Stream DJ Sets On Facebook Live or Periscope With Great DJ Audio

There’s a major emphasis live streaming video online right now, and as a result, social media posts that contain live video get more natural exposure. This is a big opportunity for DJs to reach more a wider audience, so in today’s article, learn how quickly stream DJ sets on Facebook Live, Periscope, and more with great-sounding DJ audio.

In this article we’ll share instructions on two ways of live streaming DJ sets:

  • On Facebook Live or Periscope, from a phone (single-cam supported, good DJ audio)
  • On Facebook Live from a computer (multi-cam supported, good DJ audio)

By default, using a streaming service from your phone has pretty crappy sound quality from the built-in mic – keep reading to find out how to make something professional.

Streaming a DJ Set From Your Phone

To stream a DJ set on your phone, you’ll need:

  • Facebook or Periscope app
  • A solid internet connection (4G LTE is alright, dedicated Wi-Fi is best)
  • A connector cable from your Record Out (or equivalent) to a male 1/8″ plug
  • For iPhone: a special TRRS to TRS input cable with built-in Line to Mic attenuator ($28.50 on KV Connection or $19.95 on Amazon); you’ll need a different cable for other phones.

The process is pretty straightforward – you’ll want to plug the special TRRS > TRS cable into your iPhone’s audio jack – this will allow you to send good DJ audio into your phone, using the same audio path that headphones with a built-in mic use. By default, no phones are prepared to accept Line In level audio, so this cable will quickly solve that problem:

To start a stream on Facebook Live, just make a new status update and hit the Live icon at the bottom of the status field. Once you’re live, you can quickly see comments that are made and the number of current viewers. Periscope works almost identically Facebook Live, and both platforms will use the mic-in audio if you use the cable mentioned above.

Pro-Tip #1: Battery Life – It’s worth pointing out that streaming live video on your phone over Wi-Fi or data will use a significant amount of power. We highly recommend you use a charging cable (plug it into your laptop, CDJ, or just a power strip) to avoid your phone dying in the middle of a set.

Pro-Tip #2: Great Looking Streams – To avoid a stream that looks like a DJ set out of the Blair Witch Project, use a tripod. There are a lot of very cheap adapters that allow any phone to attach to almost any tripod – we’ve tested this $7.95 adapter from Amazon with acceptable results.

Pro-Tip #3: Mind The Time Cap – With all Facebook Live streams, there’s a hard cap of 90 minutes max on a single stream. After that the stream will cut off – but you can start another one right away (you’ll just lose the viewers that you had).

Stream DJ Sets On Twitch/Chew.TV/Facebook From Your Computer

If you’ve got a more permanent setup where you want to start streaming video, it makes a lot of sense to stream directly from your computer. There are a number of great platforms out there for this – like Twitch.TV and Chew.TV – that have their own niche audiences.

Excitingly, Facebook Live has joined those ranks with a recent update that allows multi-camera apps to stream directly into the platform. This is important because for many producers and DJs, your fans already use Facebook, so there’s no concerns about trying to get them to use something new.

To stream a DJ set from your computer, you’ll need:

  • a webcam (built-in webcams are not ideal – we recommend the $70 Logitech C920)
  • a broadcasting app (OBS is free and easy, Facebook also supports Livestream, Wirecast, Xsplit, and ffmpeg)
  • a solid internet connection (wired ethernet if possible)
  • an audio connection from your DJ setup to your computer
  • for Facebook, a Facebook Page (currently normal Facebook user accounts are not able to do this advanced streaming – see the full setup process here)

To get set up, you’ll need to make a new stream on the platform of your choice, and the platform will give you a unique set of URLs/stream keys that link your software to your specific stream. Here’s what the Facebook Live URLs look like (but each user has a unique set):

Pro-Tip #1: Computer Overload: If you’re using a DJ software, we’d recommend against streaming from that same computer unless you have a very high-spec machine. Doing streaming video and a lot of audio manipulation on the same computer is asking for trouble, even though theoretically most recent computers should be able to handle it.

Here’s an example of an event livestreamed this week in this exact way – the Redbull Thre3style Finals in Berlin:


Posted by ESKEI83 on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pro-Tip #2: Talk To Your Viewers: Something that Facebook heavily incorporates in their algorithms that expose people to content is the level of engagement on a post, and this goes for live streams as well. If you talk to people watching your live stream and they respond with comments, that makes it more likely that your stream will appear in more news feeds.

