Rekordbox DJ? Pioneer Is Getting Into DJ Software

In January at NAMM, Pioneer reps hinted at a huge announcement for the company later this year – and it looks like we might be there. Pioneer has just released a brand new teaser video that seems to indicate a new DJ software from the company based off of their Rekordbox platform. Watch the teaser and check out what we see so far in the software.

Rekordbox DJ Software

For the beginning of the video, it looks like we’re just looking at elements of good old Rekordbox, Pioneer’s track preparation and organization software. But things take a bit of a turn a few seconds in – when we see a proper track deck that looks straight out of Traktor or Serato – except the layout of controls is organized just like the bottom of a DDJ-SX2 or XDJ-RX:

Then a few seconds later, a shot of an FX rack – with a uniquely Pioneer effect (Spiral) making it’s first appearance in software form:

Followed up by an array of sample players:

Rekordbox Sample Decks

Here’s what we know so about this Rekordbox DJ software so far – very little.

  • It doesn’t look like a rebranding of Traktor or Serato
  • It’s full of Pioneer-style control labels (Spiral, Slip, Master Tempo)
  • It has two types of FX: FX and CFX (which could be Crossfader FX? A throwback to older Pioneer gear that actually had FX triggered on the crossfader?)
  • Likely four decks – look closely at the FX assignment on the far left of the FX1 box.

It looks like we will be getting many more details on the software as early as next week, as there’s an early adopter program that DJs can apply to on the Rekordbox site that will allow accepted applicants to try out a beta version of the software. The dates on this program also seem to indicate that there will be a full public release of the software in September 2015.

Screenshot from the Early Adopter Program application

The application for the early adopter program indicates that it’s a cross-platform software (Mac and PC) and also asks about what Pioneer DJ gear you use – perhaps this is a way for the developers to prioritize hardware integrations?

See anything we haven’t so far? Let us know in the comments!  

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  • Caetano

    I have Pioneer dj XDJ-RX1 and could control the music on my PC. How can I fix it

  • Marco Yanez

    Any new??? How is going the test? Btw… will be possible recording?

  • Andrew Peek

    hopefully we will see assignable FX, release fx on the update to the djm-900 series, dual usb’s.

  • Steve Arkless

    I have been chosen for adopter program so looking forward to using rekordbox software instead of serato on my ddj sz 🙂

    • Marco Yanez

      Hi Steve, are you sure that will works with DDJ SZ?

      • Steve Arkless

        It does now Marco,pioneer are testing the software and I have been chosen to test it on the ddj sz

        • Marco Yanez


  • Raskal

    This may have already been covered but there are a lot of comments. I applied for the Early Adopter Program and was approved, given a License, but don’t have a way to the beta download yet. Anyone else have a similar experience. Maybe they haven’t released the beta yet to everyone. Just trying to figure it out if anyone else has experienced it or already has the downloaded beta.

    • Derek 'SwaZy' Clyke

      Hey @disqus_kaF3jDeLba:disqus – I did the same as you for the beta program. The download for the RKBX4 should be in the forum area (you should have gotten a email describing this when you got accepted) I would log onto the forum and see if its there, if not then maybe contact someone at Pioneer Dj they have been very quick to respond to feedback for the software.


    Lets hope that it will be something really good, cuz serato suck only with the FX, other stuff works well.

  • Dubby Labby

    New hardware coming…

  • Phil

    I hope that it will as easy as to just plug our laptop as an USB key/Hard disk and go mixing instantly all my prepared library … WITHOUT sync any USB key (or just have a little one for emergency trouble).
    The ethernet connection with a laptop can have some trouble about the firewall and it’s very rare to see a DJ booth with a ethernet switch.

    I was a Traktor user, then Serato and now I’m using USB key with Rekordbox since 2 years … Love it.
    But the sync between RB and a USB key is a nightmare about the copy process time. Each time I want to put 10 Go of tracks on it, it take a very loooooooooooooooong time … even if I have the last retina 15 macbook pro and the best speedy USB key.

  • Be

    … and I doubt it will support FLAC either…

  • Chubs

    Looks like the SZ/SX/SX2 may be going up in value after this release.

