How I Play: KiNK Interview

The Bulgarian live performer and producer KiNK has been on our wishlist for a How I Play interview for years. Videos of him in the studio and at live shows have been incredible to watch, so today we’re excited to share this exclusive look at what his current live show is composed of, and how his gear all works together in one fantastic rig. Click through to watch this behind-the-scenes video.

KiNK Interview + Live Setup

KiNK views his rig as being “inspired by DJing”, and as separated into two parts:

  • Playback of loops from his own tracks (via Ableton)
  • Live improvisational elements overtop – either with outboard production gear or with Ableton

Gear in KiNK’s Live Rig:

We’ve collected a handy list of the gear that KiNK has in his setup here – along with direct links to product pages with more information on each:

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  • Bedo Stambolyan

    Proud to see an amazing artist from Bulgaria, making his mark on the world and inspiring people.

  • CazCoronel

    Excellent video, he makes some great sounds and explains everything very clearly.

  • Nik Howard

    Cheers Dan, another great feature in this series. +1 for Joris Voom. Another could be Fourtet?

  • Nik Howard

    Awesome, inspirational, amazing. Would love to here him live.

  • lanceblaise

    Mad respect to Kink. A truly LIVE set!

  • ioannis

    Luke Slater would a nice artist for “how I play”

  • Mark Smith

    Thank you as always for these great “How I Play” articles. My suggestion for your next one coming up sometime is either Detroit Swindle or Javelin. Javelin has a crazy looking setup (See below).

  • Jake Bergeson

    Great vid!

    Tell him to tell Roland to release those colored knobs and faders for the TR-8 already!! 😉

  • Egg Foo Yxng.

    This isn’t so much a How I Play request, but an interview with Porter Robinson would be great. Really wondering what caused him to transition from a DJ set to a pure live production route

  • Chr15

    Joris Voorn would a nice artist for “how I play”

  • Fischkopp

    I was waiting for exactly this “How I Play” episode. 🙂 Great, have to watch it later after work. Thanks DJTT!

  • robjac

    EXCELLENT VIDEO!!! He was incredibly informative whilst balancing being in the moment. cheers djtt.

  • Chris Combe

    absolute legend, dude is on top of his game and humble as they get!

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Thank you so much for finally having this master featured!

  • mczanetti


  • Mike Gibbs

    Had the pleasure of playing w Kink a couple of times (Saucy ! ) great guy and a real inspiration.

  • Moguzi

    Super cool! Gave a lot of inspiration, thanks.

  • NeilOughton

    No rocking up 10 minutes before a gig with that setup! I really do see this, as the future, the idea of adding drum machines and synths over the top of existing tracks is very exciting.. Did anyone notice that James Z had a Roland TB3 at his last boiler room gig.

    With DJ’s playing similar tracks this has to be the way to make things stand out.

  • David Brown

    This guy’s real nice and OG at what he does. Nice work everyone.

  • beisi

    awesome stuff, tnx for this!

  • Phil

    King Kink