 What streams have you seen that were impressive or interesting on Facebook or Periscope? Share with us in the comments below. 

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  • Emma Hanid

    I have a Macbook Pro running Sierra 10.12 and I’m trying to stream through facebook live from my Traktor Kontrol S4. There is an option in facebook live to take the audio from Traktor, but friends who are viewing can hear no sound. If we use the built-in audio, the viewer can hear us talking in the room, which we don’t want. Please can someone tell me how to feed the audio output from Traktor into Facebook live? I’m assuming there’s a setting I need to change… or an extra piece of kit I need to buy but I have no idea, so would love some help please 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    • Nick Knightsoftheround Miller

      Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m in the exact same boat.

  • Gethen Sullivan

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I’m sure someone has pointed this out already. The headphone jack on the iPhone is only Mono, it won’t take a stereo feed. The only way to get stereo input into the phone is by using a special mic which plugs into the lightning port, or an external sound card wit USB output connected to an iphone lightning to camera (USB) adaptor. There are a few mic options for this, including the one I personally use, the Blue Mikey Digital. $124 AUD, it also has line level input.

    I would have thought Stereo Audio would be an essential component of “high quality audio for a DJ set?”

    Also the Facebook Live API only broadcasts with an audio Bitrate of 128kbps, which is pretty lousy as a general audio standard. I don’t believe you are able to override this limitation, even if you are broadcasting from software such OBS which gives you audio bitrate options up to 320kbps.

    Just my two cents, but I came here looking for a better way to stream DJ mixes than I had already worked out on my own. Cheers anyway 🙂

  • Gethen Sullivan

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I’m sure someone has pointed this out already. The headphone jack on the iPhone is only Mono, it won’t take a stereo feed. The only way to get stereo input into the phone is by using a mix which plugs into the lightning port. There are a few options for this, including the one I personally use, the Blue Mikey Digital. $124 AUD, it also has line level input.

    I would that thought Stereo Audio would be an essential component of “high quality audio” for a DJ set?

    Also the Facebook Live API only broadcasts with an audio Bitrate of 128kbps, which is pretty lousy as a general standard. I don’t believe you are able to override this limitation, even if you are broadcasting from software such OBS which gives you bitrate options up to 320kbps.

    Just my two cents, but I came here looking for a better way to stream DJ mixes than I had already worked out on my own. Cheers 🙂

  • Cris Guilliani

    I am using an XDJ-RX and trying to link the sound straight to my stream…..i can fun everything just fine but the sound quality is crap. I know i can hook up to my computer for direct soubd but i just need to know exactly what cable to buy and do i plug into the booth out in the back of the mixer?? or one of the master channels??

    • Silviu Tudorescu

      i have the SAME EXACT dilema lol

  • Angela Birdsong

    This TRRS to TRS input cable with built-in Line to Mic attenuator worked!!!!!! Wooooohooooooooo!!! Tried it out today at the radio station and voila!! We got sound from callers, break music, promos, host, producer, whoever was speaking in to the mic with the on-air sign on. Only trouble shooting was to turn down the headphone volume since I was getting a distorted sound per my folks on Facebook Live (I asked them for feedback on the sound).

    I told those at the station today and telling more folks about it since other cables provided to me did not solve the issue. We would put the headphones around the iPhone, mic up the host, and/or use the wrong cable and adapters (3.5mm to 1/4 inch). No sound or just muffled.

    Thanks to countless searches online that finally led to DJTechTools who explained Facebook Live connections; CableChick to understand TRS versus TRRS with good visuals and finally purchasing it at KVConnection as recommended by DJTechTools. EXCITED!!!!

  • Dima Korch

    2 questions please 1. In addition to having high quality direct signal from the mixer , I would also like to hook up a condensor mic for ambient/crowd noise … How would I set this up thru OBS ?? Since you said that OBS allows only maximum 1 stereo channel ? How can I get another channel ?

    2. Is there a function in OBS where it automatically toggles between the two scenes if I’m using 2 webcams? I don’t wanna be bothered with switching the camera angles while I am mixing. Is there an auto transition mode or something similar ? Thanks?

    My equipment CDJ 2000, Nexus 900 Mixer (Using USBs for music source) >> Steinberg UR22 sound card, Mac pro, 2 Logitech C920 cams, 1 condensor mic.

