Maschine Integration in Traktor Pro 3.0: 12 Features We Want To See

We’ve seen what Native Instruments is capable of with tight integration of Stem Decks and screens over the last 12 months, but today we’re imagining what might become reality in Traktor Pro 3.0. One of the most often-promised and requested features is full Maschine/Traktor integration – so today we’re asking what DJTT readers want to see in this future software pairing.

Maschine/Traktor Pro 3.0 Integration Features

Since Native Instruments is the proud parent of both Maschine and Traktor, many DJs yearn for both pieces of software to play nice with each other. Many have found ways to connect them on one computer, but it would be nice to have both work seamlessly out of the box. Below, we’ve collected some hypothetical features of a Maschine/Traktor integration that would really make such an integration shine.

1. Painless Setup and Tight Clock Sync (PC)

DJs who have tried to integrate Maschine into their Traktor setup will be quick to tell other DJs how awful Windows MIDI clock is. While Mac users have a relatively easy way of setting up both (check out Ean’s article on syncing and performing) Windows users are left to figure it out themselves. Microsoft apparently now offers better MIDI and audio support (via Synthtopia) with Windows 10 so hopefully in Traktor 3.0 we can see Native Instruments take advantage of the updates and smooth over syncing issues once and for all.

Solution: A universal MIDI clock output that other apps can access.

2. Better CPU and RAM Optimization

For ideal Traktor performance, pack your laptop with an over-clocked CPU, insane amounts of RAM, and a SSD drive. However, not everyone has the cash to maximize their computers out. If Maschine is integrated into Traktor, there needs to be an improvement in the way the software allocates and uses the computer’s resources. Audio latency will also be affected with the added presence of Maschine and it would be ideal if DJs didn’t have to disable and configure their computers just to run Traktor. It would really suck if only maxed out MacBook Pros could take full advantage of a Maschine/Traktor integration.

Solution: NI streamlining their codebase and running processes in parallel across both softwares. In the mean time, a DJTT community member put together some general optimization tips in this forum thread.

3. Remix Deck Sequencing 

Techno legends Richie Hawtin and Dubfire have been pioneering ways to sequence loops and tracks together for years – if the middleman was taken out of the equation, the workflow for DJs would be sped up quite a bit. With the Midi Fighter Twister we’ve built our own homebrew solution to sequence Remix Decks, but it would be a clear win if Native Instruments supported this for every user. This would work really well in a Maschine integration as well – where sequencing is already a core part of the workflow.

4. Scratching Maschine Sequences

Even though Native Instruments keeps busting out controllers without jog wheels, there is still an innate calling in all DJs to scratch the sound whether it is coming from a track deck, remix slot, or stem file. DJ Shiftee has shown us that it is possible with Remix Decks and Stem files, so why not have the same capabilities in a Maschine/Traktor integration. If this gets incorporated into Traktor, expect a new performance routine from Shiftee or Craze ASAP…

5. Maschine Decks

The way a DJ plays in Maschine is essentially a Remix Deck on steroids. Is it crazy to think NI could integrate Maschine and Traktor so that DJs could load a Maschine into a deck? Not as a live input, but rather a beastly Remix Deck with infinite groups. Creative expression shouldn’t be limited to four voices. Also, Traktor should take advantage of the colorful pads on the Maschine and display slot colors to make navigation a lot easier (similar to the layout of the F1).

There should also be a way for DJs to handle all groups on a single deck and have sub-mix controls similar to how they are currently implemented for Stem Decks.

6. Route Traktor Decks to VST Effects in Maschine

Maschine is capable of hosting VST effects, but there’s no way for Traktor to access these effects natively. Achieving VST effected Traktor output requires third-party apps and is more of a hack than anything (definitely not recommended for the average DJ). If we can use Maschine effects and VSTs along with Traktor, then the FX possibilities become endless.

7. Select a Track in Traktor; Chop and Dice in Maschine

Take the workflow that Mad Zach uses in the above video and imagine that it’s a streamlined feature between Traktor and Maschine. This would enhance greatly what one can do with Traktor – sequence slices to get a totally new beat, or even apply effects and even add automations to a number of parameters such as sample and pitch. It could also be very interesting if DJs could instantly create a riff based off a track by dropping it into Maschine.

