Faderfox DJ44 Solidcontrol Portable Controller

Instead of having a case for your DJ controller, why not have your DJ controller be your case? That’s what Hamburg-based DJ gear manufacturer Faderfox must have been thinking when first designing the DJ44. The controller acts as a complete two-channel controller for mixing internally in Traktor Pro (or any other DJ software with a bit of mapping), and sports a integrated case cover that attaches with a simple latch on the front and rear of the case.

For those familiar with Faderfox’s controllers, the buttons, knobs, and faders remain the same – very much built for a more technical-oriented DJ who’s looking for precise control, but might not care as much about cue point juggling or rapid cutting on the cross fader. Never-the-less, Faderfox’s reputation of having an incredible amount of control packed into a small space ( 290x220x55 mm – about the dimensions of a piece of two-inch-thick paper) holds true on this unit. Here’s the full list of features:

  • Setup files for Traktor Pro/Duo 2 and Ableton Live are shipped with the controller
  • USB interface with bus powering- class compliant / no driver necessary
  • Controls up to four decks – easy switching between deck A-C and B-D on the fly
  • Complete mixer control with EQs, faders, gain, pan, filter, FX assign, kill and monitor keys
  • Center spreaded scale for filter pot for better control feeling (Traktor)
  • Double command filter pot for simultaneous control of two filters [bipolar filter] (Ableton Live)
  • Shifted center position for perfect control of the EQ three [0dB = center pos] (Ableton Live)
  • Global section with browser / tree encoders, load buttons and pots for main / monitor / mix levels
  • Two FX sections with each 4 pots and 4 keys switchable to 4 FX slots
  • Tempo control by pitch encoders and sync keys (Traktor)
  • Loop sections with encoders, keys and 2-digit-displays
  • 21 extra large buttons for hotcue access and transport functions
  • All controls with double functions by holding down the shift button
  • LED bars with 8 segments for different level and position indications
  • 4 internal setups with various programmable functions
  • Upgradable firmware by simple Sysex-dump
  • Very compact and solid design in a silver metal casing

The one caveat – with no soundcard in the controller, DJs might take issue with the price of the DJ44 – which at the time of writing is running €420 (excluding VAT) –  about $560

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  • Rodrigo

    Faderfox is nothing special, their technical support is pure garbage and forget about the manuals (completely lost in translation)

    • Charibancho

      Granted the manuals aren’t the best but it’s pretty much a one-man operation. Support-wise my experience couldn’t be further from what you describe – I recently spent a couple of hours over 2 nights with Mathias on Skype getting things sorted out when he could easily have just asked me to send the unit back at my own expense. Over the few years I’ve used FFox the support has always been stellar. Size and layout-wise this is just in the sweetspot for me, a pleasure to use and decks C/D are a shift/button away. Oh and the provided mapping is basically faultless out the box. Can you tell I like it? I’ve made some of my best mixes of the last…15 years since getting it.

  • Yakov

    This controller is gonna be perfect for Flow.

  • Alex

    Can someone explain to me what VAT is?

    • Peter_Maxwell

      Value Added Tax. If you dont know what it is, you probably dont live in the country that its imposed, so dont have to pay it.

  • Charles Cushman

    I am always bummed when a new controller comes out with the ability to only control two channels. The reason why I use a digital controller is so that I can move beyond the two channel paradigm.

  • sammsousa

    lol faderfox is still in the business??? hahah

  • MiL0

    I bought a Faderfox DJ1 in 2004 – gigged with it all over Asia and it still works perfectly, nearly 10 years later.

  • Pablo 'Charlie' Rodriguez

    Faderfox are solid…. great German Engineer Controllers, but I guess there are some good MIDI controller in the market with sound card integration, for the same amount of money…
    @RyanDejaegher:disqus….. some times looks has nothing to do with performance, as in my personal opinion, I can have the ugliest controllers in the world, but , If that will let me make a good music performace, who cares who it looks

  • Ramsay Welborn

    I own Faderfoxes DJ3 and DS3. I bought them (DJ3 some time ago, DS3 more recently) as a light travel set. But I find myself using them more and more – my DJTT VCI-400 stays in its case often nowadays.

    Their layout is very intuitive in use, and the knobs and faders are quality Alps. It feels not as cramped as it looks. The blue/green buttons are very visible in the ‘limelight’ of the LEDs in dark situations, and the controllers have small rubber feet that locks them onto your workspace. It is a simple, elegant and ergonomic design.

    You can just mix up the controllers that have the knobs or faders useful to you, or use as additional controller to control specific funtions. I don’t miss the jogs much, a rotary works just fine for me.

    The UC3 was reviewed here on DJTT:


  • Ryan Dejaegher

    This is just my personal opinion but I can’t stand Faderfox controllers. I think they’re the ugliest controllers, there controllers look like something you’d find in the cockpit of an aircraft. They also don’t know how to simplify. If you look at some of their controllers, they’re just crammed. One of their 4midiloop controllers, the 4tracktrigger, has 150 buttons and 172 LEDS. Sure the controller may be able to control literally every function in Traktor, but there comes a point when you need to focus on having your controller being great at a few things rather then trying to do everything.

    • Ryukyu

      Of course the most important thing for a controller is to look cool rofl.

      Faderfox actually is THE company for the most customized and high quality controllers. If you find their controllers crammed, you probably don´t understand for what purpose they are designed.

  • Aken

    Interesting but way too much expensive

  • D

    This is pretty cool. I’d wish for that crossfader to be along the bottom of the unit though.

  • lewis

    Good concept for someone wanting to have portability and durability

  • Galvanix

    I usually don’t even read controller reviews because I’m so set on my S2, but the built in case drew my attention here and the rest of the controller kept it, particularly the tiny size.

    Looks pretty sweet, I’m completely unfamiliar with Faderfox’s stuff. I’d be curious to read a review on this.