Routine: Carl Rag On The Just-Announced APC40 MKII

The new APC40 mkII from Akai just made a début last week on the Musikmesse convention floor. Today we’re highlighting a video shot at the Ministry of Sound – it’s a performance on this new generation of the Ableton controller with controllerist/fingerdrummer Carl Rag manning the unit.

Akai (and all the other inMusic brands – Numark, M-Audio, etc) are pushing bundled content very hard this year as being the real value behind purchasing their controllers. One of the prominant names they’ve teamed up with is Toolroom Records to create exclusive artist-curated packs, some of which are featured in this performance.

Read more about Akai’s new APC offerings here or see more new DJ/producer gear from Musikmesse

Want more to watch? There’s a ton more great DJ/controllerism routines here.

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  • Sebastian Cavolina

    any news on if these are pads or buttons?

  • Trent

    Looks sweet , i was wondering about the finger drumming capabilities and this video shows the potential, I wasnt sure if Akai would come out with a new RGB LED controller or not, def happy they did, im guessing those filters in the video are part of the plugins they give you in the bundle with the mkII, or its max for live !

  • Lee

    Wow, this kid has skills. The music may not be my cup of tea but hats of to him.

  • Frydac

    Very nice performance, though I really dislike most of the tracks. And the ones I did like are just ripped out of context with this ‘medley’ like style. This style destroys the often subtle flow of these tracks and replaces it with an artificial in your face, bombastic, over the top, just plain annoying one.

    I understand he wants to show a lot in not a lot of time, and he does it fairly well: his dedication and skill are impressive, but this way I can’t enjoy the music at all

  • doug more

    He has better skills than the entire Maple Leafs bench…..

  • Nolej

    Is that The Man With The Red Face I hear? Aww yisss.

  • Aken

    It seems to be a nice piece of controller. I’m just looking forward to PAD QUALITY. If its good enough for finger drumming i,ll buy it for sure. If its designed for clips launching i will pass.

  • Tom Wenger

    i’m gonna need this and ableton… this is awesome

  • monkeytop

    ministry of sounds is the biggest crap ever…

    • Jon

      I guess you don’t know your music history very well, Ministry of Sound is iconic and tied to DJ/music history regardless of what music and genres they favor right now.

    • Oli

      Yeah bro, Ministry sucks big time!

      Oh actually, it doesn’t suck, it’s one of the best clubs in the world, at the forefront of club sound system design. The main room was designed and build to give the best sound possible, not to maximise the number of vip tables.

      The club was deemed such an iconic part of London that the Mayors office stepped in to help save it from developers, only special clubs get that kind of help! London already lost The End to property developers, so you’ve got to respect that the owner (s) of Ministry fought hard to keep the club open instead of retiring with a huge pile of cash!