Mixvibes Releases Cross 3 With Video DJing Features

Mixvibes Cross has historically been the DJ software that matches what other prominent platforms do, making a parallel feature set that does everything just as well as the industry leaders. Today Paris-based Mixvibes is rolling out a brand new version, Cross 3, which adds an entire video control system to the DJ software.

Here’s the specs on the video system – it’s pretty comparable to Serato Video:

  • 2 full-­featured audio/video players
  • Mixer and effects can control only video, only audio or both at the same time
  • HD external output from the computer’s display port
  • 35 video transitions and 18 video effects
  • Video output recording

Sync videos to any of your tracks 

Cross allows you to put up a proper show with synced visuals… with the flexibility of live selection that DJs love. It’s easy: prepare a few video clips, and play them on top of all your tracks.

  • Load audio and video separately
  • Sync the BPM of the video to the audio
  • Save audio/video combos in one click

Video for every DJ 

We  believe  that  DJs  should  try  video  mixing.  Therefore,  the  core  video features are now available in all 3 versions  of  Cross  for  Mac/PC:  Cross  DJ  Free,  Cross  DJ  and  Cross.  Make  no  mistake,  Cross  is  a DJ software with powerful video features, not a VJ software.

World’s first video sampler

For the first time in a DJ software, Cross gives you two 4­-pad video samplers:

  • Easily add VJ loops to your mix
  • Hot video sampling: sample any part of the video playing in the deck
  • Edit video content straight into Cross with the sampler: no need for third party software
  • Save your video sample banks

Put your own content in Cross & record your set 

  • Live webcam input: display live footage from the party
  • Titler: add text or images to the output
  • Record video mixes

The thing about Cross that makes it have a higher chance of success than other smaller fish in the DJ software world is that it’s probably one of the most open DJ platforms out there. Almost any digital DJ setup can be integrated into Cross 3. Over 80 different controllers are compatible with MIDI mapping downloads, there’s advanced HID CDJ integration, and the DVS control works with any soundcard, including Rane and Native Instruments’ offerings. 

Cross 3 also adds colored waveforms, a new EQ preset modeled on Pioneer DJM mixers, and support for playing back Apple Lossless and WMA music files. The software is available for free in a basic 2-deck version – Cross DJ Free – as well as the two versions that unlock more features – Cross DJ, and Cross. The full-featured version of Cross runs $130.

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    Been using Traktor for a while but this looks fun.

  • Mr W

    I ve been using Cross with CDJ850 for a few months in HID mode and it is awesome. Traktor dropped a big one not supporting lesser CDJs – and to be honest Ive saved a wedge not going with th CDJ2000s! Free upgrade to V3.0 just sweetens the deal 🙂

  • marciano jones

    More importantly, there is a linux beta available!!!!!

  • Onetidd


  • Tony

    you should definitely try video sampling 😉

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    aaaaand welcome player 5 to the top-tier round-up!

    * Native Instruments: Traktor (Scratch) Pro 2.6.6 (no video… yet)
    * Serato: Serato DJ 1.5.2 (video optional)
    * Dirtual DJ: Virtual DJ 7 (video)
    * Image-line: Deckadance 2 (no video… yet)
    * Mixvibes: Cross 3 (video)

    Sounds like we need another top-tier DJ application shoot-out (feature-by-feature).

  • DJ Sn0w

    Awesome, been using the RC, it’s great… it’s getting harder and harder to justify spending more money on the big boys…