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The VCI-100 is Dead- Long live the VCI!

Almost exactly 4 years ago Vestax created the worlds first serious Dj midi controller and it sparked a whirlwind of copycats and excitement. Since that time, software has matured, controllerism became official and Vestax brought out a newer MK2 model to mixed reviews. Sadly, we must report, that after a solid run and many 9th inning comeback rallies, the VCI-100 has indeed finally kicked the bucket and Vestax will no longer be producing the popular model. Don’t give up all hope though- we have a plan! Continue reading for the latest re-incarnation of our SE model and a brief history of the 100.

Even though it may be boxier, heavier, boast less controls and lack an integrated sound card like the new MK2– there is something special about the original VCI-100.  Its sturdy construction, simple layout, and portable size have made it very popular with bedroom djs around the globe and even some touring professionals.   After mixed reviews, it was not surprising that most readers decided to pass on the new model and instead stick with their trusty VCI-100 SE’s or upgrade to the new Traktor S4.  It was surprising however to receive news last month that Vestax would no longer produce the Mk1 and focus on their newer and significantly more plastic MK2 model.


The VCI-100 was a remarkable device, and not only built the financial and social foundation for this site but also kicked off a whole new breed of djs which today are becoming more and more mainstream. After packing keyboard controllers into clubs for years, it was a breath of fresh air to finally see a respected Dj brand make a bold move and produce a serious software controller. Toshi and the team in Japan deserve our enduring respect for being willing to take chances and innovate. Just one other great example was Qbert’s brilliant QFO. A remarkable product that never produced major commercial sales but Vestax still backed for its creative potential. They also backed up and produced our now famous VCI-100 “Ean Golden Edition”, without expecting much in the way of sales (they sold out in 2 hours and surprised everyone). Here is a brief summary of notable events that kept the VCI alive for years even as the market became flooded with less expensive copycat controllers.

  • Feb 2007 – Vestax Announces The VCI-100

I remember first seeing an advertisement for the VCI-100 and thinking, wow- that looks great. I really hope it works well because that would be huge. We immediately requested a unit and got the first review in the world for Remix magazine.

  • September 2007 – Remix magazine reviews the product

The controller was overall very well received except for one minor jog wheel issue that we exposed in my review. Vestax was quick to respond with a 1.2 firmware update that solved the problem and sales started to take off. This review kick started a conversation which led to me ultimately working with Vestax.

  • November 2007- The Arcade MOD hits a nerve

I took the review model, which was giving me carpal tunnel from its overly stiff buttons, and hacked in 8 arcade buttons. The mod, and the resulting videos, captured the imagination of djs around the globe setting off events that led to the growth of this site and an inaugural “controllerism” performance in Japan bellow (2008)

  • March 2008 – Vestax produces the VCI-100 “Ean Golden Edition”

Following the popularity of my Traktor 3 mappings Vestax produced a limited run of 100 “Ean Golden” VCI-100 VCI’s. They were exclusively sold through this site with a new 1.3 firmware that enabled super knobs, fader fx and several other features that paved the way for many of digital djings primary tools today.

  • August 2008 – 2 new vci-100’s are born

Dj TechTools started to sell after market modified VCI-100 controllers shipped with overlays, updated firmware and modified arcade buttons. They were a big hit and fuel more growth of the VCI-100 brand.

  • October 2008- Overlays Keep the VCI-100 going

Dj TechTools started providing custom mappings for free and manufactured high quality overlays, turning regular VCi-100’s into supped up power horses called VCI-100 special editions . The new features and constant mapping updates seemed to keep the controller alive in the face of new competition. Traktor adopted our dual pole filters,  Serato picked up the super knobs and the new S4 boasts a jog wheel FX mode.

  • September 2010- The VCI-100 1.3 (HD) firmware is reverse engineered

Hi resolution support of the jog wheels and pitch faders is reversed engineered by community engineers (without Vestax support), once again extending the life span of the increasingly threatened VCI.

