The Midi Fighter Twister Officially Lifts Off

We are proud and happy to announce that our first community-sourced project and DJ TechTools’ newest product, The Midi Fighter Twister, is now available for preorder. The first run of Twisters are sailing towards San Francisco right now and will be shipping in 2 weeks or less. To mark the occasion we shot a detailed look at the most discussed feature, the Traktor Sequencer, and some very lovely photos to showcase the Twister’s final look.


Here are they are folks, final production Twisters in black and white. Big congratulations are due to the hard-working engineering team at DJ TechTools, led by Michael Mitchell, along with the community of beta testers and software engineers who have helped to build this amazing controller. Last, but not least, thanks to everyone who contributed over 500 submissions to the original controller design contest which inspired this project.


First up, here is a detailed look at the incredibly powerful Traktor Sequencer. This work of firmware art turns any Remix Deck into a very powerful, and expressive multi-voice drum sequencer that is easy to use and loaded with deep features.


The Twister will see many fans in production and live performance circles since its high-resolution encoders provide the perfect surface to control synths, effects, and MIDI racks with dynamic visual feedback across four layers. Each knob allows you custom define its characteristics with flexible indicators that match the function.

Along with color coding each knob via the large RGB, you get to pick between three common knob types:

  1. Traditional Knob – With a fast response and standard left to right visualization
  2. Encoder –  A high-resolution output, with longer range and a relative display
  3. Center Detent –  Left and Right display matches the popular filter style setup and feel.

There is also a range of custom options for each encoder in all 4 banks.

  1. Optional Super Knobs (Multi-CC per control) with adjustable ranges
  2. 10 choices for the encoder push state including CC/Note toggle, hold, and more
  3. Routing of each encoder or switch out to a different MIDI channel
  4. Customizable 3 color detent
  5. Customizable RGB indicator light

The Midi Fighter Twister is exactly what was missing from the world of CC-based controllers. The push encoders are the perfect nexus of button and knob, cleverly programmable and designed with the level of quality and polish characteristic of DJ Tech Tools.  – Ill Gates

“This thing is amazing. It’s such a cool controller! Starting to use it at gigs as of next week!” – Figure 

The MF Twister has fast become my trusted go-to controller for encoders. It soars above  the competition in terms of quality, versatility, and portability. Everyone needs a good set of knobs, and the Twister delivers. – Mad Zach

Pre-sales have already started and they’re going fast. Secure your Midi Fighter Twister here 

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  • tchspcs

    Can anyone shine some light on how does the sequencing happens within traktor? is this a midi fighter twister only feature? I’m terribly sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m really curious as I can’t wrap my head around the idea…. anyone knows a bit more in depth, I’m not asking how does the midi fighter twister work but how is it achieved, what does the hardware do or how do you setup traktor in order to be able to write ryhthm patterns for the individual cells or slots? thanks!!

  • toba

    Does this device have a variable ‘swing’ or ‘shuffle’ setting? It’s vital to me to be able to adjust swing settings and not be locked to a sequencer that is always playing a ‘straight’ groove.

  • Kai

    How well does it work with Live 8?

  • Fred

    Is there a chance to get Ean´s Remixset?

  • Dave Uv Frey

    I’m curious as to whether it would be possible to replace the knobs with chroma caps, since they look like regular encoder knobs. Would love to see that happen which would add even more customization to the twister.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Dave – you are correct the encoder caps are the Chroma cap encoders, so it is totally possible to swap them out with different colors.

  • Bryce Vercruysse

    I am really liking the Twister. I do have a question though. I am running Serato DJ. Is it possible to set up and use the MIDI Fighter Twister with Serato DJ as it is in the video shown above?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Unfortunately the Serato DJ does not provide the flexibility that the Traktor remix decks offer, so sequencer integration is not possible at this time.

  • Guest

    Will this work with my existing set up . I use a Allen and Heath Xone K2 with a 2 channel mapping (internal Mixer Mode) + Native Instruments Kontrol F1 for sampling and i use the Midi Mode with my own mapping for hot cues and effects. So can i add the Midi Fighter Twister for my existing set up…

    1) Will my existing mappings work with the sequencer mapping of the fighter.