  • John

    I know a lot of people on here have said not to use Facebook as a stream for video. I have a lot of friends in that that like to watch my concerts. My question is this. I have an Imac, I have Logic Pro X, Apogee One. I have made the sound work great through LOGIC and I used some effects on there. When I go to Facebook Live and record, the sound is fine (as fine as it will be for this format) but the effects that I had my voice and guitar and not there. How do I do this, so effects will be added to my live stream?? Thanks in advance.

  • Reticuli

    Facebook live streaming is fucking mono still as of this date.

  • Tony Stevenson

    Hi, I’m trying to stream to FB live. I’m using a 2015 Macbook Pro, a Logitech c920 webcam and OBS. Routing audio from a DJ mixer through a NI Komplete Audio 6 interface. When I go to preview the stream in FB the video freezes and I get error message of “frame rate too low”. When I increase it to the max in the OBS settings I get the same error. Any ideas? Many thanks.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Weird…. try checking your Activity Monitor and make sure you’re not maxing out your CPU or anything

      • Tony Stevenson

        Ok thanks Dan, will do and I’ll let you know. Anything else you can think of that I should check in my setup? I should say, I’m currently trying to stream over wifi rather than using an ethernet connection to my router, will that make much of a difference?

        • Spacecamp / Dan

          Depends on your wireless connection speed – but yes, in general wired will help a lot!

    • Nick Knightsoftheround Miller

      Did you ever figure this out? I’m in the same situation.

  • Long Kenny Ho Thien

    Hey Guys, Im using IP5s and my question is can i go live on facebook with the iRig HD ? if yes, How ?

  • Noor Yahia

    Hello Dears,

    My wife is a RJ but her most of the fans have been listening and watching her via Facebook Live Stream. Radio station has some issue and temporary closed. But she needs to continue her talk show (with a guest RJ) once a week. So I would like to set up a temporary space/studio for her show via Facebook Live. I have Window’s computers/laptop, i-pad as well as Samsung Galaxy S-6.

    What else do I need for good sound with clean Facebook Live Streaming/recording? And how to set up? By the way, we have to play songs as well. Please let me know in details. I really appreciate.

  • Charlie Nibbelke

    Will this device also work with laptops not just iphones?

  • dani alba

    if i buy the cable u say, can i connect the receiver of a sennheiser wifi lapela, so i can have the camera (iphone) far from the speaker (as the lapela is on the speaker that sends the sound to the receiver via radio and the receiver is connected to the iphone via cable? is this possible?

  • Ramiro Aguirre

    I have a Samsung S7 Edge and I bought the exact same exact Headset Buddy (TRRS > TRS cable on top) and nothing works….
    For Iphones only?

  • So Lo

    None of you are getting your FB live removed for copyright infringement? Or someone in my stream reporting me?

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Sadly Facebook has really started cracking down on this

  • Zhíbò Live

    ????? -

  • Mono Luxe

    Hi Guys, does anyone use OBS with Mac? Im trying to configure my set up to stream to Facebook via OBS – I have tried several options and I’ve installed soundflower for audio signal routing from my soundcard into OBS BUT i can’t get a signal/audio feed. does anyone the correct set up for this? I don’t a mic – I’ve just run a pair of XLRS form my booth on my mixer to my sound card.. thanks

    • bkjphilly

      Hello Mono Luxe! To answer your question: Yes, I use OBS with my Mac. I don’t do FB Live, as it has a cap of 90 minutes. Here’s what I’ve done to get clean audio from my gear into my broadcast:

      01. Get a RCA Audio (red/white male) to 1/8 (the standard “mini” headphone jack-male) cable plugged into the REC out (or use “Y” splitters from your main out) on the back of your mixer, and into the MIC in port (if you Mac has one) or the Headphone port (which you can change to Line In through the Audio settings in System Preferences on newer Macs).

      02. In OBS, open Preferences (command-comma), and click Audio from the left hand side. Look for the Mix/Auxillary Audio Device option (5th from the top), and change it’s setting to read “Built-in Input”. Select Apply in the bottom left corner of the window if it lights up (usually does), then click “OK”.

      03. Back on the main screen, test these settings to make sure you see the “Mic/Aux” VU meter in the Mixer section of the screen (bottom middle) shows the audio signals coming in from the mixer (and whatever you have on the decks at the moment). If nothing, go through and try different settings, double check that you have the Audio set up right in System Preferences (the one place we forget to check most) as well.