  • October 2010 – Vestax announces the VCI-100 MK2

With increased demand for built in sound cards, Vestax produces a new controller with updated features called the VCI-100 MKII, armed with high-resolution controls aimed at traktor pro.

  • January 2011- Vestax ceases production of the MK1

With the Traktor S4 dominating the market, VCI sales dip and vestax decides to stop producing the controller.


Dj TechTools attempts to keep the legend alive by offering a trade in program and re-selling refurbished controllers at a value price.

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  • john gilmour

    Vestax ceases operations… First the Technics 1200’s stop production now this! I love my VCI-100 arcade…built like a tank! I flew to the Vestax factory store Paco Store in Japan- what a super cool place.. they even had a vinyl cutting lathe… and tons of VCI-100’s doing video mixing, lights,a nd all sorts of cool stuff. The staff was wonderful too…very professional and courteous. Extremely sad to see Vestax go..a real loss for VCI-100 fans like myself and many others.

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  • i have the vci 100 and i like it. i have new laptop but it has an intel i7 chip and that is apparently incompatible with the vci and windows. 😐 anyone know any work arounds or patches that solve this issue? thanks in advance! bmcd42_42 [at] yahoo.

  • i have the vci 100 and i like it. i have new laptop but it has an intel i7 chip and that is apparently incompatible with the vci and windows. 😐 anyone know any work arounds or patches that solve this issue? thanks in advance! bmcd42_42 [at] yahoo.

    • Almirowsky

      I have VCI-100SE and was thinking of getting new MacBook Pro with i7 chip. Could I have the same problem? Anyone?

    • Almirowsky

      I have VCI-100SE and was thinking of getting new MacBook Pro with i7 chip. Could I have the same problem? Anyone?

  • I am selling my Vestax 100 SE with yellow arcade buttons (bought and sold here by DJTT). I am asking $500 + shipping for it. I am including the NI DJ 2 sound card. The V100SE is signed by Ean. Please reach me at thanks.

  • Jes.C

    I still have my VCI-100 SE Ean Golden Edition! The thing rocks!

  • I’ll still rock my VCI 100..

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ Yes! The S4 is great and all, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s bested by something else…The VCI-100 will be timeless


    I have an OG VCI-100 in great condition. I love it. But this program sounds extremely tempting. Im always thinking about what could be better or change which is why I am wondering if I should go with an S4 now. Anyone have any advice? Ean?


      You know what… F%$# that! Im going to support DJ TT and get a midi fighter and upgrade my 100 arcade style. Who needs an S4.

  • I’m fortunate enough to have one of the original VCI-100 SE’s which I won the right to purchase when Ean had a drawing for the SE’s back four years or so ago. The SE has been my main dj mixer/controller ever since I bought it and without Ean’s continue support of the unit I don’t think many of us would still continue to make it our dj mixer/controller of choice today.

    I’ll have to seriously think about the trade in offer. Although, I really don’t have a need to upgrade or switch to the S4 when my VCI-100 SE does everything I need a mixer/controller to do for me. Whether it be rockin’ it live on stage or studio sessions for radio mixes, the SE has been rock solid and incredibly fun to use.

    Thank you Vestax, Ean, and the entire DJTECHTOOLS community for making the VCI-100 SE a blast to use on a professional and personal level.

    Long Live The VCI-100 SE!


  • GJes

    What’s wrong with it?

    The VCI-100s are a LEGEND, and people love it!
    That doesn’t feel right! The VCIs are just too young to die!

  • DRE

    I have a vci 100 se in great condition that I am interested in Trading in. Only thing is, i have come to realize that as I lean toward Hip Hop, a vinyl/DVS setup would be the best fit. Does anyone know of any way to trade in the vci and get money or credit toward a pair of turntables/mixer, or is the deal exclusively towards a traktor s4? any reply would be great, thanks!

    • DJK

      You’re going to be able to add DVS to the S4 in next Traktor S4 update.