    2) Since i already use a F1 to control the remix decks sometimes with the Fighter work in sync with the F1 – is this possible?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Your setup will work just fine with the Twister, the sequencer does not conflict with the F1 in any way.

  • Arun K

    Will this work with my existing set up . I use a Allen and Heath Xone K2 with a 2 channel mapping (internal Mixer Mode) + Native Instruments Kontrol F1 for sampling and i use the Midi Mode with my own mapping for hot cues and effects. So can i add the Midi Fighter Twister for my existing set up…

    1) Will my existing mappings work with the sequencer mapping of the fighter.
    2) Since i already use a F1 to control the remix decks sometimes with the Fighter work in sync with the F1 – is this possible?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Arun, your setup will work just fine with the Twister, the sequencer does not conflict with the F1 in any way.

      • Arun K

        Hi Michael,

        i have just attached a mapping that i use with my Allen and Heath Xone K2 and i use the F1 on the default midi mode.

        The Twister mapping will not affect my existing mapping ?

        Will it work in sync with the existing set up.

        Im sorry if I’m not able to put it across in the right way- I’m sure the mapping which i attach will help you understand .

        Many Thanks in advance.

  • Bryce V

    I have a question about the twister and potentially using it with other software other than Traktor. I really like the capabilities of it and I think this could be something that would work great with what I’m trying to do. I use Serato DJ and my question iso is it possible to set up the twister in Serato DJ in the same fashion as it is used on Traktor, just like in the videos?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Bryce,

      Unfortunately the Serato DJ does not provide the flexibility that the Traktor remix decks offer, so sequencer integration is not possible at this time.

  • Jake Hale

    This is really cool. I’m assuming this will work with anything that sends out midi clock.
    My questions are:
    where the snapshots are stored, is there internal memory on the device?
    if i want to use this with ableton or bitwig, is there a way to adjust the ‘swing’ of the beat, maybe even do beats in triplet?
    is it possible to side-load midi patterns saved from other programs directly into memory?

    • Deksel

      Wow, those were my questions exactly!
      Don’t even care for right now, but would it be technically possible to program beats that are not exaclty on the 1/nth (16th, 32th?) of a beat? And would it be technically possible to access the sequencer via software (store multiple snapshot banks to your computer and load them to the MF, fire multiple sounds from 1 bank in one pattern). If it’s technically possible i’m sure someone from the community will find a way)

      • Jake Hale

        sorry for the late response- but the DJTT chat support people told me that these weren’t features available, yet.
        I hope they, or some other intrepid folks, add these features in the future. Until such time I’ll have to hold of on buying one.

  • Deksel


    Seriously, though, this is incredibly well executed. I hope the confidence with which EAN was playing the twister in the video was no act; you’ve got me sold.

    I think it’s really cool you guys have added some heavy functionality to a piece of (great) software, without even touching it. That might actually be a kind of new software model.

    Anyway, kick ass job, exactly what I have been waiting for for years…

  • leavesremix

    looks incredible. especially from watching the video and all the effort that went into making the software side amazing as well.
    that said, i’m poor. haha so a little saddened by the price. and the price of the midi fighter went up too 🙁
    so i think my next piece of gear will be an Arturia Beatstep. bascially same functionality as a midi fighter + twister, for half the price of a single one.
    if i had the money though, i’d love to support the DJTT team!

  • Davendiva

    Hi, I have another question, is it possible to map push encoders to function the same as the twister’s sequencer home page top row ie to select individual clips by turning the encoder and play by pushing from each slot of the remix deck? Or is this to do with the twister’s firmware?

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Davendiva,

      That functionality is part of the sequencer firmware, however I believe this would be possible to achieve via mapping, you would set the encoder to set a modifier value, and then the encoder switch would trigger different slots based on that modifier value.

