Quick Rekordbox Tips And Tricks With DJ Ravine & Cotts

DJ Ravine and Cotts are back with part 2 of their CDJ tips and tricks video but this time the focus is on Rekordbox. Pioneer continues to improve their music management software every month and there are lots of features that can be enabled to enhance your CDJ workflow.

Auto HotCue Load – Rapidly Load And Play Hot Cues

The first tip is important for DJs that rely on hot cues for live performance. With rekordbox DJs have the ability to place 3 hot cues on their tracks that can be triggered from CDJs such as the Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus and the XDJ-1000. However the cue points aren’t available immediately upon loading the track on the CDJ. The hot cues need to be “Called” using the Rec/Call button on the CDJs to load them onto the hot cue buttons, and there’s a slight delay while triggering them.

To solve this problem you can enable “Auto HotCue Load” in rekordbox. This will automatically load the 3 hot cues onto the CDJ and allow them to be triggered immediately without delay. This can be set for individual tracks (right-click -> Show Information -> go to “Info” tab and make sure “Allow to auto load HotCue on CDJ” is checked) or applied automatically to your entire collection.

Check this option to enable Hot Cue Auto Load for all tracks.

Secondary Info Column On CDJs

Display important information like Key, Color, or BPM in the second column.

Playlists on CDJs can display a second column of information alongside the track name. By default rekordbox has this option disabled so the only thing that’s visible is the track name on the CDJs. There are numerous tags that can be displayed in the second column: Comments, Artist, BPM, Key, Color etc.

This makes it easier to find tracks that are harmonically compatible or choose tracks that are similar in Color if you use that feature to organize your music.  To choose the tag that’s displayed in the second column open Rekordbox and go to “Preferences”. Then go to the “CDJ” tab and click “Column” and choose your preferred tag. Now you’ll have a second column of information beside your track names on your CDJs.

More Pioneer CDJ & Rekordbox Tricks And Tips

What are some of your Rekordbox tips and tricks?

Share them in the comments below!

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  • Ofer Holtzman

    What if I don’t want a column, I want the info on the right? How do I set it up?

  • ultragravy

    How did you guys get the second column to show the MIK Ke format with the number 0 before the single digit numbers?? So they would be in chronological order. Because usually it goes 1, 10, 11, 12, 2,

  • Josue

    This Autoload Hot cues Feature on Rekordbox works also with the CDJ 2000?

    • Agungald

      I think it is not, My USB stick setting set the auto cue load ticked. Plugging in CDJ2000 I still have to call the hot cue first. In CDJ2000 Nexus the hot cue loaded automatically

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  • Samuel Jamieson

    Will these tips work with an xdj rx?

  • gabivegas

    i love the rekordbox

  • Dirtylooks

    Great post with some good tips! Keep these Rekordbox, CDJ, and DJM features coming please!