• Anonymous

    [quote comment=""][…] First up, there’s the brand-spanking-new VCI-400. Pitched at the VCI-100 crowd who’ve upgraded to Traktor Pro, it features proper 4 deck support and a new effects slot setup. There’s not exactly a lot to go on in the video, but it looks like it will be even more compact than the 100 and feature larger pitch sliders and a dedicated key knob. Ean was actually there so check out what he had to say about it. […][/quote]

  • http://www.myspace.com/paulsartists Axel Conradt

    Hello guys,

    i took a look at the brandnew VCM 400 after i purchased one of the first available VCM 600 two weeks ago. Now I wondered why they've built a two channel controller without a crossfader for the four channel software Traktor PRO? So the decision to by the 6 channel VCM 600 was the right choice… it really rocks with PRO. I am satisfied 100%! Greets from Germany, Axel

  • Martin

    American Audio Radius 1000 is out, the new model is AA Radius 2000 in addition to USB Mass Storage Devices and SD card slot. Price 359 euro.
    The best news is, however, the CD/MIDI/Media Player Denon DN-S3700.

  • http://www.sumodehouse.com/sss Jelomu

    Damn… Screw Vestax! we need a true 4 channels midi controller for Traktor, not one more vci300! I stick with my faderfoxes.

  • http://myspace.com/127bpmofficial Gregory

    ABLETON 8???

    When? WHy? WHats New??

  • B33SON

    By the way, i love that you put that chick at the end of the video. She was definitely the hottest chick at the place. Thank you Pioneer for your excellent taste.

  • B33SON

    I thought NI's Maschine was really cool. I think it was one of my favorites. http://www.native-instruments.com/newreleases/#/e

  • mexicandj

    Im so confused, in a video of the ns7 hoska dude is sayin 3 weeks, ean says 3 weeks…and then in a ssl forum numark says 3 months

    im confused…and icant wait

  • http://www.nem0nic.com nem0nic

    [quote]why does it make any difference if traktor supports 14bit messages when all your gear does not scan controls in 14bit resolution.[/quote]

    Because several devices on the market now ARE capable of generating high speed, high resolution MIDI messages.

  • Simcon

    [quote comment=""][…] 2009 Namm Controller Report at djtechtools.com2009-01-19 17:55:02 […][/quote]

    Man that vcm-400 looks so wikid, but as said before why no crossfader?????

    This makes it pretty much unusable for anyone who likes scratching.

    Bit dissapointing move from vestax who alwas made great products for turntablists and now they didn't even add a xfader.

  • http://myspace.com/127bpmofficial Gregory

    I know that your not big with m-audio but man i fell in love with the Axiom Pro. That thing reminds me of the novation. It has the new smart midi automap.

  • http://tos.network.in.rs DJ ToS

    MPA40 for righthanded, hhink about pacemaker for lefthanded(they have the mode button and it is meant to be held in the left hand)…
    It’s all lots of bells and whistles but no really new gear(no inovations).
    About that 14-bit midi: why does it make any difference if traktor supports 14bit messages when all your gear does not scan controls in 14bit resolution.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but 14bits are really only necessary for pitch faders and you can solve that by translating your 14bit midi to OSC “/deck1/pitch f,1.0”.
    Bome oughta make such thing or I will. (actually the only reason I did not is because I personally don’t require such function. And my MIDI controller has 10-bit resolution (10-bits is 8 times more precise than standard, 7-bit,message).
    If I remember correctly, traktor, by OSC specs. has 32-bit precision.
    PROBLEM: not all traktor controls are OSC enabled, but PITCH is. The rest of the controls you can use via regular MIDI.

    BUT your controller still does not output 14-bit midi.

  • FK5

    i just checked out the djdeals.com site and they have the vcm-400 listed for 699.00 – and a coming soon banner.

  • kraal

    why is numark posting the NS7 will be 2-3 months not weeks……… oh well

  • ChuckFarley

    Akai 40 looks like it's designed for right-handed people (like most things in this world). Was the VCm-600 there in full effect? Is there a release date for it?

  • paddydj

    The VCI-300 looks as if it has been built by the Orange County Choppers :D

    Nice to see Vestax finally producing the so awaited replacement crossfader… after I’ve payed 120€ for my Pro X Fade.
    Indeed, it looks a bit like slim down version of the PXF.

  • http://www.firestormfilms.com.au josh@firestorm

    the 'futuristic jog wheels' on the re-designed vci-300 look like disc brake rotors

  • Ean Golden

    [quote comment=”16165″]I was hoping to hear more about 14-bit MIDI (especially from Native Instruments).[/quote]

    Yes- I do have info on that but unfortunately I cant divulge it- NDA’s and all. There should be an announcement soon though!

    [quote comment=”16162″]Ean I just found more info about the KONTROL ONE. Did you have the chance to try it at NAMM??[/quote]
    I did not- totally missed that. B33Son was working that booth though so i am sure he has some info on it?