  • Madi

    I’m curious to learn what testing has been done, if any, with an F1 and a Twister controlling the same remix deck.

    The first thing that came to my head when watching your video, was using the F1’s sample editing functions along side the twister. A good example would be the pitch control.

    I know that the led outputs on the F1’s pads would be going off constantly, but as far as I’m concerned this is a bonus. I have also heard that F1 still has controls that cant be mapped, but don’t know which ones (have yet to browse that section of mappings). If this is true using an F1 along with the twister would have some additional benefits.

    • Michael Mitchell

      Hi Madi,

      The F1 and Twister sequencer work perfectly together, as you observed the LEDs on the F1 will trigger in time with the Sequencer.

  • Max Dolensky

    Curious about a few things.

    1) I remember seeing a picture of the Twister with a MIDI Sync box attacment that goes in the USB port. Seeing as the Twister possesses more “intelligent” guts than any other model we have seen so far, how will it be powered? AC adapter or USB? Will the MIDI adapter be smart as well? If it is, could we possibly see legacy compatibility with this device and older MIDI Fighters by means of checking firmware of the device to make sure it is a MIDI Fighter? Could give a lot of the older models lives as MIDI control boxes.

    2) is the brain of the Twister easily upgradable like/with the firmware? If so, would it be possible to write longer sequencers (16 beats instead of 4?), even for other softwares such as Ableton?( Could be a good way to rival the Monome and use some cool Max4Live patches.)

    3) is it possible to use the sequencer with non-Traktor software given the current state of the sequencer software? If so, I would love to get my hands on one of these for VJing (maybe write an article on it for you guys?). I currently use a Nintendo Gameboy to sequence videos using tracker software and a MIDI sync box, along with a MIDI Fighter Pro and my VJ software of choice. This would be much more elegant than the Gameboy, and about as cool.

  • Paul Arguedas

    how well would it do in ableton? looks like it might rival the bcr2000 as a slimmer version, i’d like to see it in action before i buy one, i really want something like this for ableton.

    • IceIce

      I cannot comment on the actual performance yet, but I was curious how it would initially work with Ableton Live as well. The pdf of the Ableton Live script I was sent from DJTT indicates that the Twister script is made for Ableton 9.1 and sequencer is fully compatible. There are three banks, Bank 1 is Mixer, Bank 2 is Devices, Bank 3 is Clip Launching. Banks are switchable via the side buttons, and navigating the Redbox is also controlled with the side buttons. The banks controls use the Encoders and the push knob to access two functions per encoder. All this is subject to change of course, but those are the details, hope this helps ya out.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Good job on releasing the Twister! Are there going to be any “Special Addition” white boxes?

  • DE Radio

    Hello. I have a question about the syncing. I quite often play with a friend using Traktor and usually set things up to send the midi clock to them via midi cable. Things are pretty solid with this method except I always have to adjust the midi offset to get things properly synced up at the beginning. My question is first am I am to still send two midi clocks to do this? (one to the Twister and one to the other Traktor user) and second what about the midi offset. I might change the offset to sync things with the Traktor user but that might put things off with the Twister. Sadly there is no “in” midi offset with Traktor and I don’t know about the Twister. Thanks.

  • Kutmaster TeeOh

    Well part of my design submission is in the twisters, lol. Those touch sensitive knobs with the led ring are my favorite. Glad you guys came up with something dope once again. Maybe I’ll find someone to build my full idea 😉

  • Nolej

    How “open” is the Twister’s software and firmware? Will it the documentation be available for modders?

    Also, is the editor software available for download even if you don’t yet own a Twister?

    • Jon

      The “editing software” can be downloaded from here though Twister isn’t yet on the list (I assume it’s the same program based on the shots in the video, could be wrong):

      It only completes tasks with a connected Midifighter however.

  • mispel

    Who cares if I can “afford” it. Preordered!

  • Toontown

    Are those Chroma Caps?

  • William Gibson

    The article says they are on their way to DJTT. That being said, Where are these made? I really liked the idea that the MF was made in the USA by DJTT. Are these assembled overseas?

