Serato DJ 1.8 Beta Out Now: Key Analysis

We’ve got a bit of a surprise update from Serato, who just last week announced that the 1.8 version of their software would include key detection, user hardware remapping, and an update to Pitch ‘n Time DJ to allow key shifting/syncing. The Serato DJ 1.8 beta has just gone public, meaning that you can sign up for and download the current beta right now.

In addition, Serato also provided a complete changelog for the 1.8 update, which in addition to the features listed last week, includes:

  • Master gain for supported DVS hardware
  • Updated icons in the Browser for crates, smart crates, iTunes
  • In/Out loop buttons light when a saved loop is selected
  • Rane Control Panel bundled in Serato DJ for mac
  • Cue button behaviour aligned with CDJ specification when using CDJs in HID mode
  • CPU, GUI and performance optimizations
  • Audio buffer optimizations
  • A ton of bug fixes. We really wish Traktor would follow suit and show off every single bug fix that’s in their new versions in a full changelog!

Download the full Serato DJ 1.8 Beta right now here on Serato’s website

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  • Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    I’m rocking it right now. Decent upgrade, though a little buggy.

    I wan’t to be able to map Slicer and every other function to my MaschineMK2. COME ON SERATO!

  • Catte Vest

    Do you guys think you’ll be doing another Key Detection Software comparison like you did back in 2014? Would be awesome to eliminate another step in my workflow if this stacks up to MIK.

    • The Tourer

      Putting in my vote for this as well. Can I ditch MIK for Serato? Let us know!