Can You DJ Off The Internet In A Club? Djay Pro + CDJs + Spotify Tested

We’ve seen time and again in the music industry how streaming services are taking over – but in the DJ world, owning your own music has stayed the norm. Today Ean takes a closer look at how Algoriddim’s djay Pro could be changing that, testing the app and its integration with Spotify.

  • Software: djay Pro for Mac
  • Price: $49.99
  • Availability: On the Mac Store
  • Requirements: To get Spotify integration working, you’ll need Spotify Premium ($9.99/month)

Overall the app is very sophisticated for what many have viewed traditionally as a basic DJ application – with advanced features like MIDI mapping, X/Y effects (with more effects from Sugarbytes available to purchase as well), and four decks of control. It’s all around fairly impressive – watch the video above to get Ean’s take.

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  • MarcoTaschetta

    Hi all, I am sorry, from the title it seems that the offline option of Djay pro + Spotify premium works. Is this correct? I watched the video and I could not get if this is true or not. Thank you !!

  • Dj Makko

    Can I use this App (dj pro) with tracktor?

  • Jaye Parks

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAH DJ, from a disc jokey in a club off the internet,,,, u aint a dj ur just a faggot mp3 clicker or spotify playlist selector. here’s a real fuckin dj. bow down to your god peasants.

  • Ben

    Hi can someone tell me if you can use offline saved playlists with djay pro when you are offline?

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  • Timothy Dobesh

    i have done it at several family events, its great for request emergency’s and thats about it tho

  • JJ

    Oh gawd……. now you’re promoting Spotify huh? The same Spotify with the $500 million dollar founder/CEO Daniel Ek and his tech team of which were also behind uTorrent? Thats right. You should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting such an industry leeching scumbag on your site. Oh but wait.. you’re getting paid to do this review and advertise their products and services. Meanwhile, all of the artists being streamed are earning $.006!! Just wow.

    ANYone using Spotify today is a brainwashed tool (pun intended). EVERYtime you use Spotify (or any other streaming service) you’re taking money directly out of the mouths of content creators/owners.. yeah, the very same artists making the songs you crave and love to DJ so much.. Spotify (Google, Apple etc.) = death to the independent creative professional. Way to go DJTech”Tools”… DO ONE!

    • Pavel Antolík

      Hating on Spotify that much, could you also tell us how much pays Beatport, Juno and other music stores per one track to the artist? 🙂

      It would be nice if every artist had it’s own bandcamp or just something ppl could buy music directly, but that’s utopia…

      • Be

        Most of the artists I listen to already have their own Bandcamp.

    • alfred

      “taking money directly out of the mouths of content creators/owners..”
      LOL, why are they eating money?

  • DJ For Me Ltd

    Used DJ with spotify for a rather glamorous prom. I had traktor as back up. I found it worked well handy for finding tracks for a group of 16 year old. Some of the tracks requested were only released that week. A life save. Draw back you must have a strong wifi signal even if you have saved your spotify playlist offline.

    This could be a way forward the built in effects very use able.

  • DJ-Ansy Asota

    Yee you can i have test Tune is great only the song , you need we by pionieer Sync to make the BPM you can automatic make it really great for Play Into club and the Player have great FX effect I love it

  • Alex Irwin

    i went to a bar today with djpro….. i was my laptop was connected to my phones internet and while i was playing a track of Spotify the track played faster than the song loaded. while playing of the internet might be a good idea, i don’t think its a practical option for a professional dj.

    • Dennis Parrott

      Regardless of cell phone vendor claims about speed and throughput, trying to move large quantities of data using a cell phone is not really a recipe for success. The same goes for mobile Internet routers all the cell vendors market.

      I’d be looking for a more robust connection.

  • DJ Darth

    BUT Spotify terms and conditions allow content for private use only.

    • ErikVeland

      Can’t believe that this was not even mentioned. It’s pretty damn important to note that Spotify’s license specifically prohibits ANY kind of public performance. And yes, that includes weddings. So definitely no clubs.

      • Shawn Waldrop

        Compare the EULA with Spotify, and iTunes. Technically you’re breaking the law either way, the way you interpret it.

        Luckily for you, there’s a little thing called ASCAP and BMI. Licensing that the CLUB ITSELF or most hotels you play in already pay for play, so to speak.