8. Mastering Effects for the Entire Mix

We all know how when mixes get complex they need a bit of cleaning and compression, so everything falls in place. There are a few ways to clean up the mix in the moment, but we often think about compressing and EQing a mix after the fact. We could get this if the Master signal from Traktor can be processed on the fly by Maschine, making each mix sound neat and giving that extra pump to live remixes and mashups.

9. Track Information Displayed on Maschine Screens

Maschine Studio has great vibrant displays which are pretty similar (if not identical) to the ones we can see on the latest Traktor controllers. Simpler models such as Maschine MK2 or Mikro have a simpler approach but track information such as song name, artist name, BPM, and time remaining should be quite easy to show with a firmware update. Also, a lower resolution waveform could be shown in the same way we see waveforms on the CDJs.

10. Track and Effect Browsing from Maschine

The Kontrol D2, S5 and S8 have lovely displays that help put the computer out of the DJs line of sight. If a firmware update was made to allow Traktor to use the Maschine’s screen, then the laptop can once again be pushed to the side of the DJ booth.

11. Export Maschine Project to Stems

The Stem Creator Tool is great, but requires the producer to group and export tracks into four audio streams to be then imported into the tool to assemble the final file. If a producer makes their music in Maschine, then they can already route the audio with its send/group functionality. Then the mastering tools are in place – so being able to export a ready to use Stem file would be relatively easy.

12. Maschine Chooses Scale Based on Track Key

Mixing in key has become an important part of DJing, and  Maschine 2.2 brought great improvements for live performances and composing sessions with features such as Scales & Chords. Since Traktor can analyze a track’s key, it would be awesome if Maschine can follow the key of the Master track so a DJ can keep the groove of the performance without worrying about changing scales and menus in the heat of the mix.

Matias Padilla, Dean Zulueta, Dan White and DJTT readers all contributed to this awesome article. Have features you want to see in a new major Traktor update? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  • Who? Matias
  • Years experience: DJing since 2005 and producing since 2008
  • Why he’s helpful: Matias has used nearly every DJ software out there and has helped create tons of DJTT’s best mappings (with over 25k downloads). He’s our lead DJTT product expert and can answer pretty much any gear question too. Think of him as the super helpful guy behind the counter at the record store who has lots of great suggestions on what gear is perfect for your unique tastes. You can chat with Matias on live chat in the DJTT store (he gets nearly 100% positive feedback ratings).
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  • Jérôme LeBel

    Meanwhile, a year later… it’s easier to sync Maschine(as a vsti in ableton) with Serato than Traktor.

    • ShiftFunction

      Meanwhile, 3 more months later, it’s even easier to sync using Ableton Link

  • David Cendrero

    Parallel waveforms or vertical waveforms? Traktor scratch pro3

  • kevin

    stacked waveforms ? please..

  • Aidan

    I’ve been waiting for all of this to happen, bought the machine MK2 a year ago because i figured all of that was integrated, sad that its not, but machine is great…as long as the usb port doesn’t fail and NI doesn’t shake you down 270$ for a repair and a 90day warranty. The tape delay in Maschine is waaaay better then the traktor one as well, I’ve always wondered why?

  • Dj Richi AC

    does anyone remember the meta-data sync that was offered when the versions of tracktor for iphone-ipad came along? it was a dream but now is just a memory…

  • Aaron David Lee

    And Reaktor is without a doubt the most powerful sound customisation tool on the planet, why no integration? Traktor released 2000, Maschine 2009 or something,Reakor 1999. The guys at NI are good at what they do, the best, I just dont understand why everything isnt interconnected, it seems nonsensical(miss spelt rant over).

  • Aaron David Lee

    Soundcloud would be nice 2

  • Aaron David Lee

    soundcloud would be nice 2

  • Aaron David Lee

    They should also make the sampler be 100% overDubable, this way you could leave it running and grab shit on the fly, I have wanted this for years, and would make Traktor a true real time improv tool, instead of having to wait for the sampler to record, you just press grab, and that cool random thing that just happend gets looped.