      I’m using Chew.TV instead of FB, where there hasn’t been a limit on how long I can record. I have one video up, and there will be more coming, as I’m testing out using two webcams at the same time. Also, if I don’t want to stream at the moment, I can record my set using the same software, and upload it later, after I put my intro audio and graphics on it.

      I hope this helps.

      Brian K. James // The Engineer //

      • Richard Andrews

        Has this now changed in OBS because I don’t see those options in preferences?

        • bkjphilly

          Sorry for the delay in replying! Crazy busy here at my end. Hmmm! Really? Can you send a screenshot of what you have on your screen? I’ll take some of my own so you can compare.

  • Justin Garfield

    Hi I’m trying to help my friend do a FB Live stream on OBS to my mac and I’m wondering what kind of audio connection to my mac we will need? We tried XLR to 1/8th” into the headphone jack but my mac does not have the audio input option required to pick it up. I’m using a MacBookPro with macOS Sierra 10.12.1.

    • bkjphilly

      The headphone jack doubles as the input when you have a device that has the TRRS (three rings on the pin) plugged in. You would go to System Prefs. > Audio > Input source and select”Built-in Input”.

  • Miro Momo

    hi there,

    i have iConnectMidi4+L, nice little box 😉 would this box somhow be helpfull for streaminf via iPhone 5s?

  • Jade Reed

    so i got the cord for my iPhone but there is no bass when i do my live stream….. whats up with that?

  • Chris Moss

    I have a Pioneer XDJ-RX and trying to do a live stream via my MacBook, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. I trrs to trs cable I believe (3 black rings on the jack) and all even though I connected the cable to all 3 devices, they still all used the internal mic (I tested the levels just via GarageBand mic instrument or voice recorder) . Any help would be great! Thanks

    • bkjphilly

      Ok. Where are you looking to broadcast? FB? YouTube? Perriscope? Instagram?

      The adapter you are looking for is a 1/8in electret condenser microphone adapter. 3.5mm 4 conductor TRRS Male to 3.5mm mic input jack. has them.

  • Camo Jacket

    Gonna try this!!

  • Hayden

    Anybody have an advice how to get unbanned for copyright strikes?

  • joe

    right, i have an iphone 7, with the little lighting to jack adapter, i tried to stream audio last night through my turntables with a trrs to trs cable going into the phone, it will only pick up the iphones microphone not the clean audio straight out my mixer. I tried it with out the trrs to trs cable in the hope the lighting input would convert it automatically, no luck. is there a setting on my phone or does anyone have any ideas why it wont work? i am baffled and a bit pissed off if that function is no longer available

  • SoyOllin

    I’m having issue streaming with OBS, there is a humming noise from TRAKTOR DVS when I use the recording software. I assume is a grounding issue, but it only does it with OBS and it does not come through with just using traktor. Is this strictly a OBS issue with traktor?

    • bkjphilly

      You can actually stream audio from Traktor. If you look in the preferences, there’s an option for putting in what server you want to aim Traktor at.

      Rogue Amoeba’s Nicecast app will let you broadcast right from Traktor. Keep in mind, this is AUDIO STREAMING only.

      Humming from OBS? Do you have microphones plugged in? If so, check your input levels.

      Are you using Vinyl, CDJs, or a Controller? If vinyl, check the grounding wires, and make sure that all the cables are tightly plugged in. Does this help answer your question?

  • Darrin k

    how can ya stream using obs with periscope ?or can you

    • bkjphilly

      While this would be sweet, it’s two streaming softwares that generally don’t talk to one another.

    • U2 Tribute Band UZoo

      You can. I’ve do it a bunch.

      But it involves running FFMPEG and an NGINX server with an RTMP module.

      Setting up NGINX and RTMP:

      This explains setting up FFMPEG in the NGINX config to stream to Periscope:

      Here’s my NGINX FFMPEG config less my stream key:
      exec /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -re -y -i rtmp://localhost/stream/$name -c:v libx264 -s 960×540 -r 30 -g 30 -maxrate 800k -bufsize 800k -pix_fmt yuv420p -x264-params keyint=60:no-scenecut=1 -c:a aac -ar 44100 -ab 96k -ac 2 -strict -2 -f flv rtmp://;

  • Dean Smythe

    Hi, I am attempting to stream vinyl records through a mixer on to FB. A friend bought an iRig Pre to use between the mixer and ipad, the version he got us to is an XLR microphone version. I could not get any sound to go with the picture, the device was connected to the record output on the mixer, is the iRig i am using incorrect for streaming live music? Thanks for any advice

  • Matthew Hardison

    Hi, I finally opted for an iRig 2 from my mixer to my phone. Works great if i just record on my phone but there’s a really bad decrease in quality when on FB live (the low end is virtually gone) anyone else have this problem ? any solutions to this problem ?

