Routine: YAMATO’s Total Control CDJ Mix

The most common set-up you will see in a club or at a festival is the iconic Pioneer CDJs (usually 2-4) and a Pioneer DJM-900 mixer. While many top performers may not utilize all the features and possibilities that this set-up offers, we’ve found someone who does. Yamato is a Japanese DJ who is lighting fast and precise on the 1s, 2s, 3s,and 4s.

His set blends a variety of progressive and electro house while keeping at least two decks live at a time. What’s really interesting about his set is his use of on-board effects, looping, and the implementation of the Pioneer RMX-500. Watch his performance of “Black” and read what’s happening behind the decks.

YAMATO actually was involved with the design of the CDJ-2000s, so it’s no surprise the man has complete control over his decks.

Pioneer’s RMX-500 is a great tool for adding external, unique effects to the entire mix. Support DJTT and pick one up today!

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  • Peter Masci

    Anyone know where to get that flash drive?

  • Joe

    A master no doubt ! I love how he touches the screen to guide his finger when setting loops, seen this for the first time; dpot on!

  • Umasuki

    I saw him play under the 2014 Burn Dj Contest in Tokyo. He had a pretty amazing set. Even though I don’t always like his choice of songs.

  • Zzzuperfly

    Interesting scratch technique, other than that i find stuff like this boring as hell

  • Phil

    Crazy mad.
    Normally, I’m not into routine move, but this one is awesome. Different from the other because it’s not hip hop scratch work. 🙂

  • tricade

    this video does not exist…. :/ (german)

    • batz

      zenmate will help you 😉

  • Mark Stewart

    Finally a routine I loved to hear as much too watch, too many routines today are not in sync, beats flying around all over … but this is TIGHT !


    Except that the video shows a RMX-1000 😉

    • Dean Zulueta

      Good catch! We’ll fix that ASAP. 🙂

      • Chaser720


        2 days later… haha

      • 2 months later…

  • Mark Smith

    That was really great. He’s got his workflow down to a complete science.

  • Dan Lawson

    That is awesome! A great find!