FL Studio 12 Coming to Mac OS X

Image-line, the developers of the widely known FL Studios, has confirmed that the software will be released as a native DAW for Mac OS X. Because of the lack of support given during the CrossOver Beta released last year, the current solution for Mac users is insufficient. Instead, Image-line focused on creating VST’s for their popular plugins. Now, they are in the works of creating the entire DAW.

FL Studio Native OS X Compatibility

Recently, the FAQ section has been changed to address developments into FL12 and the Mac software:

Will there ever be a native Mac OS X release of FL Studio?

A while back we started by testing a FL Studio Mac OS X BETA (Crossover Wrapped) version, with direct installation on Mac OS X. This was promising but it was still just a Windows program, wrapped by Crossover, running on OS X. The interest in the wrapped beta, and the problems we faced supporting 3rd party VST plugins in it, lead the team to start work on porting our Windows-only VST plugins – Edison, Gross Beat, Harmless, Harmor, Maximus, Ogun, Slicex, Sytrus, Vocodex to OS X native VST format. You can get these plugins here.

The OS X VST plugin testing, was in fact, the stealthy beginnings of FL Studio native OS X compatibility development. These VST plugins use the exact same code-base as FL Studio itself, and if we could get these working to spec on OS X, then FL Studio would likely follow soon after.

Well, the plugin testing is progressing nicely, and so the team has turned their attention to FL Studio 12 itself. It’s a long and slow process and we can’t make any promises yet, since we may come across unexpected and or unsolvable technical problems. But work is indeed under way. Below are some of the issues we face porting FL Studio to native Mac OS X and explains why this is taking ‘so long’:

Delphi – FL Studio is written in Delphi with in-line assembly for much of the DSP (yes hard-core assembly, not for babies). This is one reason why FL Studio and its graphics are so fluid.??Delphi only recently got the ability to compile to OS X. So while this is great, it’s a 1st-generation OS X compiler, it’s cranky and sometimes causes problems of its own. But, before this came along, we needed to port well over 1 million lines of code to another language. We never thought that was a good idea, and it’s why we never did it before. But, things have changed, so let’s call this progress.

Windows API – FL Studio is tightly bound to the Windows API that takes care of moving, minimizing, maximizing windows, detecting cursor position, drag & drop, opening windows dialogs, clipboard functions, decoding MP3s, … so a port requires all operating system dependent calls to be isolated & replaced by bi-platform dependent functions. That’s a major part of what the team are doing now.  ??FYI, just getting all this system dependent code from Deckadance (which was created more or less with porting in mind) and replacing it with bi-platform versions took almost 6 months. FL Studio is many times the size of Deckadance, so please be patient.

Will this impact on the development of FL Studio for Windows?

No, the team working on the conversion to OS X is completely separate from the Windows development team. They talk, but don’t share any bodies that we know of, so it’s business as usual on the Microsoft side of things.  Bill Gates sends his regards BTW.

The FL studio Support Team


What DAW are you using for OS X? Would you consider trying FL Studio?

Let us know in the comments section!

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  • reymart

    dj reymart

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  • steviekmotion

    id definitely buy this as i used to write loads of tunes on fl studio back in the day on my pc but since i got a mac i havent produced anything n would love to start again! when is it likely to be released?

  • Django

    If it came out today, I’d be all over it, but frankly, the way Apple’s prices are going higher and higher, and they keep dropping useful ports (Firewire one day, Thunderbolt the next, and now USB-C), I fear that by the time FL is ready, I’ll be back on Windows. Our studio still uses primarily Firewire 800 and USB 1.1. Hardware manufacturers were only just starting to release Thunderbolt soundcards, but we don’t care – our hardware still works!

  • DigitalGeek

    cannot wait for native mac version!!

  • philippvogel

    the uncomplicated midi features!: -automation(look,haptic,tools-paint tool etc….) -stepsequencer-ext.hardware+livemode etc…. midi out plugin, synthmaker…,piano roll…,the much better timing….,-launchpad,maschine,or generic hardware device integration…for me the best midi player in the game. fl,- for midi jamming,-ableton for audio/,- fireing loops, samples,lines and recording the ext.Inputs. would be a dream team,tried it with windows for years,but for me no way,Virus ti,and other hardware-software related nightmares(live api-ti plug-win 7…)let me stop to work on the environment………..love fl¡¡¡ hope it will come on a mac!!!

  • Eric Biddines

    The reason producers (including myself) prefer mac because We produce on the same Computer that we watch p0rn on and PC get viruses like it ain’t nothing. I Love FL Studio,Apple and the P0rnHub network.

  • Ike Norris Jr.

    Wow, I used FL in 2005 and made a few neat beats w/ it. I went back to using Macs in 2007 and never felt “at home” trying to produce w/ anything else. Apple has no simple, yet comparable answer for FL’s step sequencer.

    I’d grab FL for OSX in a heartbeat! lol

  • Mario

    I would buy this for mac, A lot of people would. We’ve been waiting!!!