  • tigerdansken

    I just need 2 simple things from 3.0 :

    1) Get the Itunes nod in traktor to show the itunes-ratings of my tracks. Every version after 2.6.8 is useless at this simple task.
    2) Get the cpu-usage optimized…. maybe this is a issue because Im stuck at 2.6.8 🙂

    Native should concentrate on making the 3.0 better at its current tasks before putting more bells and whistles in the program.

  • S8 owner



      Haha yeah I thought I was the only one who thought OK how does the selling point of now being able to stare down at your tiny ass S8 screens instead of up at your larger laptop screen make any difference to the overall issue of having to stare at a screen.

  • Alexey Popoff

    Loading Maschine into a deck in Traktor sounds like the most natural solution. However, if you think about it, majority of the points raised above would be solved if you were able to do the opposite – load Traktor as plug-in in Maschine or any other DAW for that matter. Sync, audio routing, master effects, “support” for VSTs, etc. All of it would become available pretty much instantly.

  • ShiftFunction

    Am I the only person that would prefer Maschine to sit in a separate slot than the standard decks? I think it’s highly unlikely there’ll be any possibility of scratching Maschine if loaded onto a deck with platter control (jog/timecode/etc) so why waste the resource? I tend to DJ with all four decks and use Maschine (Ableton actually, but for FX bus routing and VST hosting really) on top of that. Having to lose a deck to get integration would make me think twice about using it.

    A better option, surely, would be to give flexible routing options to suit both styles. Those that prefer to have Maschine as one of their traditional 4 decks could point the output of Maschine into a Traktor deck whereas those like myself can point it to a separate output entirely (preferably with the option of the two programs not being tied to the same audio interface unless NI wants to drop a 16i/o).

    To explain my reasoning, I’m using an Allen & Heath Xone:62 (occasionally a Xone:92). I route the four decks from Traktor into the normal channel inputs on the mixer. Then I route the Aux output(s) into Ableton with a delay on the live input. I’ve then got Maschine loaded as a VST which feeds into the master output with the delayed signal (when opened from the mixer) back into the mixer on one of the mic channels (and I add another FX loop with a reverb when using a X:92). Pretty much the same as Chris Liebing’s setup.

    Next up – and this is a change on Maschine’s end – Maschine’s external mapping capability is BEYOND poor! It reads midi CC signals as the same, even if they’re on different midi channels of coming from different devices. This needs to be fixed to allow control through Traktor’s global mapping function.

    Lastly – and again, I’m looking at you Maschine – dedicated FX bussing please! Rather than have to use a group or sound for this, I’d like to have visibly separate FX busses like those in Ableton. Even if this was limited to two.

  • Darrien

    The only damn thing I’ave been waiting for for ages is a proper collection management. If this will be another release where I’ll have to spend money for more controller support, effects and sampling stuff, I’ll have to say goodbye to my beloved turntables and switch to using the new versions of RekordBox and Rekord Buddy with CDJs. Those tools actually give me the most important thing that I need when playing: Better ways to find the right tune out of uncountable amount of tunes for the right situation.

    Style/Mood/Situation/Whatever-Tags? Great Match Linking? Playlist-Lock? Drag & Drop for multiple Playlists? Playlist-Copy? Nothing… It’s embarrassing.

    I’m already using CDJs quite often cause there’s not always appropriate turntables. But I still rely on Traktor HID, as I still prefer turntables with Traktor DVS. But the collection management became so outdated, it feels like using Windows 95 while you could actually work with Yosemite. I really can’t stand it anymore.

  • thundercat

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see it happen but seriously dream on, it takes NI a loooooong time to release new version of anything… just take a look at the Maschine forums. There are features that used to be in 1.8 of Maschine never came back in 2.0, all they seem to be concerned about is releasing new expansions because they can get immediately sell them. They want you to buy their remix sets and stem formatted tracks to use their stem specific hardware.

