Edjing Mix: DJiT’s App with DVS Support

Mobile DJ apps are getting better and better with the increasing power capabilities put into smartphones. Apple is rolling out the iPhone 7 with a faster processor and even without an audio jack, companies like DJiT from France are finding ways to make smartphones work for DJs. The latest app coming from DJiT is edjing Mix, the 6th edition of the DJ app. It’s optimized for iOS 10, has a brand new user interface, and DVS/MIDI support.

edjing Mix: The Finale in edjing Suite

The arrival of edjing Mix completes a suite of apps from the company – incuding edjing Scratch and Pro. Edjing Mix contains a brand new interface that simplifies the complexity DJ hardware. This edition also brings along a sampler and hardware integration that increases the potential uses for this app. Interestingly enough, DJiT simplified the UI to the point where the company claims “each feature is now accessible in 1 touch” with the added capability of having multiple windows open at once across all menus.

The app is optimized for iOS 10 and takes advantage of the latest audio technology available to mobile devices. The new Core Audio Engine included in edjing Mix provides high-quality output and allows multiple instances of audio to run at once which gives way to higher quality sampling. Edjing Mix also contains an auto-gain feature called Smart Volume which adjusts the gain of tracks without compromising the sound quality.

Sampler and DVS Control

Edjing Mix includes a new sampler with the familiar colored drum pads on each deck that is found usually in physical DJ hardware. While it is important to note that the samples included are essentials for DJs, the icing on the cake is the fact that samples can be linked to the crossfader. This means that the volume can be dependent on the sample pressed which saves the DJ from accidents while attempting to crossfade on a tiny screen.

DJs may be reluctant to use a phone to DJ in a club however this supports DVS and MIDI. Traditional DJ hardware is capable of controlling parameters via a MIDI controller and an adapter. DJs can also go the DVS route. By routing a turntable playing timecode to the phone via an audio port DJs can use hardware to control their tracks. Just as DJs use Serato or Traktor Scratch, edjing Mix offers the same capability except with the convenience of being on a device that fits in a pocket. Edjing Mix is also compatible with DJiT’s latest hardware, Mixfader, the Bluetooth crossfader.

The app also integrates Deezer and Soundcloud to make a DJ’s library even more extensive. DJs can also record and share mixes right from the app.

Edjing Mix is available for free on the App Store and is iOS 10 ready – while a version for Android is “coming soon”.


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  • James Burkill

    seen this doin the rounds could this connect 2 turntables?

  • The Fantastix

    Awesome that DVS is possible through an iPad, thought there would be some technical challenges. I wonder how long it will take Pioneer to come up with a Rekordbox iPad app, even more portable than taking a laptop. The already have half the infastructure, syncing to usb and an iPhone app. And building usb soundcards in the new DJM’s…

    • Rafal

      How to use DVS on edjing app?

  • riddimdojo

    I have a mixfader and its awesome. Mapped it to Djay pro on the iPad. Sweet for practice and impromptu sessions/jams. Edging app has come a long way, some nice touches vs. Djay. Not quite all the features Djay has but its getting there.

    • Perry Mason

      I bought a mixfader too, it was amazing – but it doesn’t seem to work on the new iOS10 (edjing scratch that is). Does yours work?

      • riddimdojo

        Haven’t upgraded to iOS 10 for that same reason, like to wait and see what updates are announced first. My iPad is a backup for my macbook when I play out.

        • Perry Mason

          Doh – I’m an early adopter (eager idiot)