Introducing Chroma Cables: High Quality USB Cables for DJs + Producers

After months of engineering, teasing, and testing, we are ready to roll out the newest creation from our DJ TechTools labs: Chroma Cables! We took our extremely popular High Quality USB Cable, gave it a full redesign, and wrapped them in five new brilliant colors with integrated matching cable ties. All models are now shipping in the store; check out more details after the break. 


All cables are not created equal, and ours are engineered from scratch for digital performers, by digital performers. Here are a few of the details that set the Chromas apart:

  • Integrated easy-close velcro cable ties keep things tidy and looking clean
  • Bright colors allow you to find and organize cables in dark, crowded spaces
  • Right-angle and straight cable types accommodate various USB devices
  • Updated styling matches your modern gear
  • Full double-braided shielding reduces digital noise and interference
  • Any noise that does get through is cancelled by the double ferrites, which dramatically cut down on audio dropouts


Chroma Cables have been custom-designed to compliment modern DJ technology with a streamlined styling that keeps your setup looking fresh and sleek. Integrated low-profile velcro cable ties match the color of each cable and turn unsightly cable messes into neat organization. Each of the cables match our most popular Chroma Cap colors for a final personal touch to your favorite controller.

Right-angle and straight connections are provided in every color to meet all connection needs.


High-end USB cables with a great look are normally over-priced. Our goal was to create a line of cables that bring style, function, and performance at a price point everyone can afford. The cables start off at $12.50 each but go down to $9.99 if you buy three or more.

Chroma Cables are available now in the DJ TechTools store. Click here to grab a set.

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  • Eduardo

    Lighting cables (:

  • More Or Les

    Do Chroma cables meet the requirements for the Maschine Mk 2? NI requires usb 2.0 at AWG 24: 0,511 mm

  • Treo Jones

    Just received my lovely Chroma Cables here in Belfast – can’t wait for the inevitable jealous looks when out working.

  • Not_Sean

    Would be awesome if you guys had a 1 USB -> 2 Controller plugs, I can run both my Z1 and X1 off one port on my Macbook through a unpowered hub, as well as KB and Mouse.

    Now would love it if I could spare a USB for a different controller. The DJTT Chimera 😛

  • Eights Everywhere

    I’d love to have a 1/8 (male) to RCA (male) for audio directly out of the laptop into a mixer.

  • Eights Everywhere

    Please make a quality headphone splitter! Maybe at 1/4 size because its easier to adapt from there to the 1/8 if necessary.

  • DJ Possess

    How could you not make RED cables? Please! Pretty please!

  • chris

    btw: every time when i look to an Internetcable, i had an feeling, that someone want’s to eat my brain. horrible feeling, isn’t it?

  • Ezmyrelda

    Emerald green please! For chroma caps as well. The green you guys have for the cables is a little off putting.

  • Boris

    I am also looking for a good external powered usb hub. I know DJTT covered articles on this, but I would love a DJTT hub!

  • owen

    a chroma usb hub would be rather tasty also

  • Burrell

    These Chroma Cables do look chunky. Wondering if there’d be any problem plugging in two separate cables side-by-side on the two USB ports on my MacBook Pro.

    And “$9.99 if you buy three or more” – Great deal!

    Looking forward for the red ones.

  • Al

    USB3 Cables should be next. I haven’t looked at the others on the market, but the ones that come with some OEM hardware such as external drives are thin and fragile.

  • Mattatya

    +1 for RCA to RCA 3 & 6 feet options

  • Some Guy

    will you guys ship to Australia?

  • NKT

    Need MOAR COLORS! 🙂

  • Mark Smith

    God Send!!!!! I initially attempted to buy your previous style cables however the straight ones were out of stock. I have been waiting since January for them to return and low and behold I got that much wanted email yesterday about these new Chroma Cables. I immediately ordered 6 sets for all of my gear. Thank you guys!!! Now we need Chroma RCA Cables and my gear will be complete. How long till we see them lol???

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Left angleeed please!

    • antifm

      +1 on this idea because “not all setups are created equal either”
      infact i have to use my DJTT cable on my midi fighter but i need to wrap it all the way around from the left to its right front side. (my PC is on the left, and 3D is on the right) so i cant go in direct from left side

      i have the same problem with my F1 and S4

  • george

    You should make them in all colors so you can match them with #ChromaCaps

  • mixeffector

    No pink. Sad Panda 🙁

  • Ricardo Thomas

    have pioneer djm-850. what side would the USB bent?. thanks ps. white right angled cables are gone, restocking soon?