    1) No way, do you really think they will suddenly become so benevolent as to invest in making it easier to bypass their FX with VSTs?
    2) Could see them investing here, performance is a big deal, this is however yet another reason why I think they wouldn’t want to go down the road of integration here.
    I believe the Stem converter within Maschine will happen though.
    3) Could happen, but only with new NI hardware they can sell you
    4) See #1
    5) Why would they do it when whey want you to use their remix deck/stem format?
    6) See #1, they want you to stay in the NI ecosphere
    7) Hahaha, take a look at the Maschine forums, peeps have been requesting .mp3 support in maschine for -years-, not gonna happen
    8) See #1, they want you to stay in the NI ecosphere
    9) Nothing in it for NI, they want to sell you a device to do specific things, why make it easier to use something for something it was not designed for
    10) See #9
    11) I believe this will happen, it is in NI’s interest to get people using Stems as much as possible
    12) Would indeed be an awesome feature, but again, there are a lot of awesome features that people have requested for a long time on the Maschine forums, NI don’t caaaaaaare!

    So, a little cynical I know, would love to be wrong but I just don’t see it happening.
    /will happilly have everyone come back and say I told you so if they do make it happen in 3.0!

    • ShiftFunction

      1) You know they’re a VST company too, right? I’d be surprised if no-one at NI had ever thought some of the stuff in Guitar Rig would sound cool in Traktor. Reflektor springs to mind.
      2) They already mentioned that they needed to look at the GPU, it just wasn’t possible in the code for 2.X
      3) I don’t see the point myself, Maschine is a sequencer. Either you want a remix deck or you want Maschine. Otherwise, what’s the point of integration? Please, enlighten me!
      4) Won’t happen. The amount of processing power it’ll take to run everyone’s instruments backwards will render this one out of the picture.
      5) The most likely way they’ll implement it. You think they won’t do it because of the money but it costs £100 for a new Kontrol F1, £300 for a K2, £450 for a Maschine Mk2 and £700 for a Maschine Studio. You do the math.
      6) See point 1. It would still be within their ecosystem.
      7) Loop slicing is already in Traktor. Not too great a leap to continue this.
      8) No! Just no! Let’s just kill this one dead right now please!
      9) Agreed, they’ll want you to stick with the S8/S5/D2s. And I’d be in agreement unless integration means merging them into one program with one dedicated browser (Like THAT will ever happen!)
      10) Again, what would be the point in an S8/S5/D2s environment?

      11) Agreed, although I’d prefer to see it as a plug-in. I doubt many producers will be doing their mastering within maschine!

      12) A nice idea. I hadn’t considered it, but I don’t see it appearing somehow.

      Your cynicism misses a few key points. Mainly that A, NI are a plug-in producing company and I’m sure they’d love to be able to sell Komplete to Traktor users and B, there was actually word from NI that this was something they were working on earlier this year that said it’d take a few months to get it working. Is it really that much of a stretch to think that 3.0 is a ground-up rebuild (like Maschine 2.0 was) with this as one of the killer functions?

  • MQParty

    I was a traktor fan for years. I had fun dreaming about what NI would come up with next. I waited for a 4-channel Z2 type mixer. NEVER happened. Waited for an update to easily navigate my library. NEVER happened. Waited for a clever way to really use my remix decks in my sets. NEVER found a practical use. The Traktor DJ App had so much potential, but seems forgotten by NI. The Allen and Heath Xone 43c finally answered my call. Serato fit perfectly into my workflow. Have fun with your stems…its just not for me or my “future of DJing”

  • noxxi

    My laptop has a 3rd gen i7 and 8gb of ddr3 with a normal hdd, and it runs ableton and traktor side by side with no problems whatsoever.

    It did the same when I was running it with an 3rd gen i5, no problems at all. I think that as far as cpu and ram optimization goes, its pretty much perfect already. I don’t see any reason to offload anything to the gpu, you can in fact force traktor to utilize the gpu using the nvidia control panel, and this offloads the gui rendering, but its unnecessary, and could open a whole other can of worms as far as bugs and glitches go.

  • Gemini Boi

    Another Traktor article…….

  • John Viera

    Traktor is becoming a hybrid DJ suite. Trying to concentrate on cool bells and whistles that is not about DJing but more about live performance. This is not DJ software. If you want to do cool things with live perfromance, just use Ableton. Thank God the New Pioneer Rekordbox might save the DJ’s who actually like to DJ. The battle between Rekordbox vs Serato will produce some new DJ innovations.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      You can still dj like it’s 1999 in Traktor you know 😛

      • John Viera

        Or I can DJ like its 2012 in Serato.