        So no matter if it’s records, CDs, MP3s, or live performers, you’re covered. Legally, anyway.

    • CUSP

      Yes! How does Spotify justify this? If we can’t legitimately play anything in public, it seems this feature is “useful, but denied by law” like using a pistol to make a bank withdrawal.

    • Quenepas

      Spotify wont get me!

  • snowbro

    Part of the fun in Dj’ing was looking for hard to get records, play those rare underground tracks that no other dj had. Being different and special was part of why you did it. Now everybody can get every track. Downloading tracks is easy, but it takes away a big chunck of the charm of dj’ing.

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    Waiting for the day pro dj applications or pioneer players can play offline playlists maybe apple music, via connecting iPhone

    • John Parker

      Don’t know about you but in my house phones are notorious for getting smashed, lost and dropped down the bog!!!! It’s bad enough to lose a phone, but my music library also???????? ………. JUST KILL NOW!!!!!!

      • Craig Carl Howlett

        It’s just as easy to lose a USB stick.. backup is your friend..

  • mike

    Gotta wait until beatport will release their streaming service and integrate into traktor

  • MrJFunk Sanchez

    I’m a mobile dj and have used Djay Pro, as well as, Djay 2 for the iPad Air and iPhone 6. All my set cues are synced across all my devices including the MacBook Pro. Even with Spotify songs! I’ve djayed with wifi at some events and had no issues with any skipping, latency or songs not loading. It doesn’t require a super fast connection neither. I’ve also used my iPad cellular data as a hot spot for the MacBook Pro if none is available and again it works flawlessly. (3 bar signal or higher is recommended.) It has helped me not buy songs I really don’t like but are requested by the customer. Theme songs, surprise dances, even requests, etc. Djay Pro is no longer a consumer product and it works with tons of high end controllers. It has saved me tons of cash.

  • D-Jam

    I’m not a fan of DJing off the cloud, only because I fear the DJ losing their role as a tastemaker and being forced into a “human jukebox” mode.

    I do wonder though if we’ll see a day when producers will somehow include beatmapping with MP3s, so they’re all set in Traktor, Serato, VDJ, etc.

    • Dennis Parrott

      You know that is a dang good point. Vendors like Beatport could add that feature.

      Then we could endlessly argue about which service sets the best beatgrids!! Woo Hoo!

      But seriously being able to load up an already gridded track would be sort of nice.

    • h8hpd

      this would be great for those “requests” that you don’t actually have in your library

  • Fintan Moloney

    This was a fun review, enjoyed it. I’m a Serato user but I bought this when it came out a while back to have for those occasions where you might get caught for a request out of the ordinary. I haven’t really played around with it fully yet though, would be interested to see if it can sit open alongside Serato in the background both mapped to my controller.

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  • killmedj

    I’ve done quite a few gigs using DJPro and Spotify and it’s been great. The place where if falls down for me is when I want to play a “real” set. I mean where I have my promos my edits and original tunes. for me this concept os very much a beginning of the night or bar scenario where I’m trying to make it interesting for people as opposed to putting on a show. I’m definitely a fan though.

  • Be

    Until we live in a world where wireless Internet connections capable of streaming lossless audio are everywhere and as reliable as hard/solid state drives, DJing from the Internet is a bad idea.

  • emezetaele

    Do you need to have always internet conection for Spotify integration?
    (i mean can you have offline Spotify lists)


      Unfortunaltely doesn’t work offline as the app cannot access Spotify files on drive (because in sandboxed environment)

  • CUSP

    I really, REALLY don’t recommend spinning off an Internet connection to songs exclusively. Always have a back up plan, including local files.

    • Russell Cory

      Djay Pro works with music in iTunes as well as on any external drives. This was also something completely ignored in this review.

      • Ean Golden

        We absolutely mentioned being able to play tracks from your music collection, but focused on the more novel feature – playing from Spotify – which was the purpose of this test, not a full blown review.

        • Russell Cory

          Not trying to be a troll or stir up negative debate. Perhaps I let my annoyance at people dismissing the software so regularly come through a little bit too much.

        • Dj Makko

          I’ve found your review very informative as everything you do, one question thou, can this app be usable to Traktor?

      • Alex Favilla

        Pretty sure it was more like a hands on review. It’s not a full review. It’s about the spotify function and a think it’s pretty clear.

