Novation Launchsync: Ableton Device Sync

In Ableton, sometimes one Push or one APC 40 just isn’t enough. That is why artists connect multiple devices in order to maximize control of the software. However, just because there is an increase in the number of buttons, knobs, and faders, doesn’t mean that everything will automatically sync together. Unless someone is efficient in programming MIDI devices, they will spend a lot of time figuring out where the active clips are and where the dedicated controls are to tweak the clip. Luckily, Novation teamed up with Isotonik to create a Max for Live device that easily syncs live devices.

Full Control + Accurate Feedback

With this new Max for Live device, users no longer have to manually input MIDI commands for the devices and they no longer have to figure out where each control correlates to session view. When playing in a large, expanded session view it can be very confusing to see where the track is and especially if you don’t have an indicator. With the new Max for Live device, Launchsync, it will synchronize devices to ensure the artist knows where each clip lies. Within the device you can orient the controllers in multiple different ways (above, left, right, below) and create custom work flows without the headache of programming.

You can download Launchsync by Novation and Isotonik here.

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