  • BradCee

    was tempted by the MK2, but kept my MK1. Did a remap based around the MK2 though…

    in a way i’m almost ‘happy’ with this news. i own a piece of controller history 😀

  • Powers

    bummed about the news, here’s my suggestion on tiered trade in pricing:
    Silver VCI-100: $300 credit towards DJTT purchase (ok condition). If bad condition, less than $300.
    VCI-100 SE: $350 credit towards DJTT purchase (missing firmware kit, knobs, etc or otherwise bad condition)
    VCI-100 SE: $375 credit towards DJTT purchase (good condition, needs new overlay, needs new firmware)

    • DJK

      I like those prices and probably would sell (to be used for S4) my Silver one for $300. It’s not even a year old and in perfect condition.

  • oquela

    I’m pretty bummed that it’s being discontinued. The Technics 1200 a couple of months ago, and now this.

    What does this mean for support/repairs? Will parts be available if something breaks?

    I hope that DJTT and the community continue to support the vci-100. If it hadn’t been for this site, I don’t think it would have been produced for as long as it was.

  • i’m interested in getting one. after years and years of carrying 1200’s, records, mixer etc, i’m ready to go 100 digital. i bought a Native Instruments Audio2 and now justr need a good controller. i thought about getting the Audio4 and going with Traktor Scratch but i’ll just stick with what already works and Serato SL. i like being able to do gigs with everything that fits into a backup so hopefully i’ll be picking up a VCI-100.

  • Ivan

    I’m so glad I literally just got in the mail my VCI-100 SE that I bought from Ebay. This controller is awesome, and with the DJTT mapping, it can’t be beat! Thanks Ean and the DJTT team for all of your hard work on these bad boys.

  • R3 Bonaire

    in my opinion and from what all the replies say the VCI100 will be and stay the titan for controllerist DJ’s like the Technics 1200MK is and was for Turntable DJ’s. They are proposed as RIP but keep wandering around for many more years. Sorry Ean i will never trade in for any other.


    i dont want to sell my little baby , my sweat Vci 100!
    i will keep it like a memory , we did almost 800 gigs together , without any problems. love my baby!

  • James

    since WHEN has the S4 been ‘dominating the market’? I haven’t seen a single one in use!

  • Tomii

    Ya no they should have a contest. like they did the shirts but design the best midifighter contest…… anyone??…….anyone??

  • boba

    vestax needs to come up with a 4-channel midi-controller!!!!
    keep the fingers crossed

    • Tomii

      Or Ean and his gaggle of evil scientists will!!


      They did and it was released at NAMM. check out the article on the home page.

  • Oh man, I’m so glad I bought my SE now, got it this Christmas and absolutely love it. It’s really opened my eyes to the possibilities of controllerism, and I can’t wait for my first gig with it next week.

  • Just got my VCI-100 SE with the custom arcade buttons and I love it more than life. Thanks for the innovation!


      Did you send it in? Im about to do so myself.

  • Joe

    They really need to keep the VCI-100 SE. The SE looks so awesome and extremely easy to use. The MK-2 looks cheap and not worth the cash. If the SE gets discontinued I will get pretty mad, since I have been dying for a VCI 100 SE forever and finally almost have enough cash to get one.. and its about to be discontinued. MAJOR bust.

  • Dracwolley

    So, will there be a MKII SE? 😀 Please. I will buy one. was planning on getting a VCI-100 SE buy obviously that won’t be happening…

  • casewag

    I wonder how much djtt will buy them for???

  • Alfredo

    In the future, the VCI 100 will become a retro-cult-icon, somebody mixing with one of those will look sooooo cool! …so, think twice before selling yours, I’m keeping mine till I die

  • That said, I still love my Midifighter even though I probably couldn’t bruise someone with it. But my nemesis and I could sit down and talk about how cool it looks.

  • It’s not a real midi controller unless you can beat the shit out of someone with it.
    Long live the VCI 100!

  • R3 Bonaire

    i gave many thoughts about buying the S4, but i am so used to the controls of the VCI SE and DJTT mapping that i will or might make errors while playing on a new controller. Even i am still running version 1.2 TR-Pro with TSI 2.3 and have never updated Traktor. The VCI has never failed me and is compact to transport and fits in any dj booth. Even if i go for an S4 i will never sell my VCI100.
    Thanks DJTT for the great mapping and update tool and lay-over.

