Cardboard DJ Booth: Portable + Sustainable

A cardboard DJ booth sounds like a good way to break a piece of gear, but last month in Madrid during Vogue Fashion Night, cardboard got a bit more attractive to DJs. We stumbled across this awesome project, designed by Spanish cardboard eco-design laboratory CartonLAB


CartonLab regularly builds environmentally-friendly cardboard furniture and architectural elements, including chairs, desks, tables, shelving, and more. They seem like the exact right group to tackle the challenge of building a DJ booth using cardboard. The concept was to build 100% cardboard DJ booths that would be in use in three clothing stores (H&M) throughout the course of the event. They write (translated from Spanish):

Each of the DJ tables we designed were made 100% in cardboard, and include printed graphic line with the concept of the event and brand identity. They were designed to be three different and unique pieces for each of the stores celebrating the event.


All DJ tables are removable, easily flat-packed for transport, and assembly is just as simple, just bending and fitting pieces together. Once the tables are at the end of their life, they are 100% recyclable.


CartonLAB doesn’t speak to the long-term durability of these booths, and what the weight limit would be for the surface of the table – but based on their portfolio of work, it seems like they know what they’re doing. That being said, don’t go climbing on top of the DJ booth if you’re spinning on one of these!

We love to see this kind of thought put into one of the most-used objects in the DJ world: the table on which we put our gear. Right now this was just a one-off promotional campaign for the event, but maybe someday soon it could be realistic to bring a similar recyclable and uniquely designed booth to the masses.

DJ Laura Put behind the decks of of one the cardboard booths (photo via her Tumblr)
DJ Laura Put behind the decks of one the cardboard booths (photo via her Tumblr)

All photos (except where noted) via CartonLAB’s website – read their post about the project here to find out more. 

Want to build your own DJ booth using materials you can find at Ikea? Check out our classic guide here.

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