        • ShiftFunction

          You go do that. The rest of us are quite happy here in the future!

          • John Viera

            Been using Traktor for 8 years. It’s been slipping and I can’t hold on to my loyalty much longer. Stems are not the future of DJing.

          • ShiftFunction

            Are you high? Stems are the first legitimately inventive thing to happen to DJing in years!

          • John Viera


          • John Viera

            Stems just got more interesting. If you can hack them for acapellas and export the acapella, you could use these files across all software.

          • ShiftFunction

            It’s not particularly difficult to “hack” stem files. Just load into Adobe Audition. Simple.

            My point is that the growing adoption of the format in this DJ oriented iteration is probably the first truly innovative thing in DJing in ages.

            I really don’t see what Serato and Serato *ahem* Rekordbox are bringing to the table that Traktor doesn’t do in some shape or form. Machine integration in 3.0 will seal it for me.

          • Dan Morse

            Remix Decks were innovative. They were just terribly explained and require more prep work than DJs can be bothered with. Making beats in Maschine then using them in Traktor is awesome. Serato Flips suffered from the same problem to a certain extent.

            To say that either Serato or Traktor are lagging behind each other is just ridiculous. They’re so neck-and-neck it’s impossible to tell. They each have their pluses and minuses, sure, but that’s always going to be the case.

        • Marco Hooghuis

          I meant that if you like DVS, beatmatching, etc you can still do that. It’s not going away. In fact, the last few updates would’ve made it better because Traktor now needs less resources.

  • No Qualms

    I would be satisfied if NI just gave Traktor a proper browser!

  • BIJ

    Surprised there aren’t more comments on this article, maybe it is indicative of the general apathy toward this actually ever happening. In my opinion, Traktor/Maschine integration is THE one killer feature that NI could use as a point of differentiation with competitors. It has been so long though, it is hard to imagine that this is really a priority for them. Hopefully I am wrong.

    • ShiftFunction

      From what I can tell, NI are/were working on it. My best guess is that they had all these other feature that worked in the existing code framework of Traktor Pro 2.X but this had to wait for a complete ground-up rebuild. No doubt the strategy teams decided that the best way forward was to get Stems out there and the necessary controllers while finishing 3.0 off in the background. Seeing as we’re now on 2.9, I’d expect some kind of announcement soon ahead of a release date for a paid update sometime in December (like Maschine 2.0).

  • Mark Smith

    “Better CPU and RAM Optimization” easily accomplished if they would allow the GPU to take some of the slack from what the CPU is doing to be able to show the GUI on screen.

  • Eduardo

    All I ask is for a ducking echo, and tempo transition beat grids.

    • NeilOughton

      +1 for Tempo transition.

  • Sambo

    Most important aspect of integration, turning this:

    1. Open Traktor
    2. Set up LoopMidi
    3. Set up Jack
    4. Send Traktor midi clock out of virtual LoopMidi port
    5. Open maschine.
    6. Slave to Traktor clock
    7. Route Maschine audio out into Traktor live input deck using Jack.
    8. Play, and pray something doesn’t fail.

    Into this:

    1. Open Traktor.
    2. Open Maschine.
    3. Set Traktor deck to Maschine audio.
    4. Play

    At the end of the day, that’s what integration really boils down to. If you’re dedicated enough to want to use a Maschine live with Traktor, you’ll have done enough prep that you don’t need to look at the actual Maschine window.

    All this talk about over clocking is nonsense, I run a simple i5 Lenovo with the first set up, on Windows 10 with an S4 Mk1, two time codes 1210s and a Maschine Studio. I can go hours without a single glitch or pop running instances of Massive with stacks of effects.

    The biggest thing we need from Traktor Pro 3 is outsourcing tasks to the graphics cards as opposed to the CPU doing everything.

    • Mark Smith

      “The biggest thing we need from Traktor Pro 3 is outsourcing tasks to the graphics cards as opposed to the CPU doing everything.” AMEN!!!

      • mikefunk

        We need GPU support.