    [quote comment=”16150″]So Vestax are making replacement cross faders, well my deck B Pitch Fader is broken
    i know this is abig ask but would you have any idea which direction to point me in?[/quote]
    sorry but the pitch fader is not one part but its built into the entire top section. So everything in the top would need to be replaced.

  • Carmai

    [quote comment=””][…] 2009 Namm Controller Report at djtechtools.com2009-01-19 17:55:02 […][/quote]
    Hey EKS! Drop the Raaaaaw! We are waiting!

  • kraal

    thanks for the info…..man i am just itching to get past my totalcontrol ….three weeks moves so slow :)

  • http://www.ome-les.com tekki


    Nice update man! Coolest thing, a black VCM-400! :D

  • Anonymous

    [quote comment=”16165″]I was hoping to hear more about 14-bit MIDI (especially from Native Instruments)[/quote]
    yea, come on now, mr golden. with your links to NI, cant you give us some words on this topic please? if they are working on it at least?

    anyhow, thanks for the sum up!

  • sgb

    I was hoping to hear more about 14-bit MIDI (especially from Native Instruments), but I guess there is always next year. In any event, I've sold my gear and am anxiously awaiting an NS7 to arrive. Three weeks of waiting though, the horror! I guess this gives me time to start working on my next project.

  • celosdedma

    the vcm-400 would probably be priced around $300 i think. i hope lower since it lacks jog wheels and a crossfader. almost made it well but sucks that its missing a few body parts.

  • MuGu

    Ean I just found more info about the KONTROL ONE.


    Did you have the chance to try it at NAMM??

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the Vestax VCM-400:

    Overall like the idea, but it's still incomplete.

    – Layout could have been better,

    – small cd-style jogs would have been nice,

    – no crossfader, inexcuseable!

    Going to stick with my VCI-100, and waiting for EKS to drop the RAW.

  • http://www.jmugu.com MuGu

    Here a link of a KONTROL ONE picture. It looks very interesting don't you think??


  • http://www.jmugu.com MuGu

    Hi Ean!

    Did you see the new midi controller from Dj-Tech KONTROL ONE??

    I’ve seen some pictures and it looks very interesting!


  • Sc1C

    [quote comment=”don_kibo”]Novation Nocturn can be a solution, but I don’t think that crossfader is of the highest quality[/quote]
    The Nocturn is a great controller, but the crossfader is way too stiff for it to be considered for scratching duties IMO

  • don_kibo

    When I looked at VCM-400, I was like W00T?! That is the perfect solution for controlling Traktor Pro. If you want to add a little more fun, you can just add a pad controller and do some controllerism. Also if you are a scratch DJ, you can add the Traktor Scratch Pro bundle, a couple of turntables and rock out with some fancy juggling and scratches. But wait….. There is something missing… A CROSSFADER?! WTF They almost made a perfect controller for Traktor Pro and they ruined it. Some will say “I don’t need a crossfader”. Yeah, I don’t use it either while mixing house, but I really wanted to try out scratching some good hiphop tunes.
    Novation Nocturn can be a solution, but I don’t think that crossfader is of the highest quality. And also there those knobs on it wouldn’t have a good use. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Declan J

    Did you get a chance to look at the Stanton SCS1M Mixer / SCS1D Deck? I'm trying to decide whether to buy this set up or the NS7. Which would you be more comfortable playing on?

  • Timinya

    Hi Ean, just a question! I've already hassled everyone about this on the forum but maybe you'll know.

    So Vestax are making replacement cross faders, well my deck B Pitch Fader is broken and randomly jumps 10's of BPM which is very annoying, and i would really like my VCI 100 repaired or possibly i could purchase another pitch fader.

    i know this is abig ask but would you have any idea which direction to point me in?

  • Jason J

    I am stoked on the Akai / Ableton collaboration on the controller. However I would like have the clip launch buttons to have Velocity sensitivity.

    Its handy having them light up for loaded clips, and turning green for playin clips.

    This may be in my next purchases.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bentosan BentoSan

    Nice a replacement fader ! My xfader is very much dead and i have been thinking about what i want to replace it with – this just might be the solution depending on when they are released.

    I think your right about those plates being a bit over the top, however i wouldnt mind a pair of the plates at the back just for the jog wheels.

    The Akai controller looks totally epic, i wonder how the buttons feel.

    Also its nice to see Vestax giving Rane a run for their money :)

    Nice overall writeup of NAMM :)

  • djerikt

    thanks Ean, sweet product roundup, we play DVD’s with Pioneer DJV-X1’s where I spin, so the Serato addition of video is a major one for me, If Traktor added a video option, that would just be too sweet.

    The VCI-400 looks great and hope that the price isn’t too crazy. The Audio 4 DJ is on my list right now, hmmm… Well I’ll just take one of each ;)