Routine + Interview: DJ Jazzy Jeff Comeback

DJ Jazzy Jeff is a pioneer of DJing and he never really left the ones and twos but he is back in the news with a brand new routine + interview with Serato. First, DJ Jazzy Jeff will show off his amazing prowess by cutting and scratching up Run DMC’s “Peter Piper”. Then, sit down with DJ Jazzy Jeff as he talks with Serato about the definition of a DJ and how a DJ brings production into the booth.

A Timeless Routine

DJ Jazzy Jeff wasn’t a part of Run DMC but he could have definitely filled in for Jam Master Jay. In his routine you are witnessing the use of cue-points, effects, and vinyl interpretation by Serato DJ. The weapons in his DJ arsenal includes two Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables and a Rane Sixty-Two Mixer all accompanied by a DDJ-SP1 controller. DJ Jazzy Jeff really puts the Pioneer turntables to the test of his scratch routine as he incorporates a bit of effect controls and cue points with the SP1 controller. Scratch routines with this amount of precision and timing are not too common in the age of controllerism so it is refreshing to see DJing taken back to its roots.

Jazzy Jeff’s Views on DJing

In this short interview, DJ Jazzy Jeff comments on what a DJ is, the blending of production and DJing, and the importance of the gear. As a prominent figure in DJ culture DJ Jazzy Jeff frequently plays a role in the Red Bull Thre3styles. For him, it is important that DJ’s become well-rounded beyond creating a killer playlist.

“…DJs are not iPods.” – DJ Jazzy Jeff

Along with being a well-rounded DJ, he goes on to talk about how people would tell him that he didn’t perform his set live. Jeff sees this as a compliment on his DJing because it means that his sound goes beyond the DJ booth and begins to sound more like a production than just a “mix”. For Jeff, he believes that the gear does not get enough credit. One day, he wants to find the perfect set-up that will allow him to be the best DJ he can be.

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  • Korduroy

    Anybody Knows Where can i get that Table?

  • sunday_now

    What are those speakers? Seems like a nice pair for mobile djing.

  • RolfSki

    When I first heard “The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff” back in the eighties, I was quite impressed about what skill and creativity in scratching could achieve. To me it felt like a whole new level compared to the “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” style turntablism I was used to.

  • Dunkmaster

    So because hes a “legend” he gets to continue the same tired routine from 30 years ago. *sigh*