  • jimi jaam

    FFS boys & girls… 10 years ago we didn’t have the latest versions of either
    Pro Tools or FL Studio. How is this 10 years too late? Version 11 is kicking some serious ass all over the Music world, and it wasn’t available ten years ago. DUH

    Technology always catches up to the competitors in the game, and this is a clear indication that Fl Studio is in high demand from MAC users. Ahhhh shit!

    Version 12 is going to set the new standard and put Pro Tools in the popcorn machine. Don’t hate LOL More and more Music Producers are making the switch.
    It’s okay if Y’all want to join the bandwagon. haha

  • ApolloOnthaBeat

    Im using Protools 11 with a free upgrade to 12 with machine and logic pro x but with all that said..from my windows days Fl studio still is at the top of my WANT/NEED list..it puts the fun back into production…id def want FLS again

  • Alex Calles

    I have a question guys: can you upgrade to fl studio produce edition from the fruity with a mac?

  • Enrico Rosso

    I would love to try FL Studio, I think the work you’re doing is good and the transparency you used in talking about this is lovely! I think debating over timing and mac vs pc is just nonsense… There’s always a good moment to make good music! I don’t know if you’ll succeed in such a complex porting job, but i hope you’ll get the satisfactions you deserve with it.

  • CatInvasion

    I’d get this for mac. I love FL Studios, besides, It wouldn’t hurt to have one more DAW!

  • Ray BlackRabbit Brown III

    I started on FL studio back when i had a PC and I loved it! made it very say to get into producing. Id get it again for mac just to re live those days lol

  • gotcha

    what does fl have that ableton does not? i can only think about trying reason or pro tools after a year with ableton

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Too late for me. Even I use more the ipad than the mac…

  • Toontown

    Which DAWs have similar sequencers to FL Studio? What about browsing? I used to love loading up FL Studio and having the drum sequencer right there. Is there a way to replicate that in Ableton or Logic?

    • hellsong

      I have wondered the same thing! I loved that sequencer in FL.

    • Giulio Catena

      I really like FL’s big piano roll and how it is a seperate window unlike Ableton but I guess i’ll have to get used to it since im switching to Mac

  • Alex Favilla

    Madeon uses FL and Windows.

  • DJ TeeOh "The Official"

    I’d give it a shot. Love testing new stuff.

  • Djl Beatz

    I mainly use ableton but know and love FL Studio …I still use it on my Windows gear but would love to be able to run it on my main computer

    • Giulio Catena

      I’m going to pick up a Macbook Pro soon and i’m gonna have to let go of FL and switch to ableton. Which isnt a big deal as ive heard so many great songs produced using it, I just want to still be able to go back into my tracks i made in FL studio…. I guess I have to wait for FL 12 for OSX

  • Maddox

    I currently use Logic X, but used to use FL Studio with Crossover. The only reason I switched to Logic was because FL stopped working on my Mac entirely. I’ve grown to love Logic, but now that FL is coming to Mac I’m considering the switch back.

  • Dirtylooks

    About 10 years too late for this. Amazing it took them this long to release a version for osx. I don’t know any producers who use anything other than a Mac.

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      PCs are still quitepopular with european producers apparently, i know a lot of dnb producers use PCs with either cubase or fl studio…

    • midiman

      so you dont know producers with win pcs? so martin garix,avicci and all the cakewalk users are wrong? the platform is not important. some use overpriced apple shit with few usb ports, not removable ram and other ridiculous features others want the best bang for the buck. the “apple is the only way guys” are usually snobs or uneducatet teens who believe everything the advertisements say.

      • killmedj

        Let’s not forget our ole’ buddy Avicii, he scraped by with FL on a PC =p

        • Robert

          that he switched for a mac lol

          (i actually dont care either way personally)

      • Tom Wenger

        You know….you can add ram on a mac. And you clearly don’t understand why most of the producer use a mac. 10 years ago most of the DAW and music software were made for apple! Macs were made for music production and window couldn’t even compete against it. Now things have changed and both mac and pc are great for music production, now it’s just a matter of choice

      • Chris Thake

        I would love to know where the evidence for all your wild speculation for this comes from…

    • bjwnavigator

      don’t see anybody getting mad that Logic doesn’t have a PC version

      • RahulPrasad

        Thats Cause Fl is the SHIZZ

      • daml112

        it started on pc which sucks. until apple purchased it. up to ver 5

    • calgarc

      I have been producing for 10 years on a PC, hell i even went full Linux for a year

    • forthewin

      Believe it or not, not all producers are stupid sheep. Some realize there are exactly zero valid technical reasons to use a Mac. Don’t bother trying… you can’t come up with one that isn’t reliant on some BS trope from 1995.

      • Will White

        Actually one good reason, and the only one I really know of would be Mac’s hard drives are designed more efficiently by leaving space for related files next to each other instead of splitting them up and writing in a continuous path leaving files scattered throughout the hard drive of a Pc and meaning slower to access and put together related information.

    • Ian

      Better late than never.