3 Techniques For Using DJM-900NXS2’s EQ-Based Effects

On Pioneer’s new DJM-900NXS2, the Beat FX section has a powerful new tool: three EQ frequency selector buttons that allow the chosen effect to be isolated to the lows, mids, or highs. Today we explore three different ideas for how DJs can take advantage of this new feature set – watch the full video inside.

EQ-Based Effect Techniques On The DJM-900NXS2

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Here’s a brief rundown of the ways we found that the DJM-900NXS2’s frequency FX worked well:

  • Echo / Ping Pong / Spiral / Helix: All of these effects can quickly get overwhelming if the low end is being effected, so deselecting it will make for a much cleaner output.
  • Phaser: Applying a Phaser just to the low end (when there’s a great bassline) and manipulating the XY strip gives a DJ the ability to distort the sound, making it way more filthy without the cheesy typical phaser LFO sound. (Note: This can get out of hand quickly, so make sure you watch your levels!) 
  • Reverb: When Reverb is selected, the XY pad turns into a filter control for the final output of the effect. Use this to create sweeps or quickly add a bit of flourish on snares, claps, or hats. This actually exists on the original DJM-900NXS  as well, it’s just less obvious.

Worth noting that EQ-based effects were first introduced on Pioneer gear with the DJM-2000, but those tend to be incredibly rare to find in DJ booths. The 900s are much more common – and will likely continue to be in the future.

Want more Pioneer tutorials? Here’s two more tutorials about DJM effects: 

Check out the tracks we played in this video:

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  • Jyve

    I feel like this new mixer got very hot when using it for 4+ hours, especially right on the front plate where all the faders are located. Anyone else experience this?

  • orge

    Mainstream hardware mixers with more usable effects than Traktor… Yes, I know you can hack it by duplicating to an extra deck or applying effects to simple loops/stem tracks. However, this would simplify things and enable bags of creativity. How much longer NI??


  • BoldFaceType

    How can I do EQ based FX in AbeltonLive? Maybe an article idea?

    • Jacob Stadtfeld

      For send effects, just stick an eq3 or 8 at the beginning of the effect chain and map macros to cut out lows, mids, and highs.

  • Product tester

    Remarkable thing…

    Pioneer had this already years ago with one of their effects unit and it just got ignored for so long to incorporate it into their mixers.

    Nice to see it back.

  • Linz

    The eq isolation on the beat effects are great.
    I just hope they’re going to make the sound cards support Serato and Traktor. Until then clubs shouldn’t be installing them.
    … If they do I’m all over this mixer like white on rice.

  • Rob van Erp

    as said in the clip, nothing new to the db 4 , bit more work to get the same effect.
    Curious how the 900nx2 holds up in sound quality…

  • The Boss

    Still prefer my Allen & Heath Xone 92 to Pioneers gimmicks.

    • Spacecamp

      A fair point of view, for sure. Do you use it with external FX on the Sends? If so, which?

  • Dirtylooks

    Great feature! Spent some time with the NXS2 recently but didn’t have an opportunity to experiment too much with it. Really looking forward to these being standard and using the isolators. Much improved over the NXS! Keep it up!

  • Jacob Stadtfeld

    Got to play with my groups 900nx2 that just came in, loving the eq isolating, makes reverb finally usable. My favorite was applying a slip roll to just the mid range; lets you loop chop vocals while the kicks and hats play normally.

    Have a 2000 Nexus coming in the mail tomorrow so I’ll hopefully be able to do a side by side, but playing on the new 900 only got me more excited for mine.

    • Spacecamp

      The more I’ve played with it, the more I realize how much more useful the EQ isolation makes every single effect in the Beat FX section. The vocal chop slip roll is a great idea, I’ll try that out!

      • Jacob Stadtfeld

        It really changes how useful they are. Just being able to keep the low end out of a reverb, delay/echo, or roll just keeps it so much cleaner, plus the kicks are still playing under the effect, so there’s much less danger of the crowd losing the rhythm.

  • ilduche

    Really cool article. Could you post a similar one featuring tips with Xone DB2/DB4 mixers, which also have frequency isolating features (way before the 900nxs2 by the way).