    • SinthesisML

      yea, dont use irig for FBLive. Use something with stereo output

      • Matthew Hardison

        Thanks for your response ! Any suggestions as to what i could use?

        • Echobreaker

          Use typical line-in lines! Don’t mess with irigs for that. Go from XLR to qtr inch to 3.5mil!

        • Sinthesis ML

          sonic port vx is fantastic and I use it almost exclusively. stereo input/output

  • Damian Saint

    Anybody here suffering from their audio warping and pitching all over the place whilst streaming on Facebook live?
    It worked great a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t get a smooth stream.
    I’m using a logitec c920 and an Apogee Duet 1 over firewire through OBS.
    Hard to show an example as once the stream has finished the saved video sounds fine..
    Possibly a bandwidth problem but I have 50mbps..surely thats enough.
    Anyone? :-/

    • SinthesisML

      its not about your download, its more about the upload speeds. in any case you probably have at least 2Mbps up. did you try lowering the cam resolution?

    • bkjphilly

      Personal recommendation: Something other than FB Live. Seriously. Post to Chew.TV, YouTube, and post the LINK in FB. Or even better, embed the YouTube link in you own website, and drive your traffic there.


    So if i have a USB audio interface, which can plug to the PC (USB & RCA master output) I can stream the sound straight from the PC to the live stream?
    how do i do it?

    • Echobreaker

      Yes you can! Use a thing called OBS studio. has a great article on how to get started!

      • bkjphilly

        OBS all the way.

    • SinthesisML

      it think you completely missed the point of this post

  • Riley

    I’m on iPhone 6+ with the Amazon adaptor suggested. I only get a low hum, and MAYYYYBEEEE a very small amount of sound coming through.
    Faulty cable? Or is this a common issue that’s easily fixable?

    • SinthesisML

      DM me on twitter if you still need help

    • Echobreaker

      Sometimes the cables only work for certain phones. Make sure that cable work with the phone doing a simple google search

  • Stephen Chapman

    So I bought and -25dB attenuator and the TRS to TRRS adaptor like the one shown in this thread. I have tried it with my phones (Samsung S5 and iphone), with my DSLR camera’s mic in and my mic in on another mixer.. no signal.

    Could it be that the TRS to TRRS adaptor I bought is faulty?

    The line out I am running is a booth (1/4″ to TRS) and also I tried the master out (RCA to TRS). I tried also with and without the attentuator.

  • Jesper Norman

    Hi everyone!

    Was testing the live stream feature from my desktop computer today.

    Im using a djm 900nxs connected to my computer with a usb cable and OBS software.

    The video capture worked flawless but the sound was lagging even though i used 48khz on the djm 900 software settings and 512 buffer samples and matched the 48khz option in OBS as well.

    This setup worked on my laptop which is really crappy, but i streamed to that time but i feel that facebook is an easier way to reach out to more people.

    Any suggestions how to fix this? Will try some more later.

    • SinthesisML

      separate your dj pc and your livestream pc. trust me, theres no other way around it

      • Jesper Norman

        I dont use a laptop for djing. The problem was that my audio interface soundcard was interfering with the djm 900 soundcard. But only on the livestream. I anwered my own comment that i solved it and how i did it. Got lost somehow. I simply unplug or disable my soundcard when i stream (komplete audio 6)

  • Facebook Live Technical Tips and Best Practice - Montfort

    […] why journalists, CEOs, charity organisers, sports megastars, authors, designers, creators, actors, techno DJs and activists are all getting behind the camera in an attempt to give an unfiltered look behind the […]

  • Ryan

    Lovely… Now instead of telling people how to use a service and use this so called tool of “here’s my stained bedsheets and tiesto poster” while people mix from there bedroom…. That looks unprofessional and tacky.

    Why don’t you do the responsible thing and advise people in the legality of LIVE BROADCASTING!

    Its illegal! And your setting yourself up for a fine at best!

    Not a good article from you! Unprofessional and encourage illegal practice from DJs !
    Your ment to help people be professional and responsible…. Why don’t you run a story on how to hack round torrent or tax dodge next?

