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    Hey Guys, I'm a total noob here and looking for a little guidance. I am a kid in HighSchool looking into getting into PCDJing (or whatever its called) and I am looking into buying the VCI-100 and traktor pro. I've seen a few videos on the YouTube channel and I am starting to familiarize myself with the effects blending, cue points, etc. I looked at some of the cheapest options online and the combination of both traktor pro and the vci-100 are slightly over $600 which is a chunk of money to spend, especially without a job. Any recommendations or other solutions would be be appreciated.

  • cristina

    how jealous!!! I have the stupid vci 300

  • luv2xra

    I think thats the problem, im downloading the new update. BTW Hedgehog great work on your TSI I think I can speak for everyone and say thanks for the quick update.

  • just wanted to say "thanks" again for this. awesome concepts and explanations. so glad i found this site

  • Hey Guys, there has been a lot of discussions about this TSI in various places. So to centralize the conversation I have deleted the old thread about 1_2 and created a new one. Please report all the problems you are having here:


    I think the problem is that we are all using different versions of Traktor which are creating various results. I am working to fix the problems and upload a file that works for everyone. In the meantime, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Traktor Pro which is 1.0.2

    To those that are already subscribed we sent out an update email. Please search your inbox for that email.

  • dIm

    i cant dowload.. the form says im already subscribed to list VCI-100SE Mappings and can do anything more. im i missing something?

  • B33SON

    This is right on time! I just reserved a bunch of Function buttons in my keyboard layout for just this. I haven't had time to try many combinations of FX yet, so this is going to give me the head start I need to get sounding good quickly. Thanks again!

  • Cristian

    Ean, I can't find words to commend you enough!!

    This tutorial has just left me simply breathless. Not only your clarity to explain is so impeccable (always!), but also the level of your knowledge of the Vestax/Traktor DNA is tremendously impressive. If there is a "Joe Vestax" somewhere, he should definitely name you his main heir to all his empire. Lol!

    I'm only a recently converted to digital DJing, having just gotten my very first equipment, a standard VCI-100 and full Traktor only a couple of weeks ago (yes, Vestax & NI, in case you're reading: my purchase decision was completely influenced and biased by reading djTechtools), and I'm still in ultra-basic 1.01.00001 level, hardly still learning to coordinate proper basic jog-wheel/beatmatch skills; but watching each of your videos, tutorials and recommendations is always not only really enlightening but also so inspiring.

    A sincere thank you for sharing all this.

  • [quote comment=""]Great post. Any chance for Xponent XSI file? :D[/quote]

    Thanks- not for a while. We dont have one here in the office. M-audio?

    [quote comment="15545"]

    @ean: Boo! for not mentioning the original authors of the new stuff![/quote]

    sorry man, I was working 16 hours yesterday to get all the stuff done for this post and djing at a after hours party. I was very tired and forgot to include that. Post updated.

  • Great post. Any chance for Xponent XSI file? 😀

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  • DJ Phaidon

    As always, great post Ean.

  • I like thw whiteboar style. Needs more grahs though 😛

  • Hedgehog

    The only addition is that when you're in browser mode and press the "Loop D" button again it switches that view off instead of having to load a track to switch it off.

  • I'm on the 1.3 firmware.

    I won't be able to verify Hedgehog's work until this evening (nyc time).

    –> Hedgehog, can you outline what other/additional enhancements you added that we can look out for that you mentioned?

  • Hedgehog

    I didn't know that 1.3 will have problems too but I expected it.

    Yeah it will work for firmware 1.3 as well. It improves the overall handling of it.

  • Case

    Hi Benny, I'm getting the same problem too. Browse mode does not return to normal view mode after loading the track.

    Hey Hedgehog, is the fixed file you uploaded only for firmware 1.2?

  • dIm

    your the man Ean.. thanks excellent post

  • Hedgehog

    Had the same problem benny.

    I fixed (+ improved) the .tsi and uploaded it here: http://www.djtechtools.com/forum/showthread.php?p

  • Hedgehog:

    I tried messing flipping some of the Modifiers and their values about, but still no go.

    I guess without seeing a full mapping of what is what, I could be stuck here all day mucking about, which, i frankly don't have time for.

    Ean, think you can post a fix shortly?

    Love to see a schematic/flow of some sort of the mappings at some point. that way we can modify a bit easier. Be cool to have some pdf template that could be generalized for mappings.

  • Great video explanation. Can wait to get my hands on this.

  • Hedgehog


    Haven't checked the .tsi so far, but I guess ean left that out.

    You have "only browser toggle" then to both load-buttons with the right modifier set to 3 (guess he took Modifier 5)

    @ean: Boo! for not mentioning the original authors of the new stuff!

  • Ean,looks like when you execute the Browse Mode 'loop activate D' button. you scroll to load your track which is great. Push Deck Load A or B.. and the track loads, but the View does not Return to regular deck/mixer view/display for me.

    Anybody else experiencing this?

  • Jesper

    This is great. Have already imported the file in Traktor. Look forward to play with it. The Browser mode is very much needed. Thanks Ean.

  • luv2xra

    this is exactly what was needed. My understanding has grown exponentially with the video you created. Thanks a lot for the help, without this we will be lost.

  • Great Post!

    I was wondering why I couldn't scratch when I adjusted the pitch. I am gonna start practicing with the new lay-outs right away.