  • Charles Cushman

    I hope thy improve the connection point between the laptop and the CDJs. Most places that I play don’t have an ethernet hub set-up to let everything talk.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    Honestly, it’s my opinion that instead of bringing another 32bit dj application to the market that maybe Pioneer should be bringing us into the current age and compile 64 bit ASIO support for the now standard 64bit applications on Windows.

  • Edward Ward

    This is a good move for DJs that uses Pioneer gear in different settings. I use the DDJ-SX for mobile gigs and then Pioneer CDJs for club gigs. I use both rekordbox and Serato. Now CDJs with USB drives are becoming industry standard. If rekordbox DJ software is stable then I would use it with my controller, it would be a better fit. The 1 minute video gave a quick view of the software layout that includes the PADs on the SX/SX2/SZ controller. The question – Will it be stable? Serato DJ has the test of time. But only time will tell.

  • Chris Wunder

    Ha, all the Pioneer elitists must shut up forever now. Although we all know thats never going to happen lol.

    • Big Spenda

      Unless Pioneer end up building both the best hardware and software in the DJ market 😛

  • Big Spenda

    Well this was kinda inevitable. Pioneer was always going to do it, the question is how good will it be? If it can simulate an iTunes/Traktor combination I’ll change. A software with a library I can shuffle and playlist to listen casually and also DJ from is needed. Hopefully Pioneer will do a good job.

  • Clayton Chaney

    Someone explain why they don’t just stay to serato? Is it owned by someone else?

    • ShiftFunction

      Serato is owned by Serato! Completely independent company!

      • Clayton Chaney

        Super weird that pioneer was just throwing all their gear at them perfectly

        • ShiftFunction

          It made sense at the time to partner with the biggest DJ software programs when they didn’t have one of their own. But NI didn’t want to play ball and give more scratch certifications, so it all went to Serato.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        I was under the impression that Serato was owned by iZotope.

        • ShiftFunction

          Are they? Doesn’t change my point though, they’re nothing to do with Pioneer.

        • ShiftFunction

          Nope, it’s an independent company Serato Audio Research.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            My bad, trying to remember the company that they were selling the Pitch and Time plug in as, when they developed it for Pro Tools back in the 90s.

  • acemc

    The Fx section looks very much like Serato, so wouldn’t CFX just be ‘Chained’ Fx?

    • ShiftFunction

      Colour FX I think.

  • proben

    “What Pioneer DJ Kit do you generally use?” Gotta love that “None” isn’t even among the options listed. I have mixed feelings about this – I’d love to see new streamlined DJ software take off, especially something built from the ground up with the benefit of knowing what’s gone down the past 10 years in digital DJ software. But that survey question tells you everything about how Pioneer is approaching this — arrogantly assuming leadership of the field by sheer force of marketing dollars. They could probably get away with it too; they certainly did with the CDJ. No question they make damn fine products when they want to — the HDJ-2000 is one of the best headphones I’ve heard, and I am digging their Andrew Jones designed bookshelf speakers as my main monitors now. The RMX-1000 is by far the coolest and most well laid out effects controller that I know of, and their CDJs are great (if more than a bit overpriced). I even reluctantly have to admit enjoying playing on the DJM-900 when I’ve had to. And Rekordbox is straightforward and user friendly. So they probably could do a good job with DJ software. I just don’t think their position of complete and utter dominance of the DJ industry is justified or the best thing for DJs, and I hate that I will probably want to contribute to it when this is out, lol. The one thing that will save me though is I really don’t feel like installing and adapting to new DJ software… Less time screwing with the computer, more time playing music!

    • deejdave

      Quick question. Do you think for a second that this Rekordbox DJ will even be availibe to be used by DJ’s NOT using Pio gear? In other words if you don’t own Pio gear there is really no point in signing up for the early adopter program or even the public release as you won’t be able to use it.

      It’s not so much of ego. It IS an assumption I agree but the assumption would certainly be that why else would you even be on that page unless you are currently using Pio gear, correct?

      • proben

        Well if that’s the case then it’s just an extension of the current Rekordbox rather than actual DJ software that would compete with NI or Serato. I’m pretty sure that if they release this it will have actual MIDI rather than some proprietary Pio thing (which would have to be backwards compatible?) Goodies like HID might be exclusive to Pioneer gear (and they’ll have plenty of mappings available to make sure this works most intuitively on Pio gear) but I can’t imagine this not working with any compliant MIDI controller (unless they’re even bigger dicks than I thought, which would be quite an accomplishment!)

