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Stuff We Like- Joby Magnet Light

This article kicks off a new series where we feature helpful tools that might make your DJ life easier.  Not exactly a review — just a spotlight on equipment or software you might not be aware of  that we found to be especially cool. Today, I want to tell you about the newest addition to my gig bag, the Joby Gorilla Torch. Its an amazing battery powered light that has the famous Joby flexibility for infinite positions and snaps onto metal for a stable fix. DJ booths are never well-lit places, so having your own source of illumination is critical, and having a powerful light that does not eat up a USB slot is exactly what the controller gods ordered.



Name : The Joby Gorillatorch

Price: $29.95

Power: 3 AA batteries (included)

Light: Cree LED delivers 65 lumens (bright!)

Cool Features: Dimmable light and super-strong magnetic feet


Not only has this light saved me in many a dark booth where I could barely read the writing on my controllers, but it’s also paid for itself in gear that would have gone lost otherwise. Several end-of-set scans with the super-bright LEDs turned up cables and gear that would have been otherwise left behind.

You do need to replace the batteries, which are rated at up to 80 hours, but that’s well worth the USB spot saved by ditching the USB pen lights that DJs normally use. The magnetic feet are perfect for fixing to the corner of a DJ mixer and then bending the flexible legs out of the way, so all the controls can still be reached and the light angled for the perfect view.

The Joby GorillaTorch is officially DJ TechTools:


  • joe

    [quote comment=”41241″]yep this is reellllyyyyy gggoooooooooooooooodddddd[/quote]
    thanks for that ill get em

  • lauren

    yep this is reellllyyyyy gggoooooooooooooooodddddd

  • E1

    Heh whatever you do make sure the magnetic feet don’t touch the chassis of your mac. It made mine stutter and go to sleep haha

  • Bought this sucker and am hoping it’s the best $30 ever spent! Thanks for reviewing this – as I have been looking for something like this for a while – with a dim feature!

  • anacron

    Nice, but I don’t like the price, I’ll just order the stuff from dealextreme and build my own for at least half the price!

  • [quote comment=”24616″]

    i have both of these too , and i love them , they power my nano , my externalx2 , and my mouse they are sweet.

    i dont get the droping of the hubs with them either , if you have this problem and use any windows os , the best way to get that to stop is turn off your computer , have the usb’s pluged in , and upon the start up windows will do its thing and this problem should not happen.

    if it does, for you hhd , make sure you install the hardware with passports and lacies they tend to drop more if you have not installed the items on your computer. once you have it installed YOU DONT HAVE TO USE THE PROGRAMS.

  • ejac

    I have a badly functioning external hdd, which sometimes jumps to usb 1 mode (i get a popup in win xp telling me that is is), when i copy from or to this hdd it shows transfer rates of about 2.5MB/s, the other external hdds on the hub keep functioning at about 30MB/s.

    [quote post=”3577″]Has anybody ever seen a USB hub that does this?[/quote]

    So i guess, it does, it is a logitech powered 4 port hub.

  • thisisian

    Regarding USB hubs.

    I remember seeing an article about this a couple of years ago, but I’ve never found a hub with the following spec’

    When you mix USB 1 & USB 2 devices on the same USB bus, the whole bus will normally drop to the lower USB 1 speed. The aricle I remember seeing talked about hubs that allowed you to mix USB 1 & 2 devices, & still maintain faster speeds to the USB 2 devices.

    Has anybody ever seen a USB hub that does this?

  • thisisian

    I’ve just recieved mine & it does exactly what it says on the tin!!

    Just one thing to watch out for though. ….it has magnetic feet, so just be careful you don’t store it in your bag too close to your lappy/hard drive.

  • me

    plus 1 for an usb-hub…bad with a macbook pro when you have serato on one, you only got one port left for other stuff like nanopad or denon controllers and so on, would be nice to see one which should work fine in live gigs!
    still a great blog, word up from europe

  • Zac Kyoti

    As for the usb hubs, these two have been recommended by pro audio folks more than others I’ve seen. Powered only (gotta have your full 500mA for controllers) I use the Synchrotech unit, and swear by it.

  • ldc1129

    [quote post=”3577″]+1 on the hub,
    Also how about a fAn round up, ESP for big oversized 17 inch laptops like mine!!![/quote]

    I second that motion. Maybe one that will work with the Crane stand I just ordered…..

  • Riot the dj

    +1 on the hub,

    Also how about a fAn round up, ESP for big oversized 17 inch laptops like mine!!!

  • wow, sorry to e the bummer here , but serious , by reading the first part of thie article i thought i might get some insight on something more than 1 light

    dont get me wrong , i like the idea of this light , but wow.

    hope to see more!

  • Ean Golden

    [quote comment=”24593″]If this is a series, can I make a request? Please find us a djtechtools-approved usb hub.[/quote]

    great suggestion- we are working on this one for sure. Its now a major requirement. 🙂

  • Dj Hilife

    great series! looking foward to more from my favorite site!

  • who needs a Joby when you can rock one of these:

    Especially stylish when you’re playing a rave in an abandoned mineshaft!!

  • Zenjamin

    If this is a series, can I make a request? Please find us a djtechtools-approved usb hub.

  • I use the Mighty Bright XtraFlex L.E.D lights the come in single or dual heads they take 2 to 3 AAA batteries depending on the model. They are bright small and extremely flexible. I have had the same ones for 4 years now, and they are still working. You can get them in Silver,Black,and Blue. Check out and click on music lights.

  • libraveu

    I find the iphone torch to be just fine plus no more extra gear to carry

  • thisisian

    absolutely exactly what i need! ….i’ve just ordered one.

  • Who needs the Joby when you can just strap one of these on:

    Especially good for when you’re DJing a rave in an abandoned mineshaft….

  • Yea great piece….

    I usually position my laptop directly above my controller, so the light from the screen helps to illuminate my controller….

  • Vinicius Hoffmann [Brazil]

    [quote comment=”24570″]i figured Ean would know what each and everyone of these buttons did… i know when i map a controller i know what they do[/quote]
    But can you touch your controller at the right knob even on the dark? You must train blindness controllerist skills to do that lol

  • I have this small USB LED snake light that I love and use.

  • Shog

    Cool thingy,might grab two for christmas.. 🙂

    Nice article Ean.. 🙂

  • seeMARTINbreak

    i figured Ean would know what each and everyone of these buttons did… i know when i map a controller i know what they do

  • Vinicius Hoffmann [Brazil]

    Everybody loves gadgets!

  • Yan

    yes perfect for xmas gift list 🙂

  • low


    Also the GorillaPods are sooo cool !!!

    thx for the article…perfect x-mas present 😉

  • Looks good, thinking bout buying one!

  • lol. Nice series, look fwd to more.