7 Free Maschine Expansions With Every Studio / Maschine / Mikro

Tis’ the season and Native Instruments has announced a special holiday deal. For a limited time only (until Dec 31st), buy Maschine MK2, Maschine Studio, or Maschine Mikro MK2 and get seven Maschine Expansions free – tailor-made production kits for contemporary and vintage sounds, worth almost $350!

Native Instruments Maschine Seventh Heaven Offer

How do you take advantage of this deal?

  • Buy Maschine, Maschine Studio, or Maschine Mikro at the NI Online Shop or authorized retailer (including DJTT!)
  • Install and activate the Maschine software (before Dec 31st)
  • You’ll get an email with download links and serial numbers for your free Maschine Expansions

What are Maschine Expansions?

Maschine expansions are high quality soundpacks designed specifically for the Maschine software. With the Maschine 2.0 release, most expansions now contain professionally designed Drum Synth and Massive presets. So you’re not just getting samples but presets that can be tweaked and adjusted to your taste. The free expansions cover a variety of genres including dubstep, trap, future bass, electronica, and EDM.

TRUE SCHOOL – This MASCHINE Expansion shares the spirit of creative beatmakers who use their deep knowledge of hip-hop production to break the rules.

PLATINUM BOUNCE – PLATINUM BOUNCE is all about the sound of hits – fat beats for the radio and the hottest clubs.

DROP SQUAD – DROP SQUAD brings the sound of dubstep with punchy drums, wobbles, synths and the deepest basses.

HELIOS RAY – MASCHINE Expansion for all producers of forward-thinking, kinetic, cosmic beats.

LAZER DICE – LAZER DICE brings the future bass phenomenon with deep rhythms and signature sound design.

HALCYON SKY – The introspective, reverb-drenched sound of contemporary ambient electronica.

LUCID MISSION – The hyper-real sound of trance-infused EDM. An intense selection of synths, build ups, and steady beats.

Offer is only valid until December 31st! Pick up a Maschine from the DJTT Store!

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  • Colony

    Hey guys, I bought a maschine mikro mk 2 from djtechtools this holiday. I registered my copy of the software today but haven’t received an email with the downloads for the expansions (or the 25 dollar voucher supposedly included with a new maschine) as yet. Is there some delay with native instruments sending the emails out or have I been screwed?

  • Meta at em

    The projects in the maschine packs are getting better. The first few were sort of meh, but now they’re pretty good! I highly recommend Circuit Halo.

  • shufflesam

    So, current Maschine owners get the middle finger for christmas?

    • CUSP

      I just saw this, but didn’t you get an e-mail for the 9 expansion packs for $99?

  • mills

    I bought a Maschine Studio several months ago from DJ Tech Tools. Which I higly recommend. Any way I can get in on this excellent deal pf free expansions?