        • Fayek Helmi

          the way i see it, is they are making this to bring a familiar Digital DJing environment with full integration with their own controllers to try and motivate people to switch to the pioneer universe.
          Either for people with a pioneer controller used on traktor/serato or for people withtraktor serato that find more interesting options in their DJing software…

          All in all, knowing Pioneer, i hardly doubt this will be as open as traktor is. just another extension in a closed ecosystem.

    • Be

      Don’t the HDJ-2000s break in a year or two? Also, none of their extremely overpriced single-purpose computers can play FLAC.

      • Andrew Peek

        mine just bit the dust unfortunately, well they work but the piece where the screws are in the adjustable section broke. sound wise still bangin out them tunes at 175 bpm

    • Big Spenda

      They are probably just testing it on customers and DJ’s they know have a lost of use out of Pioneer gear. Also they can develop it initially with their own gear, since they own the rights too, and later on add other hardware support. It’s not an ego issue, it’s an economic and developmental move.

    • Andrew Peek

      andy c surely doesn’t think so. but ya know what 95% of all touring headliners do and you might as well own professional industry standard if you’re bringing anyone to play your town. I like proprietary systems. I think this is a smart move on pioneers part. im excited to see how it is accepted in the future

  • aeon

    I could be wrong, but the “CFX” sounds like “Color FX” to me. Weren’t it some exclusive Pioneer effects back in the time ? (DJM 900 Nexus for example ?)

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    I’m reserving judgment until I can see what the MIDI-mapping is like. It’s a tall hurdle, but if this can offer as comprehensive a mapping engine as Traktor has on lock, then I’d definitely consider it.

  • qwerty

    With all these companies firing back and forth with all these innovative concepts, I guess the common goal will be the race to integrate the software into the actual equipment and ditch the laptop, like most people are requesting.

    • qwerty

      speaking long term. maybe thats when well see things slow down a bit.

    • Veronika Smith

      Exactly. The instant they come out with an XDJ with dedicated hot cue buttons and this integrated software, I will buy the shit out of it.

  • Toast

    good move. Why pay Serato or others for integration and license fees when they can do it themselves. Control their own destiny. Make their own features. Do what they want when they want.
    For all low end Pioneer gear this works well and then i would imagine they have a high end XDJ-RX coming out that will work with this perfectly.

    • Dean Eirich

      What would be a good mixer to use for this type of software

      • Toast

        i would assume any Pioneer mixer but who knows. The software doesn’t exist yet.

      • Andrew Peek

        im pretty sure we will see a customizable color FX just like the new S9 on a 4 channel soon, with an update to the sp1. possibly this fall if you follow the timeline of releases we are due for a cdj 2000 Nexus update too, my guess is they might let the cdj-2000 name go and go with the XDJ-2000

  • Pioneer Teases New DJ Software - DJ News Net

    […] In January at NAMM, Pioneer reps hinted at a huge announcement for the company later this year – and it looks like we might be there. Pioneer has just released a brand new teaser video that seems to indicate a new DJ software from the company based off of their Rekordbox platform. Watch the teaser and check out what we see so far in the software. READ MORE […]

    • Adrian Bardet

      Good lord what is this madness!?!?

  • Sevenkami

    Four decks with traktor style fx & loops + pioneer jogwheels instead of the touchstrip. I would make me happy. Very, very happy.

  • noxxi

    This is weird, I’m no businessman, but I think I can see where this is going.
    The fanboys will immediately drop traktor, or will suddenly decide that DJ software is no longer “fake” because pioneer are doing it.

    There will be the ususal arguments for it such as “its industry standard”, “It will integrate with all your equipment so the transition will be seemless, just like rekordbox” <probably said by someone with cdj800 mk2s, the irony.

    It will be a niche product that is overhyped and over marketed and this will affect the way traktor is developed.

    It might be really good, but I think its just for the pioneer fans, the other DJ softwares out there are far more developed and mature, we will have to just wait and see though.

