Watch Vekked’s Winning 2015 DMC World Championship Set

Want to know what it takes to make a top-tier DJ routine at the 2015 DMC World Championships? It seems like Vekked has had it figured out, having completely dominated the Online division of the DMC this year and then going on to win the entire title. Watch the winning routine below, just released on the official DMC World YouTube channel.

What’s especially fascinating about this routine is that Vekked is absolutely pushing beyond the traditional and stale by using different elements in his DJ set – original productions (the Sega theme edit which we’ve heard in previous routines from him), use of three decks (watch carefully about 2:40 and notice how there’s a “background” track while he’s juggling the metal guitar riff on both turntables), and even fader-based manipulation of sample pitch.

This is what it’s like to go beyond turntablism and instead incorporate the trifecta of DJ specialties – controllerism, production, and turntablism – all into one routine. Congratulations to Vekked for this win of the 2015 DMC World Championship, and enjoy your gold-plated Rane TTM57 MKII – try not to get too many fingerprints on it:

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