Traktor 2.6.5 Micro Update + Audio 2 MK2 Soundcard

Native Instruments pushed another stealth update of Traktor Pro 2 last week, bringing the new version up to 2.6.5. If it made it past your spam filter, they’ve sent out a short email changelog for the software that covers the three limited changes in the version:

  • Integrates the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 soundcard
  • Fixes Loop Recorder issues when recording from an external source (EXT).
  • Fixes stability issues when controlling track decks C and D with TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2

The update is available in the Native Instruments Service Center application – and so far we’ve seen no reports of the software causing any major issues – but  share in the comments if you encounter anything.


The New Audio 2 soundcard

There’s a new Traktor Audio 2 soundcard that has been released from NI – primarily boasting support for Traktor DJ on iOS – which means it’s a class-compliant soundcard that should work with other iOS apps as well.

MicroUSB and optional power supply ports

The soundcard has a significantly smaller form factor – cut down in height from 1″ to 0.6″, and has a slimmer micoUSB port to make the new size possible. There’s also an optional power supply port on the rear of the card, which increases the audio output signal from Traktor Pro and also charges iOS devices when it’s attached.

There’s one other thing to note: it used to be that buying an Audio 2 was the best way to get a copy of Traktor Pro – but now the device only ships with a Traktor LE license and a $50 credit in the NI online store – meaning that new Traktor users will have to spend $40 with NI after the coupon to get the software.

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  • Simone Pontiggia

    Anyone know if using traktor DJ on ipad i can rute the two decks on different channel?

    In the setup on NI site semms no. . . . But there is no reasong why I can’t do that! Aniway befor buying I have to know!

  • Dj crashmoe

    I’ve never had my traktor crash like it did last night while in a gig. It crashed twice within a couple minutes of one another.
    I run traktor on a windows os on a Samsung i7 laptop. Looking at trying to uninstall 2.6.5 and drop back down to 2.6.4.

  • Sad but Truth

    Based on the pics, its looks like the new Audio 2 mk2 now using 2 mini jacks instead of 14″ jacks, can someone confirm this ??
    Also the old versions came with audio cables and now they switched it to Mini-USB to 30-Pin cable…

  • Andy Wright

    OK so does anyone know if they have upgraded the Cirrus Dac in these? Original Audio 2 sounded nice and warm, 2nd gen TRAKTOR audio 2 was clearer and more punchier but not as warm. I am guessing they are not upgrading the DAC otherwise would have mentioned. Also do you need a power adapter to obtain same output levels as previous gen ones? seems a bit naff to me…….

  • Tempt Fate

    Since updating I’ve been getting a really loud buzzing sound coming from my S4, I’ve always had static noise and audio glitches but this is just too extreme now to even use anymore! I’m on a windows 7 laptop, anyone else having similar issues?

    • Dende

      I´m having the same issue using cubase with the S2 on PC.

  • Jon Gillibrand

    v2.6.5 Routing FX from Decks C or D to FX Bank 1,2,3 or 4 doesn’t work
    Just upgraded and found this problem as per thread title.

    System: Asus Zenbook UX31A Prime, Windows 8.1, Vestax VCI-400EGE.

  • gowstpop

    You know what will be a cool update if you could please put a key and bpm on your viewer

    • Haakonsson

      You can do that yourself, cant remember what it’s called, but it’s in the settings on TP2.

  • scamo

    You forgot to note the price. $99 Retail.


  • ColorSound

    I would still buy the original one because of it coming with traktor pro.

    • Hugh

      i think this is a better move as it respects those DJs who already own a copy of Traktor. If it was the other way and the Audio 2 MK2 shipped with a full version of Traktor people would complain about it too..

  • sneakBeats

    I updated but have since reverted back to 2.6.3 because all the lights representing hot cues and loops didn’t work on my PC laptop running an S4…

    • djstat

      the same thing is happening with my macbook. any word on solutions?

      • meowmeow

        You need to reset your S4 settings to default in traktor. It comes back after that. Weird bug

  • ohmicide

    so no update to the sound quality?

    • Rockney

      Sound quality is purely reliant on the media you use, not the software, unless you have it configured incorrectly

      • James Brian Thomaston

        I agree, and disagree. For some reason in Traktor compared to Serato, there is more warmth coming from Serato. It also sounds more ‘spacious’ if you will. When bringing in new songs your highs do not seem to get as crowded either, in Serato. Not sure why.. but I have experienced this, and many others can hear them as well on the same gear side by side. Configuration can make a difference, for sure, but blank even canvas, same bitrate, same files, for some reason there is a difference.

