Artist Gear Setup: Mix Master Mike

Today we’re excited to feature the travel setup for one of the founding members of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beastie Boys collaborator and tour DJ, the Serial Wax Killer himself, the one and only Mix Master Mike. Mix Master Mike has had a very successful career and continues to be at the top of his game, playing shows around the world. Let’s look at the gear that he uses the road.

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I use Reason, Protools HD 10, Maschine on a 15″ loaded MacBook Pro. As far as production work flow its starts off on Pro Tools. Hit the record button and just jam out for hours and compile and edit moments from what comes out of turntables, Reason, and Maschine. My compositions are mostly concieved on the road. Mostly in the air. There ain’t shit to do on an airplane but make music. Way better than ramming peanuts in your face and watching movies. My favorite VST’s to work with are this thing called “The Mouth” from Native Instruments. I also use these things called the “Zorlanfenfu Zorkon” and the “Zektarian falafel” (one of a kind Mix Master Mike plugins).

Audio Interface

Alesis iO Dock and Propellerhead Balance, great road audio interface. I plug the iO dock into this device to sample from the iPad into Protools.

Oakley MP3 Thumper Shades

The shades for touring, they’re loaded with audiobooks and music. Some of the audiobooks I’m listening to are “Cosmos” by Carl Sagen, “Art of War” by Sun Tau, “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawking, and “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelo. For DJs and producers I recommend “World War Z” by Max Brooks, an oral history of the zombie war.


Akai MPK Mini keyboard, a multi purpose device used to control Reason. Maschine mikro, for creating compositions on the road.


I use the Mix Master Mike Wheelz of Steel app to assemble sets on the road. The app features 2 turntables, mixer, cue buttons, loop effect and reads entire iTunes library. From the iPad I love to sample movies, the animoog synth, also things off of my voice memos.


Mix Master Mike Skullcandy Headphones. Designed in collaboration with Skullcandy over 18 months.

External Hard Drive

500GB G-Tech G-Drive. USB 3.0, super fast and super slim.

The Rest

GoPro Hero is used for tour footage. There’s no alcohol in this bag, instead you’ll find Matcha Green Tea.

What Gear Would You Love To Travel With?

If only this could fit in a backpack.

I would love to take my ASR-10 and Moog Voyager with me on the road. Too bad the weight is an issue.

For more Mix Master Mike check him out on his websiteInstagramTwitterFacebook.

What other artist setups would you like to see?
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  • The Great DJ Swindle

    Yeah the article is a fail…nobody cares what he does in the plane, we all want to know what he uses to DJ, that’s cause this is called “artist gear SETUP” and why they were made in the first place…you could mention at least what he uses on stage…. it’s what this is about…

  • Rocking since 86

    When I gig away take my trusted x2 -12inc 50cpty flight cases.
    No flight/weight-use folding trolley-/ Teck issues/memory
    “what”/plugging stuff in. Arrive early, suss the vibe, choose the
    first Record well (as its your first Record and you have to craft the mood from
    the selected 100 you arrived with) put the Needle on the Record, then proceed
    to mash them up good and proper, finishing them off by slapping them sideways
    with your heavy artillery of you selected 100 Records…
    simples. A true art and skill of a DJ
    @AbsoluteNonstop Ent. (Do they just trust one laptop?)
    I trust the needle and the record under it!

    The point I’m getting at is this, I will spend a minimum of a week digging the
    best rocking set I can. A lot of time -thought- energy-listening Etc
    However I once watched a digital boy (CDJ/USB/MP3) doing his
    thing and noticed on the top of his index listing he was playing a set from Amsterdam
    dated 2 years ago, as much as that’s all cool in the hood for some, replaying a
    good set, by a press of a button seemed a bit rude and deceitful to the clubbers
    (the customers).
    But please tell me where the skill in that is. I could never produce the same set
    twice on vinyl -ever as every gig/vibe/style is different and my ability and Knowledge to choose a set number of Vinyl pieces that will do the business every time is art and skill.
    Just saying my 2ps worth

    peace x

    • Marco Hooghuis

      No true Scotsman fallacy.

  • tooturnt

    A-Trak’s setup would be legendary

  • Zektarian Dwarf

    It’s the MIXMASTER

    • rasp haunt

      word….a true Magician never tells you ‘exactly how he does it’

  • David Stephenson

    Keep up the great work!!! Yes!! Love this blog and love you do ask the dj’s what they use on the road. I have been wondering what everybody use and how they deal with

  • thundercat

    huh? what? vinyl/sl1200/scratch mixer maybe? this article seems like a fail

    could have at least listed the carts he uses or his rider or something… at least for the CDJ DJs you mentioned ‘USB stick’ as their ‘setup’

    • Dave

      This is his travel setup, as mentioned in the article. That’s why he is talking about being on an airplane and not being able to travel with the Moog. Did you read the article?

      • No Qualms

        He would still need to bring a DJ interface, time code vinyl and maybe a small controller for DJing with when on the road. I’m not dissing the article I love these setup articles and Mix Master Mike is one of my idols. But Thundercat has a point 🙂

        • Nocturnal Onthecut

          This is his “Travel” gear. the venues he plays provides the decks and mixers.

          • No Qualms

            Yeah, but he is not carrying crates of records on a plane so he needs to be able to plug those dex into his computer. Venues aren’t going to provide his interface or a custom mapped controller for cue points and track browsing (X1 or Dicers). Because they are personal. And they are small so you can fit them in your bag no sweat. You also can’t trust their TC vinyl won’t be all scratched up.

            Of course they provide dex and mixers, that’s normal for any venue.

    • deejae snafu


    • Gio Alex (Tekit Izi)

      I’m sorry, but I don’t get it either. I thought travel meant as in hey here’s what I bring to go dj somewhere.