    • deejdave

      I don’t see how users of Traktor can suddenly decide that DJ software is no longer “fake” but anyways I think it will be overhyped AND over marketed but like Rekordbox it WILL probably be adopted by many Pro DJ’s and used every day by the same. Keep in mind this is the same for RB itself and while it is by no means “mainstream” as SDJ and TP2 are but yet it is certainly a weapon of choice for A list Pro DJ’s the world around.

      • noxxi

        sorry i actually meant the users of CDJs not traktor users, I guess that sentence actually made no sense at all! woops!

        I think your right on the money , also I think I may be prejudging a lot here, its not really a gripe with pioneer I have, its more a gripe with the way in which pioneer is regarded. Traktor is regarded as a toy by elitest knob head DJs, where as I suspect that as soon as pioneer start doing it, it will suddenly be the most proffesional thing on earth.
        annoying as that is, its probably a good thing, finally we might not have to defend digital DJing anymore.

        • ShiftFunction

          Now THAT I’d like to see! I’ve got to the point where it’s physically draining defending my semi-live setup to an A-B CD DJ. No amount of logic can get by such religious zealotry thus far, but you may be on the money in suggesting that as soon as it’s written in Pioneer scripture, digital will soon be another holy art form!

          We can but hope!

          • noxxi

            haha! that would be a revolution! I guess they would be telling the truth when they marketed it as revolutionary (which you know they will 😛 )

          • ShiftFunction

            Hahaha! Yeah “revolutionary” in that every feature appears in other software, except everyone else has had the time and experience to do them properly!

          • Matty

            I’ve been djing on my t1 Pioneer controller for years now. No-one ever called me a fake dj. I don’t need sync. But when I use it I have the time to layer several effects, remix without stems by some set cue points. I started on vinyl, scratch on vinyl, but mixing on vinyl is only for pretenders that use vinyl as an excuse for sucking. My point is that Pioneer is not new to the digital dj-ing world, and they’ve been making high-end controllers for years now.

    • D-Jam

      I dunno. I honestly do not trust Pioneer to stick with Rekordbox as a DVS solution, only because I’ve watched too many companies dive in and then quit.

      Pioneer is only now fathoming a software after the years of trying to avoid it or pushing DJs to stop using laptops. I see this potential as more throwing in the towel on trying to change things, but I fear after 1-2 years they’ll just stop pushing it because perhaps many DJs won’t quickly give up Traktor or Serato.

      I went through Final Scratch, Deckadance, Torq, and finally went Traktor Pro mainly because I wanted a software that won’t be discontinued easily. I’d also toss in that if Stems take off, Traktor will become way more popular.

      • Andrew Peek

        How man kids learned on a DVS in the past what 10 years? most of these new guys never collected vinyl. I am one of them. I am deaf in one ear too. makes mixing pretty hard when you’re having to listen to the master and the cue at the same time… add booth volume to boot and man having a dvs in my early days helped shape who I am today. I no longer use it unless i want to use my mkII’s or my M3D’s. The visual wav form helped train my ear, but about 2 years ago i made the transition to just rekordbox. I feel pretty comfortable saying traktor isn’t going anywhere. I do see a serato rekordbox merge somewhere in the future with their CEO stepping down last year and how much pioneer loved them before selling to their new shareholder.

  • NKLY

    The hot cue section looks exactly like a DDJ-SX2 and the FX section is laid out just like Serato, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this new Rekordbox Performance software was designed with their existing controller lineup in mind…

  • Mark Dek

    Early adaptor program is open!

    Since when does Rekordbox have a preparation App? That’s pretty cool. This way I’ll move Rekordbox forward in my preparation flow: mp3tag first, then Rekordbox, then Traktor. And as long as I can’t sync hot cues between Traktor and Rekordbox, that makes this platform even more worthwile.

    The eternal consideration: Convenience with Pioneer (Rekordbox preparation, Rekordbox as DJ platform, ubiquitous CDJ’s as hardware and DJ’ing from USB alone) versus full control with Traktor (Remix Decks, Stems, Midi Mapping)

  • Scott Frost

    Problem is… Is it too late in the game.

    Many people have invested in a platform already. Some might switch.

    Now we have a crowded market.