        • Rockney

          Interesting, I didn’t know this, ive used vdj and traktor, but not serato, I didn’t notice a difference between switching from vdj to traktor so I assumed, but I do play on a station with a lot of other people using serato, and ive never heard anyone say anything about the sound quality from my shows versus the others, but it might be getting lost in the stream too, but any way, good to know, personally I will still choose the functionality of traktor over serato, because I rather enjoy the remix decks. Thanks for insight, I’ll keep it in mind when I post in the future.

          • James Brian Thomaston

            Yes, once it is broken down for streaming, you will not notice the difference. Only when playing at volume and side by side through the monitors. Probably wouldnt even really be able to tell if djs were switching from one set up to the other, but listen to them side by side, and you will hear it.

            I agree, I love Traktor, and everything about it, but if I could change 1 single thing, it would be that sound issue.

        • technicaltitch

          You mean using the same soundcard on both pieces of software?

          • James Brian Thomaston

            Correct. I have a VCI 400, which has a pretty good sound card in it. It’s only 48khz but if I can hear the difference on that, I am sure at 96khz and on massive system, you could definitely hear a difference. I have tested it several times, same song, same sound card, same monitors, different sound. It is ever so slight, but most will agree it is there. Unless they are a fanboy or have terrible hearing.

          • Rockney

            Yeah I was going to ask if it was using the same soundcard as well, but looks like someone already beat me to it, i don’t doubt the difference, but in my humble opinion, which you can take or leave, it doesn’t sound bad enough to make a change, i guess you could call me a fanboy for NI, lol, but what excites me more about NI products at the moment over Serato is the features and expandability of it, the controllerism aspects of it if you will, which i believe will come in time for Serato, but for me currently NI has taken the top spot in that field, where Serato has more focused on traditional style emulation. The sound issue is something I would love to look into just because I like to look into things like that, knowledge is exciting :D, but as I stated above, Traktor doesn’t sound bad, and this is my very long winded attempt at making that point, only because I would hate for someone to limit their options based on an idea that does. But on that same note I would also like to mention, that I would never want to discourage anyone from Serato either. Both are very valuable tools, and you should choose based on extensive research coming from what you want to do and how you want to do it.

          • needforseeed

            may be, but the difference lies not in the maximum possible sampling frequency of the soundcard used, as 96khz makes no sense for everything below losless audio formats (FLAC for example). if a DVD-audio file has a sampling rate of 48khz, the soundcard “won’t reproduce more” than the base signal, as it doesn’t contain the same amount of information, put broadly, as a 96khz file. (although, if you were to play a 48khz file through a 44.1khz soundcard, the latter will have to downsample the signal, which is possible through some algorithms. will result in some aliasing n stuff.)

            the difference lies in the A/D or D/A converters used plus the preamplifying. Traktor Audio 6/10 use Cirrus Logic ones, not sure about the VCI. which makes sense, because they would sound alike if they shared components. it is not purely about electromagnetism, however.

        • Charles Cushman

          Are you mixing internally or externally? The internal EQs on most programs tend to make the sound cold.

          • James Brian Thomaston

            Yes internally. Both programs run that way through the controller though, so that side by side is what I am comparing. I am sure if you spend $600 or so on an SL4, you would probably get similar sound quality to an Audio 6.

          • Charles Cushman

            If you are running both programs through the same sound card then I am going to say it is the software EQs that are affecting the sound. Traktor emulates several mixers, test them out and see how that effects the warmth of the sound.

        • ohmicide

          this could very well be because of the time stretching algorithm that Serato uses which I’ve heard is better than Traktor’s, I have not compared both side by side though

          but fwiw, Serato actually has a Pro Tools version of their time stretch which I’ve heard is one of the best, it’s also around 500 USD so it better be

      • ohmicide

        talking about the Audio 2 interface not Traktor..

      • Polygon

        Nope, both hardware and software make an actual difference. This is particularly prominent in DAWs, for example comparing live’s audio engine (even tho it’s improved miles in 9) with something like cubase, cubase will definitely win in terms of less artifacting.

      • ohmicide

        but your statement in false regardless, better elastic audio algorithm would make for better sound quality when stretching the audio