    Bad show!

    • SinthesisML

      why so annoyed? its the responsibility of the user to read each platforms ToS. Many dj’s out there in the live streaming world have remarkable home setups and are pretty good. its not surprising they want to share music with others. also, live streaming music can be made legal if the user takes the appropriate steps to make it legal (which I did). the fact of the matter is, “bedroom djs” are small fry when it comes to someone coming after you. getting lawyers after us would cost more than they would receive. unless you are live streaming music (illegally) AND making tons of money from it, no one will come after you. Again, im not saying its OK, but im also saying people shouldnt lose sleep over it.

    • Bobby

      Who do you work for, BMI or ASCAP? And they should run a story on how to dodge taxes and hack workarounds for torrents. Why not?

  • James Gregory

    very helpful gave it a go but facebook blocked the broadcast after 10mins on copyright grounds ?? How do i fix this

    • SinthesisML

      try another platform or dont play the songs in question

      • Sharon

        is there no way around copyright infringement live streaming on Facebook?
        Really didn’t want to use another platform as my audience is Facebook based etc. thanks

        • SinthesisML

          get yourself digital licenses for maybe $2000 a year. its worth it if you actually make money

        • Echobreaker

          Nope, you pretty much have to deal with it. There is other options like Chew!

  • Gmokalei

    Hay guys I’m getting bad sound quality using sc4 adapter to iPhone 5s, RCA outputs work fine on the booth out of my mixer but when I plug the 3.5-RCA jack to the trrs-trs adapter to phone the sound comes out really weak, no highs, no lows just a strong mid like something blocking a speaker…..any ideas???

    • SinthesisML

      the SC4 wants a mic level signal. your RCA out is line level. some mixers lowest levels may still be too loud for mic level input and thus maybe the iphone is clipping or cutting things out

  • Lee Briskett

    Hi, i’m using and an iPhone 6s which is making the Facebook Mentions app crash on broadcast giving me a “sorry, something went wrong” message as soon as it counts down to 1. It’s odd because the interface is working fine with Periscope and Garageband etc.

    Any help?

    • SinthesisML

      DM me on twitter for help if you didnt already figure it out

  • Anthony Fonseca

    I’m having issues getting the audio signal from my sound card to be captured by OBS. It notices the sound card but I get no sound into the program. Any suggestions?

      • Anthony Fonseca

        El Capitan. Tried sound flower but couldn’t get that to work.

          • Anthony Fonseca

            Thank you. Will give this a shot!

  • Angus Russell

    Anyone know where I can buy this in Australia or who has cheap intl shipping?

    • SinthesisML

      it SHOULD if they dont have funky wiring

  • Oguzhan Celik

    I’m trying to get it working in OBS. Camera and everything works fine. I’m using my mixer output to my audio interface. When I select my audio interface as sound source in OBS, there is no signal. What am I doing wrong. I’m on apple macbook pro

    • Damian Saint

      I’m having the same issue as you. Scrolling and searching to try and find a solution now.

      • SinthesisML

        DM me on twitter. i may be able to help @SinthesisML

  • Camilo Martinez

    Anyone have advice on how to record the crowd/dance floor? using a mic somehow?

    • SinthesisML

      DM me on twitter @SinthesisML for some brainstorming if you want

    • Echobreaker

      You could use a lavalier mic going right into your computer, that or a condenser or boom mic at the crowd. Let me know if you want further info!

  • Jonny Howard

    Thanks for this I have is all setup and working 90% with my mac el capitan setup and S8 with soundflower. I am having a little trouble routing the s8 sound through OBS though does anybody have any guides handy or tips?

  • Deeeeej

    “an audio connection from your DJ setup to your computer”

    Noob question, I know, but how would you go about connecting say, a Kontrol S8 to a separate Mac for audio? I’d like to mix on my MacBook Air, and send the audio directly to an iMac.

    • Jonny Howard

      im trying to work out the same thing myself if i work it out ill let you know

      • Sinthesis ML

        to both of you, DM
        me on Twitter @SinthesisML for howto

    • Spacecamp

      Lars! So rad that you commented here, been a Deeper Shades listener for a few years now 🙂

      • LarsLB

        thanks man .. dope article .

        • Echobreaker

          Love watching your shows on Chew!

  • Camilo Martinez

    My DDJ SX2 does not have Record Out on the back of the controller. Is there an alternative? through the computer maybe?