    • loomad

      UI… Take a look at the picture showing the bottom of the MFT. It says assembled in China… So it’s China->LA->Germany …. Damn it’s time they invent a beam-machine, these shipping costs are killing me 😉

  • Duros

    Funny to see promotion pictures of the Twister and a MF squeezed between a Z2 and a SL-turntable, but in that way, you can’t use the side buttons of the unit. Bank buttons like the MF3D would have been more useful.
    Anyway great product, maybe gonna pick one up!

  • KoenraadVDS

    Will I buy this? HELL YEAH, but first it’s got to prove it’s stability and durability.

  • Joran

    maybe a stupid question, but do the rotary knobs have little clicks/steps (like the browse knob on the X1) or do they move freely (more like the FX knobs on the X1)?

    • Dan White

      They move freely! Not a stupid question 🙂

  • Soto

    I think this is the best use of the remix decks so far (its been like a dead app in traktor for most of us users) I would love to see some Native Instruments rework of the remix decks to adjust and improve this new line of performance. This is the future of digital dj and traktor could take the advantage that DTT have giving them to create a really nice step sequencer.

  • Luiz Zen

    Great piece of hardware!
    However, since the knobs stand out of the unit, I wonder what one could do to protect them from being pressed over other gear when packing everything in a backpack, for instance…
    Any ideas? Something like a Decksaver…

    • Prof_Strangeman

      If the build qual is anything like the MF Pro’s knobs, don’t even worry about it. Built like a fuckin tank.

      • Luiz Zen

        Sorry, but I can’t imagine something like in the picture being so strong that would support heavy weight of other gear on top of it.
        Rotary knobs and buttons have a life span and after some heavy pressing on them, they tend to stop working correctly.
        Unless these are super fucking great knobs (is there really something like it?), which would cost way more than what we usually see around, I wouldn’t trust it that much.

  • chris

    oh yeah. it seems this survive some cushion battle.

  • Dancin' Mark

    Done and I cannot wait to have my way with this amazing piece of hardware! Watch out Traktor Remix decks?! You’re in for some serious mileage soon.

  • J.sto

    Hell Yeah! Unfortunately I realized the next gear purchase will be an s4 due to a sketch hip-hop show where i had a 3 piece vinyl kit and we had to leave quick but I’m stoked to see this finally ready to go. It seems like forever since playing with it in the fall. Congrats Mike and Ean, cant wait to pick one up when i have the money.

  • lanceblaise

    Finally!!! Can’t wait for this to arrive. Just pre-ordered. This is something I have been waiting for, and this makes me feel ok that I got rid of my Maschine to use this instead. I am sure this is going to be an integral part of my setup.

    • Marcel Mono

      Yeah, getting rid of the big machine is one of the reasons i want a twister, too. No more fiddling with midi-sync settings, it all stays in time. And like you said, the setup of the velocity/sensitivity will me much more hands-on than on the machine from a first look. Can’t wait to get one.
      PS: half-deaf Dj here, how did you as a blind man got into djing? 🙂

      • lanceblaise

        Well I didn’t become blind till around 2008. It was a progression from my diabetes. I have been djing long before this happened to me. It was a project relearning how to DJ, but honestly the digital setup is what helped me. I have some vision left in my left eye, about 15%. I can see out of small spots in my eye, so I am lucky to still have that. I see what looks like someone threw mud onto a windshield.

      • Jake Hale

        half-deaf here too.

  • loomad

    Hi. guys, I really want to buy a Twister, but first I have 2 questions:

    1. in your shop there is a point called:

    Configure & Customize

    when will this be available and what price can we expect?

    2. can anybody tell about how much the custom duties /toll charges for germany are
    (did anybodey from germany already order a MF before)

    Thanks for your help, can’t wait 🙂

    • Dan White

      that section is talking about the software shown – it’s a free utility for making the look (LEDs) and behavior of the Twister act just how you want it.