    Ableton ( not meant as solely a dj solution but widely used )

    Stanton bight deckadance
    Pioneers now has tecirdbix (which is really pcdj)
    Native instruments has traitor
    Numatk/denon have mixmeister

    Hard to say what will happen.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      Mixvibes makes Cross DJ, it’s the same animal.

    • Dan White

      The difference between VDJ, Decadance, and Mixvibes and all the rest is financial. Aside from Native instruments, Pioneer is probably the best positioned company in the market to fund software development because they’re at the top of the industry in terms of dollar sales, according to MI Salestrak data…

  • Pabs

    My main thing here is Library integration, I use Serato when DJing, if they get in bed with them in order for the Library to work then I may give it a shot, otherwise won’t work for me at the very least, yes, it might work for the new controller driven generation which at the end of the day is the future and seems to be their target market.
    I do own a DDJ SR for when travelling back home but that’s about it LOL

  • Burcin

    IMHO it’s just another full feature DJ software. If you look at the scene right now, most of the DJ’s are using external elements for differentiation. Push, Maschine, Guitar pedals, synths, etc. Which means most of the people are looking for new possibilities = open architecture. I think whoever (NI, Pioneer, Ableton, Serato,…) puts some more open elements (such as VST support) will win the game. Otherwise it’s just minor software update, or another addition to some specific hardware.

    • Niels

      Although i generally agree with what you are saying (more open architecture), I don’t think the majority of DJ’s use external elements of differentiation. I go to parties every month and the majority of DJ’s I see use the trusty selection of turntables, cdj’s and 4 channel mixer of choice. I can see why pioneer would want to eliminate the few bits of external software that end up in that chain, they would have your average dj-booth on lockdown. I don’t use cdj’s myself, but the benefit of having the best track preparation software out there (IMHO) and a solid platform to dj from is a winning combination. I just hope they keep it simple and not too fidgety (serato stil wins hands down in that department).

      • CuratorDeejay Ben Irving

        Well if VST integration is where it is going Native Instruments are gonna be street ahead!

        • ShiftFunction

          Traktor with VSTs will be like my birthday, Xmas, New Year AND the summer holidays, all at the same time!

  • m2lawren

    If the new software is also available as an app on the IPAD then I would defintiely consider looking into it. As of now, Im sticking with my S8 and waiting to see what NI has in store.

  • Mark Dek

    Having a single, universal source for all your music (DJ software and track preparation), and ubiquitous hardware in every booth on the planet is kind of a big pro.
    I’d definitely consider switching, but only if I can keep my current hardware (none of it from pioneer), so that would mean fully and universally midi mappability.

  • Notanon

    Could see this happening ever since version 3.0 came out. It just looked like they were building a template to expand Rekordbox into a fully fledged Traktoresque DJing software, like how their earlier in-house attempt worked.

  • here_comes_the_sheik

    Serato is going to have a hard time soon…

  • Göran Svensson

    XDJ2000 with groovebox/RMX features?

  • QCube

    It looks verry nice but in my opinion the market is already flooded with programms that all look simmilar and feel identical. Theres Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ, djay Pro, some newcommers, Ableton live for performers and so on. Its a logical consequence to make a own software for pioneer to earn some more money with their midi controllers but its not necesary in my eyes. Looking at the gear pioneer releases there is not much fancy stuff to come in this software. If this looks the same as the other ones and do not cost less, its gonna be rubish.

    • threeleggedmessiah

      You’re forgetting this has the name of one of the biggest (if not the biggest) DJ-oriented companies behind it – Pioneer. Every club has Pioneer CDJs, if they offer some unique features or the best HID integration or something like that, it could get really interesting.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        …and none of their hardware have 64bit application support for windows. The market has started on its way toward 64 bit applications as a standard, considering Pioneer hasn’t even supplied us with 64 bit ASIO support for Traktor ready mixers will we be dealing with just another 32 bit program that will only access 2Gb of system RAM? It’s not all about the name. This lack of support is the reason why I still hold on to my Z2, if I’m going to push Traktor more than normal I don’t trust the 2Gb of system resources that I have access to with Pioneers legacy support.

  • Damin Hansford

    Lets see ..might be cool .. But this should have started years back now . will people move and what can pioneer offer to make the move feel good enough ?