    • Marco Hooghuis

      What latency are you using? If I try the same thing I have to use 1024 samples which makes it kind of useless. And I’m using a brand new HP Zbook with an i7. The only thing that’s holding it back is the (terrible) midi sync. Without it it runs fine on 256 samples.

      • noxxi

        you need a hardware midi clock, I’m almost finished building one with an arduino, and it works excellently. try the same thing with loopmidi and its complete garbage.
        ERM Midiclock+ is £141.99, and would likely do the trick

    • Byron Rodriguez

      Sambo, been looking for some information like this for a while. How do you set up LoopMidi and Jack though?? I got both of those and was not able to get anything going there.. it would be great if you have a walkthrough of this please!!!!!

      • ShiftFunction

        There was a guide up on the Traktor Bible website that I used to get it “working”. But it was never stable enough to play out with.
        I resorted to NOT synching them and routing the audio externally. They actually stay in time better if you start Maschine running at X bpm, start Traktor playing fully synced at X bpm and leave the tempo controls alone.

    • ShiftFunction

      You missed a step on the current workflow!

      6.5. Turn on the metronome on both Traktor and Maschine, open the clock settings then make sure they’re aligned. Repeat this step when they fall out of sync (note I said WHEN, not if!)

  • Mike

    Anything related to making Maschine hardware replace Traktor hardware or make it so you don’t have to buy a NI’s controller, unfortunately never going to happen. why? NI didn’t make it possible to 100% map Maschine controllers for a reason so you go and buy the LEGENDARY F1 and never have trouble trying to map your Maschine controller, “just plug and play”… All they need is your money, and even more of your money… I love NI’s products but they are greedy just like Apple.

  • Peter Morgan

    I spoke to one of the NI guys at the BPM event (uk) yesterday, and he said that they are working on a protocol to allow for better Traktor-Maschine integration. Whether that will be a replacement of midi or a superset of midi I don’t know. It was encouraging to hear!!

    • Dubby Labby

      Like the python remote scripting was for the bridge. They are working on features side to side and later they will implement the “glue”. Seems possible and logical.

  • lautaro

    I think NI will only give us HID CONTROL for traktor with maschine.

  • coolout

    Fingers crossed on Maschine integration and screen wide parallel waveforms in TSP3.

    Such a great timely post for me. I’ve been wrestling with Traktor/Maschine integration for a new mix series I started. There are almost too many options for incorporating production elements into DJ sets (stems, remix decks, ableton, playing direct from maschine, incorporating hardware, etc). None of them are particularly easy and require way too much set up and/or pre-production just to get something that the more you’re successful, the more no one may notice because (if you’re lucky) it could sound like a finished, mastered stereo track. I guess that’s where highlighting the performance comes in, which is a whole ‘nother challenge…lol.

    When I started I was thinking,”why doesn’t everyone do’s so fun.”. After a month of trying different methods and solutions I began thinking, “this is why no one does this…it can be a pain in the ass”.

  • Andreas Bührer

    NI could give it’s software (traktor and maschine) much more power and ease of use with some small improvements. E.g. Combine the advantages of traktor and maschine, an improved controller mapper, a browser with indicators for speed and key….

  • Dubby Labby

    Djing has lost the “fun factor”, Production has lost the “academic factor” and booth has lost the “human factor” which is found in “living” over “remembering” and “wondering”. As everyday is gone the “thing” is focused in the “experience” so NI (and pioneer in their own way) are focusing towards “live performing” as core for create “memorable wonders” and the tools to do it. More or less like Apple leivmotif “think different” or Nike “Just do it”. It will be something like “the future of sound”? (Hehe)
    How it becomes translated to develops? Imho (as all pointed such a gospel truth but isn’t really) you should think how to design the most exciting user experience with the focus of share this excitement… Maybe integrating some tools from Traktor into Maschine in the same was done viceversa (stems, remix decks…) but leaving Traktor as “live djing” and Maschine as “live producing”.
    I expect more implementation in live sampling and live looping than sequencing but hey! If these come to they will be welcome too!

    Another solution will be some kind of DAW implementing best of all uNIverse including vst, secuencing, recording, reaktoring and maybe someday video.