  • haszari

    I’m really looking forward to being able to DJ with Apple Music content .. not there yet but hopefully around the corner. Spotify + dJay Pro might switch me away from Apple Music AND Traktor! Would be extremely liberating to DJ backed by all that catalogue.

    Last time I looked ( you could only do this on iOS, so I’m very excited to see this option on the desktop.

    Of course I’m guessing most DJs would “make available offline” well before getting to the club, so streaming, and connections etc are unlikely to be an issue.


      Offline doesn’t work as of now with Djay

      • haszari

        Dang. DJing with a connection .. not ideal.

        This would still be really useful for jamming/practising at home, and crate digging.

        Can’t wait til this idea matures. (Come on Apple, Native Instruments!)

  • Harry Johnson

    Holy Gear Heaven!!!

  • low cut

    “this song is not available in your country”
    most useful feature 🙂


    you are not longer the control over your play list , in a worst case scenario

    • Russell Cory

      You are 100% in control of the play list. Any play list you make on your Spotify account is available in the software.

  • LordNikkon

    On a similar note Mixvibes Cross Dj for android has made some noteworthy updates recently as well. Specifically the option to run it in portrait mode as a fullscreen single deck. I have recently started using it on my nexus 7 as a 3rd deck to handle requests from soundcloud. $4.99 unlocks the full version with keylock

  • Russell Cory

    Couple things you overlooked or got wrong on this review.
    1. To hide the fx/loop/cue overlay, press the arrow icon under the pitch slider.
    2. If you run the software in 2 deck mode, the overlays do not interfere with the waveform. You can change to 2 deck in the top right corner. There are both vertical and horizontal waveform options for both 2 and 4 deck. If you use the FX in manual mode there are wet/dry controls and the ability to chain up to 3 FX.
    3. Sync does not function like the Quantize in other hardware/software. You press Sync once to sync the BPM and a second time to start the track in sync. Otherwise the Play will just start the track.
    4. There is a specific 2 deck interface for video mixing. Change to it in the top right corner. from it you can load a video with audio or audio and separate video. Or the visualizer is running automatically. It also has the ability to separate the audio/video cross faders.
    5. Spotify does not stream as you play the track. A track is downloaded to a temp directory and the waveform analyzed. It won’t let you play a track until it’s cached. This also prevents the song from being cut off mid song if the internet suddenly dies.
    6. Spotify streaming has zero bearing on how well the jog wheels work. If the jogs are slipping, they need adjusted in the software.

    This entire review feels very uninformed and fairly dismissive. Would you review Traktor or Serato so flippantly?

    • user1

      it’s a review not a tutorial.

      • Russell Cory

        You are correct. It’s a review of a product by someone who didn’t even bother to learn the basics of the software. That’s not much of a review.

        • user1

          a short review not a detailed review about djay software. he also talks about spotify.

        • Alex Favilla

          Why so much hate? Did you make the software? jeez…

          • Russell Cory

            No hate just trying to set the record straight.

          • Dennis Parrott

            Russ – I eagerly await your thorough review. When can we expect it?

          • Russell Cory

            Long term reviews of Djay Pro and Djay2 are in the works. Should be out before year’s end along with a long term review of the WeGo2, Beatpad1, and Pioneer RMX 500.

          • Dennis Parrott


            I have a copy of dJay 2 on my iPad and tried using it to create a simple mix and wasn’t terribly thrilled with the results I was getting in my rcording. Given the state of the documentation (lack thereof, actually) I could not tell how what I was doing was affecting the mix. I tend to use the channel volume sliders a lot and it didn’t seem like they performed anything close to what I am used to with a physical controller (Traktor S4) — as I pulled the volume down on a channel it didn’t fade down like I would have liked (perhaps due to the short distance that fader moved on screen??).

            I really want to read your review.

            Better — here is an idea — how about the YouTube how-to series on their product??? If you are a regular user of dJay I am certain you could give us all the deets on how best to use it.

    • thundercat

      Totally agree with Russell, this ‘review’ seems dismissive right off the bat. Reminds me of the scathing video review Ean did of the Novation Twitch when it first came out… (that mysteriously disappeared later I might add…)

      If you are biased (towards NI much?)/anti something right from the start either state it or consider getting someone else to do the review. Assuming this was a direct request from Algoriddim for marketing purposes I can’t imagine them being too happy about this.

