it to the iPad? (using djay or DJ Player or whatever)