Routine: sssShawnnn’s Mac n’ Cheese on Midi Fighters + Rubik’s Cube

The latest routine from 19-year-old mashup producer sssShawnnn includes not only a Midi Fighter 3D and Spectra, but controllers from competing video game consoles Xbox and Playstation. With over 134 tracks in this Madeon-styled live mashup performance, it’s well worth a quick 5 minute watch:

Watch More: See sssShawnnn’s first viral performance, Pizza Rolls. 

The Midi Fighter 64

Need more buttons? We know many of you have been waiting patiently to see if we were going to make Midi Fighter 64 available to everyone – not just a custom one off controller for a single artist.

Here’s a real update: the 64 is coming in the next few months. You can be one of the first people to get one by signing up on the official list here on

Details on pricing, timeline, and all that other information is still being finalized, but if you’re on that list you will be the first to know, first able to preorder, etc. Stay tuned!

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  • KIO

    I would quite like a video of how the Ableton (or other) project was built and how all the signals were routed as well as how to get the two videos synced.

  • tr4gik

    damn son , pretty impressive. Solving the rubik cube to complete the routine blew my freaking mind.

  • DJ Nitrane

    Outstanding job sssShawnnnn !!!!
    • 3 days ago

  • mandy

    I appreciate the amount of time and planning involved in making performance videos but I just can’t stand the style of music they actually play. 134 tracks in 5 minutes is impressive but it’s not something that would work in a club setting. I recently saw a breaking bad live remix video that was also very well done but once again I really did not like the actual music. That House mix that was posted a while back was very good, a nice balance of controlerist techniques whilst keeping the music danceable. The live drummer was interesting but could have been implemented a bit better. I wonder what controllerist routines are going to be like in 5 or 10 years from now when you already have young lads like the dude who made this who aren’t even old enough to go to allot of clubs producing such complex routines in their bedrooms with more than likely little or no help from anyone else. It’s quite amazing.

    • Sebastian Cavolina

      uhm. he’s 19. in most places 18 is the minimum age to go clubbing

      • O

        18 is pretty normal in Europe but theres still allot of club nights that are 21+ in the states which is where this kid is probably from.

    • Tom Razin

      not all music is meant to be played in a club setting…

  • cunty

    the amount of work involved in making that is breathtaking. incredible

  • kasi

    use him for a midi fighter ad

  • Nolej

    Anyone know what was used to map the gamepad as MIDI devices??

    • sssShawnnnn

      I use GlovePIE to convert the gamepad signals to MIDI. :] And I use loopMIDI to add the extra MIDI channels for the gamepads.

      • Fatlimey

        Big respect on using the Midifighter to it’s maximum – pages, LED feedback, colors, patterns. You used just about every feature possible.

      • Nucleya

        Very well done you are my hero.

  • Prof_Strangeman

    Well damn. The light show alone is insane.