    • Drew Long

      SX/SX2 both have dual master outs. Use one as a record out.

      • Camilo Martinez

        thanks Drew

  • Palace One

    How can i stream with an ipad mini? Can i use the same cable as the iPhone adapter?

      • Jyve

        Do you need the adapter though? Or does the iPad already have the built in Line to Mic?

        • SinthesisML

          id have to know what you are wanting to do to answer the question. ie ipad main broadcast device or ipad for music, etc…?

        • LarsLB

          it should be the same jack as in iphone or ipad, so you’d def need the adapter

  • Andrea Sgamma

    Is it possibile link an action camera and go live without recording?? If so, how do i link the camera? HDMI or USB??
    Thanks of all 😀

    • SinthesisML

      by action camera do you mean gopro? yes on periscope. it uses wifi connection to connect the gopro to iphone/android, but you end up using tons of data doing so. If you want to use your PC to stream, then use OBS with your cameras.

      • Andrea Sgamma

        Yes gopro or something like it… But i mean connect it with hdmi or usb without wifi, like

        • SinthesisML

          hdmi yes, just use a capture card on your pc. usb, same, but dont need a capture card (may be a bit slower?)

          • Andrea Sgamma

            All right thanks of all!! 😀

  • XYDJ

    Surely there are legal implications associated with streaming copyright material, no?

    • Alex Nieto

      yes there are tons! the best way to get around this is get digital licensing rights from the big 3. total is about $1200. Also, make sure of this by reading the ToS for the platform you use to stream.

      • XYDJ

        Thanks Alex. Commenting from Australia so we have some different licensing agencies over here (though it’s still great advice for the local readers). It’s an interesting space though as it’s all moving so fast (I think they have a hard time keeping up!)

  • Matt

    What’s the cable for samsung galaxy phones?

  • Perry Apawu

    What cable do you use for Android phones ??? I don’t quite understand how to do this.

    • Alex Nieto

      check your specific devices TRRS pinouts. depending on the answer, you will go with the respecitve adapter.

  • jdispain

    ok so…can you tell me what chord i would need for “other phones?” i have a note 5… got a sc4 adaptor and an attenuator. i have all necessary chords…still cant get direct audio…so i come to your site and you have a link for iphones and then just say “you’ll need another chord for other phones”
    so could you elaborate?

    • Alex Nieto

      Apple adapters are TRRS while sometimes Android is “TRSR”. the last two signals are flipped. T(left) R(right) R(gnd) S(mic). If your device uses the same pinouts as Apple, then you are encountering an ohmic issue and to either build your own adapter or find an android adapter

  • Keith Dillingham

    If you are using this technique to record the set, What about voice? One of the tips mentions “Talk to your viewers” but if you are using the cable to record sound from your record out, does the mic on the phone still work or do you need to use a microphone connected to your system?

    • Alex Nieto

      you can use the mixers mic input or use another external mixer to combine your mixers out and mic input.

  • Jake Bergeson

    Great info! We’ve been streaming with wirecast and multiple camera’s for some time now, and have made the switch to rather recently. Also, if you wanna step up your game and use a real camera to stream, I highly suggest the Blackmagic Studio stuff. Very cost effective!! Streaming is where it’s at!!

  • Kevin De Winter

    The Irig seems to work great for iPhone. Only 15 euro and was a bit easier to get than the adapters suggested in the article

    • Alex Nieto

      the irig only provides mono to mobile devices

      • Kevin De Winter

        Is that not obvious? All of these adapters (ab)use the phones mic input which is mono? Correct me if I am wrong…

        • Sinthesis ML

          its obvious to those that understand the signals. Most folks that arent too technical think its stereo, however. This is Alex too, btw 🙂

          • Kevin De Winter

            Wanting to Dj and not being technical as in understanding what your gear does, does not really add up to me, but I guess those are the times we are living in

          • Alex Nieto

            when i said technical it applies to ANYONE, not just djs.sometimes folks buy these audio interfaces because it says “works with smart phones” but ends up not working on their device.

        • Mike Leslie

          Sorry but your wrong, You can get stereo (2 seperate audio signals from one output port. What matters is the type of cable. The reason for this is that a TRS cable can carry two audio signals, which gives it the ability to transfer both balanced and stereo audio. When it serves as a balanced audio signal, it is carrying two version of one signal (the normal signal and its inverted form).

          • Kevin De Winter

            Which adapter would be suitable for that then?