  • Dan White

    Lots of big questions here and not many answers so far:

    • What hardware (current or future) will it work with?
    • Mac, PC, both?
    • Will it be free or cost some cash?
    • Are the FX as good as Pioneer’s hardware FX?
    • What does it offer that Traktor, Serato, VDJ, djay Pro don’t?

    • ShiftFunction

      Will this mean there’ll FINALLY be 64bit ASIO drivers for their mixer interfaces?

      I won’t be ditching Traktor any time soon, but updated drivers would be nice. Saves me lugging my Xone and my A10 about.

    • Notanon

      My guess is that it’ll work with the CDJ-350s, CDJ-900s, CDJ-2000s and the XDJ-1000s, along with the XDJ-RX and other Pioneer all-in-one controllers. I would imagine both PC and Mac would be supported as per the current Rekordbox arrangement, and there would be a tiered version that would cost a fee to upgrade from the current free version (which would be relegated to file/playlist management and analysis), and would mainly be for effects and being able to use the CDJs et al as controllers. I would also imagine a neater output of sound to specific CDJs instead of how Traktor uses them would be one of the main drawcards.

      • deejdave

        I seriously hope the Nexus gear would be entitled to free support of RBDJ.

      • proben

        As I said below I’m pretty sure this will work on anything that uses normal MIDI commands. It will be designed for the Pio controllers but I can’t imagine them artificially handicapping any midi-compliant controller. DVS and HID will be something else though but the software will work with any regular MIDI controller, is my guess.

        • Be

          “can’t imagine them artificially handicapping any midi-compliant controller”

          I can.

      • Moguzi

        Why not CDJ-850 😉

      • Em Pe

        I hope you are right with the XDJ-RX as it’s not part of Pioneers “priorization list”.

    • Zé MigL

      I think this is still on Mixvibe’s team, and they’ve had a decade of experience in DVS, they are really good engenieers they just really sucked at GUI design and general workflow design.
      I believe it will b fully featured and free, maybe there will be paid software add ons, but I think they know if they wanna stand a chance they need to get people hooked first…
      It should just work with most of the current line out of the box, 0 config needed (or very little. It will probably work on a basic level on it self, but it will need some hardware for full unlocking…
      MC and PC …
      It will do what most DVS already do although it will not need any timecode… it needs to integrate standard use (with music on a stick or CD) and also on your computer.

      that’s my 2 cents on it

      • Dan White

        Doubt it’s Mixvives – Pioneer stopped software development with them as of the release of Rekordbox 3

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          I doubt it too. Since the release of Rekordbox 3, the software has become open source. Licensed under the GPL, kind of like the GNU project. I think they might be asking the community to help with the code. Rewriting problems where they are found and releasing the modification back to the community for approval and implementation.

          • Be

            What? No it isn’t. Rekordbox uses mpg123 which is licensed under the LGPL. Everything else in Rekordbox is proprietary.

        • Zé MigL

          Really… I know the actually bought Rekordbox of them, but I don’t see Pioneer with software developers.. the tradition seems to be going to others, also with cross Mixvibes team finally came close to the Mac platform and they can easily provide experience and the backbone for the “Pioneer Software”… so my money is in that they still go to them or have some of them on the team… Not heard of any “kidnaping” of Serato techies that’s why I think that’s the case 😉 It’s just my view no inside knowledge on this one.

    • Donny NLT

      Whatever Pioneer is doing, I think that they’re going to make it easier than ever to get people into digital DJing and streamline the laptop setup process.

      I can imagine being able to just bring a laptop with you and just plug one or two USB cables into the existing Pioneer setup and boom off you go. No getting in the previous DJs way, no need to make room for more gear, just easy peezy. While this isn’t any different for people that currently use CDJs in HID mode, I think that having Rekordbox be a full-fledged DJ app is going to make it a LOT more appealing to people that aren’t already on Traktor or Serato.

      If DJs are already using a computer to manage their flash drives, there would almost be no reason to just set your laptop up if Pioneer streamlines this process. Regardless of what happens, I’m very excited to see what comes of this.

    • Big Spenda

      If they make it exclusive to Pioneer hardware with seamless integration I can see Traktor and Serato taking a hit due to the popularity of Pioneer gear.