Artist Gear Setup: WHYT NOYZ DJ Gear

Today we bring you the third entry in our Artist Gear Setup series (check out Loco Dice and The Crystal Method’s gear setup) featuring techno duo WHYT NOYZ. Formed in late 2010 WHYT NOYZ consists of David Sidley and Duncan Murray. Their unique sound has led to track releases on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label and an E.P. for Dubfires SCI+TEC label.

The duo mainly uses Native Instruments gear controlling Traktor, Ableton, and Maschine for live performance and they also stress the important of protecting your ears in club environments! Keep reading for more details.

Scotch Whisky

Duncan: After a long intense set, we sometimes need a strong shot of Scotch Whisky to calm the adrenaline down! We usually only get a couple of hours sleep before heading to the airport and the whisky is one of the only things that knocks you out!

Ear Protection

Duncan: After I discovered a slight hearing loss in the high frequency range we never go into a club without ear protection. I have custom ACS ear plugs which are fantastic. David uses a cheaper option called Earpeace. They are great plugs for clubbers to wear but I am on his case to get the custom ACS ones!

Learn more about protecting your hearing in a club. 


Duncan : Essential for those long flights and to capture the special and crazy moments when playing so we can share with our fans the next day!


Duncan: You won’t get very far without them ha! We have only ever had one passport nightmare, David forgot his but luckily we were flying from our home city Birmingham so his girlfriend at the time was able to save the day!

Headphones: Pioneer HDJ-2000

Duncan: We both use the Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones. They have such a fantastic sound and are really comfortable!

Soundcard: Traktor Audio 10

Duncan: Our trusty Traktor Audio 10 to make it all possible! We love using Traktor, it allows us time to concentrate on being creative with Maschine and the effects through Traktor and Ableton.

Cables: RCA’s + Chroma Cables

David: Our cables, the RCAs and Aux cables are from Thomann, they are great quality and always quick to deliver. The crazy colourful cables are called Chroma Cables and are provided to us by our good friend Ean at DJTT. These are perfect for club environment because we can see exactly what’s going where with no need to trace cables back and fourth. Major time saver!

Midi Controllers: Traktor Kontrol X1

David: Everyone knows what these are for ha! We also flip between deck mode on Traktor and midi mode in Ableton on one of the Kontrol X1’s to control certain parameters inside of Ableton. Again we used DJTT’s Chroma Caps to customise the knobs so we know instantly what knob does what effect etc.

Samples: Maschine MK2

David: This is my baby! I have played drums since I was a kid and to be able to still play live over our productions is a real cool element to bring to the table. Maschine MK2 has 8 different groups stacked with samples ranging from classic analog 808s and 60’s cabinet drums to staple WHYT NOYZ samples like drums and vocals that are heard throughout our productions.


David: I am Type1 Diabetic and these two pens keep me alive, I was diagnosed when I was 15 years old and now it is just a way of life for me, no sugary drinks on the rider please!

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  • Martijn Thijs

    I really would like to know how the dj duo Pet Duo plays!

    Because there are plenty of videos on youtube where they play with 4decks and 2mixers, but i cant see what they do exactly.
    And i dont know how they cable up their gear.

  • Shocon

    i didn’t know that you could control ableton with an x1! this is VERY good news.

    How do you swap between traktor and ableton?

    • Rob Ticho,Club mU

      Shift + Hotcue puts the x1 in midi (instead of HID mode). Map your midi assignments in Ableton to the x1 in midi mode and you will be good to go. You switch back and forth from ableton to traktor by toggling between the midi and hid modes. It’s super quick.

  • Fernando Recalt

    I dont see any Hub USB to conect four devices to macbook

    • Gio Alex (Tekit Izi)

      Good point. lol

    • PatSPLIT

      I’m pretty sure you can set up the Maschine with MIDI I/O to the Audio 10 and use the USB to a A/C power adapter to power the unit.