    Who knows? Who cares?

    • Marco Hooghuis

      If you think djing has lost the fun factor you need to change what you’re doing. It has nothing to do with whatever way the world is going.

      • Dubby Labby

        I was talking about “sync vs manual beatmaching” and all the other complaints usually old school djs puke over the net. To me my looping set is funny and complex to take me time to worry about if NI or Pioneer release a new version of AtoB soft… These “lost fun” which people try to defend asking for “new controllers with jogs” what I’m pointing. At last everybody could use a turntable with Traktor and nobody brang nothing better (from these people pov) so why care about the people which isn’t going to buy nothing? NI sells hard/soft… Why they didn’t released never a scs.1d or V7 themselves?

        NI focus in live (also ableton) as main goal, trying to catch the bedroom djs and controllerist from “old paradigm” (serato) and “too much forward paradigm” (ableton) becoming the “sintesis” answer to the question ¿The Future of Sound?

        Hope it makes any sense to you.

  • an3

    ..amazing virtual future.. a shame that NI is soo far from reality with their Traktor

    • NeilOughton

      What is your definition of reality?

    • Mike

      Don’t underestimate NI’s ability to make something work, they are “holding down advancement in djing technology” because of business and marketing strategy and not because they can’t, It’s a waiting game. For example they waited until someone would release controller with screens and right after that they released their own that was waiting on the shelf collecting dust. They don’t want to show all their cards at once.

      • here_comes_the_sheik

        I think that is exactly what happened. NI had the S8 ready since the release of the first version of S4 but of course they wanted to sell the S4 first so they kept the S8 on the shelves. That is why they hired people to undust the units last year. So called undusters. They only took undusters with lots of experience though.

  • baju-baju

    13. Sends from each deck to FX units.

    • Larry Zuniga

      A proper send, I tested Deckadance wich has support for vst and send effects, the problem with it is the lack of return channel control. A send/return proces similar to ableton would be awesome.
      Delay t3 as richie’s lexicon effect, nice!

  • j0h4n

    isn’t this like waiting for Godot…

    • baju-baju

      Yes, let’s go.They do not move.

      • Roy Bear

        and what may be the best substitute for my beloved Maschine and the lately unusable Traktor?

  • Roy Bear

    I use the S8 and the Maschine Studio. Both are well build and leave nothing uncovered. But there is the Software. And there is the Problem. NI knows how to make awesome instruments, Effects and other Things – but Software seems to be a Problem. Using Traktor Pro 3 with these described features would be a gamechanger. but this won’t happen….
    If I am wrong, start bashing and I’ll take the beating. If this is true, or going to happen I will be a happy customer.

  • NeilOughton

    What i love about this article is the fact that DJTechTools is very close to Native Instruments meaning that the very fact this article has been written means there must be some talk of these features happening. Very exciting.

    • Fayek Helmi

      was thinking the same thing… maybe it’s not an indication of what’s coming.. but at least NI will be hearing a very popular demand, and i like to believe that they do listen to their user base.

  • timtam

    The only reliable way I’ve ever gotten Maschine to sync well with Traktor is to use the physical midi out port, and the physical midi in port on the maschine.

    Getting the key from Traktor would be really nice. Really, with the addition of a mixer in maschine, it’s pretty crip to use now. But you need a multi-host hardware mixer to close the circle. Then it’s no problem to run Maschine next to Traktor, with Ableton to host FX, and still only use one mixing surface. Right now, nobody makes a mixer under 50lb that can do that. An Audio10 feeding into a Midas mixer works (maschine and ableton firewire on the Midas), but that’s really pushing the limits of portable.

  • Igor Warzocha

    8. Mastering Effects for the Entire Mix

    That would be a major PITA for anyone who would have to set up the sound for a stubborn/semi-deaf DJ. Delete it before anyone thinks about it seriously 😛

    • Rudi-J

      So did I, but i keep on waiting. It can only be a matter of 10 to 20 years…

  • Rob van Erp

    This would be great, synced maschine to traktor this weekend and already had great fun playing my own sequences together with existing tracks, really took it to the next level. With tight integration of maschine and traktor this would be awesome