      • Ean Golden

        In general – I really liked the software, it’s not something I would use in a club but there are many positive elements there that could work well for a lot of djs. This video can’t be described as scathing at all, just realistic and very open about my opinions and first observations. I have been equally open about shortcomings in Traktor (which has not made a meaningful update since the ice ages) and where they can improve.

      • John Viera

        I like the review. He pointed out some valid flaws. Every time I’ve tried DJay it always disappoints me. Even Cross DJ was more impressive in my experiences.

    • Paco Loco

      Thanks for clarifying so many of the points from the video Russell, which frankly should have been done in the video in the first place.

      I think this product deserved a real DJTT review – this video seems pretty half-baked, and not particularly informative.

      • Russell Cory

        Thanks. I’m really disappointed in this review. DJTT is usually pretty unbiased and good with their reviews.


      Sure, this software is the one which is the most exciting over the last years. Still had many hiccups (spotify connection issues, crash on dual core) that prevent to. It should (as Spotify) work in no-sandbox mode (understand outside of Apple Store) so tracks could be grabbed offline, which a big deal for playing in public and erratic Spotify API connections. Can’t wait to see Apple Music support though. I personally record a set that you can see on DJing website, DJs channel, hope to add VJ next time, but that was already many things to deal at once for first attempt 🙂

      • Russell Cory

        It’s my understanding that the problem with sandbox mode is less to do with Djay or Spotify and more to do with the music rights holders not wanting people to get a Spotify account, download a shit ton of music and just keep it.

    • Ean Golden

      Hey Russell,

      Is the dj software you use day in and day out, and there-fore know very well?

      This was not meant to be an in-depth detailed review (although we ended up spending a long time on it) but instead a general “impressions” video from me personally. I spent a few days on it, which was the most time I could spend learning the program. The points I brought up, or missed, are probably reflective of the experience most people would have when trying to learn the program for the first time.

      1. This is really not intuitive (and that was the point) the UX could use a little more explanation or order.

      2. The section i was describing was the FX x/y – which was great. We were not saying the FX are missing wet-dry, but that would have been nice in this mode.

      3. Again this is really not intuitive, nor does it make any sense. A good thing to know.

      4. The video was already 20 minutes long, so I didn’t do into depth in the video mixing.

      5. I’m not sure you are entirely correct here. Tracks play nearly instantly from Spotify, so some combination of caching/streaming/analyzing are probably happening in parallel.

      6. I experienced a different scratch response when playing songs from Spotify. It was notable and should be included.

      The review was not flippant, it was casual, open ended – and reflected my personal take on the software in an honest, un-biased way.

      • Russell Cory

        Yes. I juse Djay every day both the iOs version and the Desktop. I personally like the iOS version better. The video mixing on the desktop is a great feature but unless the videos are compressed just right it can get laggy quick.

        Yes. The UI needs some serious tweaking and Algrorddim always feels like it’s ignoring user input. Their feedback fourms are littered with great suggestions that appear to be ignored by the company.

        Think of the Sync as a beginner tool. It’s there to help you beat mach and that’s about it. I’ve heard others describe it as a “pure sync”. As in it synchronizes the downbeats of 2 tracks and that’s all. One tap to synchronize the BPM. Second tap acts as a play button that will snap match the beats. It also works really well for keeping short bounce loops in time. Most of the sync functionality is moot if tracks are manually beat matched. Controllers like the Reloop Beatpad work fantastically for manual beat match. The Pioneer WeGo has tiny pitch faders and relies heavily on the sync. How did the manual beat matching work on the Pioneer gear?

      • Dennis Parrott

        Re: point #1…

        All of the Algoriddim products on all platforms needs more explanation, period.

        I’ve worked with dJay 1 on the Mac, dJay 2 in the iPad and both lack a manual. Algoriddim will send you to the FAQ on their website when you click on the link to a manual. I understand that it is inexpensive software but it hurts what ought to be a “gateway drug” for budding young DJs.

        As to getting flamed for not researching dJay Pro TOS, I took you to be answering the question “is it technically feasible to play out using Spotify” not “is it legal to play out using Spotify”. Clearly some did not share that understanding.

        As my dear departed Mom taught me, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Technically it’s probably cached somewhere along the way on your HDD.. but your implication holds..