      • loomad

        Man this heavy excitement simple blurs my vision 😉 thanks for your enlightenment…. Just ordered one… feels like it will take years… hahaha…. this will be a late but extremely fine easteregg… Cheers 🙂

  • Eddi Gee

    I actually have a question :

    How well does this work with CDJ’s ? I use Traktor in HID Mode (Advanced). Does the Midi Clock work the same way, I mean when I slow down or speed up the songs on my CDJ ?

    Or is it always going to shift the tempo (I use Tempo Sync, in order to control the Fase.)?

    Cause if the the clock always shifts as I adjust the Fase, I guess it won’t work properly ?

    By the way an european reseller would be great !

    • Eddi Gee

      Any Ideas ?

    • Chaser720

      This comment scared the crap out of me. After watching the setup video I got very worried I wasn’t going to be able to use my technics and have the Twister synced up (and I already preordered).

      I can’t speak for CDJs here but I suspect they work the same way as timecode vinyl does as far as tempo pickup in Traktor. I used Ableton for a reference to pick up the midi clock from Traktor. Adjusting the tempo fader on the turn table adjusted the BPM of the track (as normal) and Ableton picked up the tempo change as well.

      I set the global midi clock in Traktor to play just like the video but set the master to the track that was playing instead of the master clock. Someone can verify on a CDJ but I’m pretty sure its a go!

      • Chaser720

        That was my post. Something got weird with those attachments. The second picture I screen shotted before the tempo had time to adjust in Live. There is a few second delay.

    • Ean Golden

      That’s a good question Eddi, The Twister will always follow Traktor’s internal clock, even if it changes tempo (as shown in the video) then the drums will stay in time.

      Traktor’s master clock can be set manually (stable with all decks synced to it) or controlled by your decks (with a CDJ for example) with the master clock syncing up to the main deck.

      In either case the twister will sync up perfectly – as long as the beatgrids and bpms of your tracks are relatively accurate. You can slow down a song via CDJ, the master clock will follow that slow down, and the twister will follow as well.

      • Mark Smith

        Ean then I have a question for you based upon your answer to Eddi? Does the clock follow the beatgrid or the actual beat of the song?

        • Zarblar.

          It follows the clock.

          • Eddi Gee

            Well, as far as I know, the internal clock fallows the beatgrid of the song. The fase of the track will be controlled, in my case, with the CDJ’s. And I’m fearing that if you speed up or slow down the song, the internal clock will have some latency and because of this let the Twister not be in time anymore… That’s what I’m guessing but a demonstration would be necessary to verify this. I just hope I’m wrong…

  • A gabriel Schmitt Pro

    Nice — This is one step Closer to a Traktor DjSequencer Like NATIVE MIX — I see Machine controlling the remix decks like this eventually.. keep pushing the envelope.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    i can’t watch anymore… too broke to pre-order right now, but there is a good chance that one of these will end up in my set-up. i love what you guys have created here.

  • Marcel Mono

    Now i only have to wait until there are European resellers, i have no intention at all to pay the ridiculous amount off money for toll *sigh*

    Great Device nonetheless! 🙂

    • stefanhapper

      Yes, given the high use of Traktor in Europe it would be wise for DJTT to work as soon as possible with a European partner on this.

    • stefanhapper

      Yes, given the high use of Traktor in Europe it would be wise for DJTT to work as soon as possible with a European partner on this.

    • Frank Schmischke

      I’ve bought a midifighter (on cyber monday sale), an ableton push and my old s2 via djtechtools and it all went pretty on par with european resellers, since the american prices are lower.
      Really want this twisted little bugger though.

    • Ean Golden

      Hey Marcel,

      We have updated the product page to include pricing for european customers with shipping and import fees. For example, in Germany a twister will cost you about $295 direct from us, which is on par with the final price in a local store. The dis-advantage of direct sales, is the lack of a local contact and support. We do plan to have these in european stores this summer, but the first batch may be reserved for direct sales only.

  • Ibrahim Sha'ath

    Yes please. Seriously great work guys.