          • Sinthesis ML

            use an audio interface that comnect to the devices data port. Sonic Port VX, Blue Mikey, Apogee Duet, Focusrite, etc…or similar devices

          • Sinthesis ML

            what you are referring to is Dual Mono. that is not true stereo. Unfortunately when youre using a TRRS adapterr, only one signal is audio input, which makes it mono. That is signal is replicated to the to both channels.

          • Mike Leslie

            All I can tell you is the original question I replied to said “Is that not obvious? All of these adapters (ab)use the phones mic input which is mono? Correct me if I am wrong…”

            The fact is she is wrong, from most devices from 8 years ago till today you can get stereo from 1 port with 1 cable. Granted the inside of the cable will have more then 1 wire so it can transmit separate channels. Also many ports on many devices can be changed to either input or output, and easily transit info and power both ways I.E.HDMI, USB, mic and headphone jacks on laptops and other devices. The easiest way to tell if your getting Stereo is to play any Beatles song. You will very easil be able to tell if your setup is in stereo. As you will hear 80% of the lyrics through 1 ear piece and the melody on the other. Sound great, very dynamic. But it, sucks when your DJ’n in a large room and 1 side of the room is getting blasted with straight vocals and the other just the background. But I degrees.

            A mono cable also only has a tip and a shaft on the plug (TS).
            A stereo cable has a tip, a ring, and a shaft (TRS).

    • Alex Nieto

      good, but still mono

  • Sascha Wesseler

    This makes me curious. It says for iPhone I need such a TRRS Cable to be able to have a line-input… Now when I get such a cable, could I also use this to record a set on my iPhone when I am in the club playing (talking just audio here)? Is there an app for that??

    • Alex Nieto

      yes, you can use voice recorder native app or any app that brings in core audio. the only problem youll have is your recording will be dual mono when using TRRS. I do not use the audio jack as my i/o source

    • here_comes_the_sheik

      I could also imagine there would be quite some issues with the volume of the recorded mix and the soundquality wouldn’t be that good as you attenuate the signal first and then lift it up again.

  • Sinthesis ML

    Been streaming live video dj sets under the username SinthesisML on most all platforms for years now. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to tweet @SinthesisML

    • Julian St-James

      when i post videos or live streams i was banned for having “copy-written” material playing. Is there a way around this at all?

      • Sinthesis ML

        yes, get your digital licenses so that you are covered to play most tracks while streaming on the internet.

        • Cameron Andrews

          how do you go about getting a digital license???

        • Cameron Andrews

          so i can avoid trouble???

  • Ricardecks

    I did already livestream the periscope, enjoyed quite done with a cable adapted for me lol, put the periscope not provided me thumbnail to facebook and even a direct link to share

  • Kevin De Winter

    Anyone know if this will also work with the Irig instead of with that kvconnection adapter in the case of streaming with an iphone?

    • Ernie

      can confirm it working for periscope.

  • Emil Doubleplusgood

    Or use Traktor and stream your sets with one click

  • garuhad

    And how to stream from a gopro without spending billions of dollars on Livestream Hardware?

    • Spacecamp

      You can kind of stream from a GoPro over Wi-Fi but it’s not really designed for it..

    • cedric

      You can use a HDMI capture card (USB on a laptop, or built-in PCI card for a desktop pc), costs you around $100-150 but does the job very well!

    • LarsLB

      wait for one of the next firmware updates .. pretty much every cam maker will include the api (for instance you can now stream live to FB from a DJI Phantom drone)

  • Unreallystic

    Whoa, perfectly timed article DJTT. Kudos.

  • Dark Hours

    Great article but having problems with the Facebook side of it not connecting to OBS if anyone could help.

    Copied the Server URL & Stream key into a Custom Streaming Server on OBS (As couldn’t see Facebook listed with Twitch, Youtube etc) and then hit OK and started streaming.

    OBS seems to connect (as if I enter a old stream code it says error, can’t connect etc) but on the preview side on Facebook its just comes up OFFLINE – ‘If your video stream isn’t working, make sure that you’ve copied the contents of these fields into your video streaming software’s setting’

    The codes definitely match so have no idea what I could be doing wrong…?

    Any help would be great, thanks.

    • Dark Hours


        • Spacecamp

          Worked fine for me – the only issue I had was originally trying to use a secure stream at first – OBS did not seem to like that – but unchecking that box in Facebook in a new stream worked just fine..