    • Ean Golden

      white will be back in stock in one week. I use the right angle with the pioneer mixers and the angle goes in towards the selection dial. The cable runs across the knob a bit but it’s not an issue and keeps it much safer than a straight version.

      • Hawn Solo

        Are those red 90-degree chroma caps? Does this mean more color options for mixers soon? I hope so!

        • Ricardo Thomas

          great, will wait for the white. Thanks for giving us an alternative to overpriced cables. Much appreciated.

  • Robert Wulfman

    What about Chroma Audio Cables?

    • Ean Golden

      what other cables would everyone want? Please post a single request and then vote up the ones you want.

      • Redselecter

        There are lots of high quality XLR and 1/4″ cables out there already, but things are really lacking in the area of RCA cables – so stereo pairs of RCA to RCA in different lengths

        • FizOi


      • Robert Wulfman

        Stereo TRS to RCA pair for plugging an Audio 2 into a mixer

      • Robert Wulfman

        Oh, and micro USB for those of use who use nanopads and the like

        • Nicholas Polydor

          @Dan White:disqus / @Ean Golden:disqus and other DJTT colleagues, is there a timescale for when USB 2.0 A to microUSB 2.0 B will be added to the Chroma Cable range? It seems that @Unreallystic:disqus , @Robert Wulfman:disqus , myself and others would like this.

      • Wild Quixote

        Mini Usb to Usb A (R angle) for secondary controllers like the nanokontrol would be great

      • Wild Quixote

        a powered usb hub with the same aesthetics would also rock!

      • Eights Everywhere

        Can we get a quality, compact, USB splitter! Then I can buy and integrate all the great DJTT midi controllers!

      • Eights Everywhere

        Stereo headphone splitter for DJ duos! Maybe at 1/4 size because its easier to adapt from there to the 1/8 if necessary.

      • mellonhead

        stereo-pair trs and xlr for those of us who run balanced signals!

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        1/4″ TS L/R to RCA

      • Brad Sartor

        DVS RCA cable.. 4x male RCA on one end, 2x male 2x female RCA on the other. 4x male RCAs plug into the soundcard. 2x male RCA plug into mixer. and the CDJs or Turntable RCAs detach from the mixer and plug into the 2x female RCA. Its similar to NI’s multicore cable but far simpler. Two deck DVS control over 1 cable.

  • DJ AUDIO1 ?

    Best cables ever. They perform amazing and look really good with my trusty SL1. Thanks DJ TECH TOOLS!

  • Ctirad89

    Just ordered! I’ve been waiting for this cables since what I first saw them! They look absolutely stunning!

  • Koris

    Any chance we see more colors ? maybe matching colors as the knobs ? 🙂 🙂

  • DJ Sean J

    Wow. Those white 90-degree ones went QUICK! I need a lot of those, but I guess so does everyone else!

    • Dan White

      We’ll have plenty more next week 🙂

  • jkuss

    Can you post a straight on picture of the B end of the right angle cable so we can tell if it will be the correct direction for various set ups?

    • Prof_Strangeman

      If the narrow side of the port on the controller is at the top it will bend to the left (like on an X1) if the narrow side of the port on the controller is down it will bend to the right (like the Allen&Heath K2).

    • Dan White

      Yes, here’s a quick-and-dirty shot from my iPhone:

      • jkuss

        Thank god Numark upgraded the NS7II to work with the Chroma Cables.

  • ThePhanatik116

    They look neat but are a little too plain. I think it would look cool to add color to the DJTT logo ya know. Black cord with white logo, blue cord with yellow logo, etc. They’re just too plain in my opinion.

  • AB13


    • Ean Golden

      Red will be coming this summer for sure – that’s next in the lineup.

      • AB13

        Sweet, thank you!

        definitely looking forward to buying 2!

      • t

        How about some micro USB love?

        • Unreallystic

          I’m there also. I’ve got a Spectra and 3D which have normal sized USB plugs, but my other three devices all use micro and getting 90 degree micros have been an incredible pain in the butt. They always are 90 degrees towards me, instead of away, no matter whom I get them from. Both my Keith Mcmillan devices have this issue and to a lesser extent my micro korg.