    • ManDingo

      Yeah, agreed!!! Same goes for me.

  • Sam

    I was actually going to buy one soon….hmmm….what to do now…

  • Tomii

    Mr. Golden

    I run a VCI 100 SE with a Knotrol X1
    With what you guys have done to the VCI and all of us that was able to partake in the SE goodness. I would like to say thank you.

    Now the Midi Fighter was another great idea that was produced by Techtools. I see that we can order a custom Midi Fighter now. the options are endless with what you guys have done and will do with controllers.

    Now the big question…

    I love my VCI but of course times will change and it will go the way of my CDJ’s. Will you be making something similar to the VCI with jog wheels, light up arcade buttons and four channels?

    I like the S4 but after playing on it i find myself still loving the way the VCI and the X1 feel together…. Its perfect. The S4 is nice but its just too bulky.

    So can we look forward to a MidiFighter SE4???

    Also… Can we trade in our old SE for a discount midifighter

    Thanks again TechTools

    • ManDingo


      • Tomii

        Yes!! See i feel the same way. The S4 is cool and all but the lay out is (in my opinion) wrong. If we could get a MidiFighter with jog wheels and even with three channels it would sell like water in the desert. Having to reset my Highs Mids and Lows every time I want to go back to deck A/C B/D messes up the flow. Then to get greedy lets put some high power LED in some clear arcade buttons.

        Am I the only on that thinks this would be cooler then a polar bears nipples?!?!?

  • tombruton

    If the pioneer controller is real it looks crap. To be honest. It could make somthing better myself infact I just might

    • Tom

      I know right?! It looks like they just took bits and pieces off of all the old dying versions of their CDJS and smooshed them into a crappy housing, added some LEDs and put a touch strip on each deck. It looks awful. People adopt controllerism because they want to get away from CDJs – why on earth would you want to buy a controller that looks like a shitty CDJ??!

    • Tomii

      you can Do it!

  • Greeeeat, now Imma need a RIP VCI-100 t-shirt to go with the 1200’s one I already have! Big ups to Ean, you made the VCI-100 what it is today!

    • Jay


      • Tomii


  • sad day.

    I’ve had my vci since April 2007 and it’s served me great all these years.

    sad to see it go…

  • djmindful

    Sorry to everyone that likes this hardware. Hopefully this means more stories about a variety of gear. So tired of this one. Don’t have it. Didn’t want it.

  • DJ Lizzy

    -_- s4’s build quality is ok, but could also be improved. i won’t get one until a mk2 comes out

  • The VCI is True Quality in what has fast become a very over crowded Controller Market, I enjoyed the time we had when contollerism was Underground, It is most certainly gathering pace and will soon become the norm, I for one will embrace this new popularization of the concept..

    If you where Unsure before now that Digital DJing will soon become Club Standard, here is the first sign

    Pioneer are officially on the scene

    Peace x

  • La Quenepa

    Well demand and supply. Now that the VCI100 is dead a lot of people will try to get it and with limited supply prices will get jacked up. Of course there are newer controllers but few offer the build quality, mod-ability, user community and overall all the great videos and things this website has created. I think it’s remarkable that a very large part of the VCI100 epicness/lengendaryness was due to Ean Golden and this website.

    I have a VCI100 that im planning to sell but the other day I mixed like a 3 hour set and it was so fun it felt like half an hour and that really made me take a second/nostalgic look at the VCI100. Parting with the little device is surprisingly hard. I’ll create a forum topic about this…

  • Abyrne7

    The hard plastics that can be created nowadays are very durable and make the controller light weight.

    • darasan

      Exactly! Like the VCI-100 MKII! Sheesh…

      • James

        remember that this website and most of its visitors now sleep with the NI dogs 😉

        • Andrew

          All the talk of how rubbish the plastic on the MKII left me pretty disheartened when mine arrived in the mail rather then the MKI, but when I actually opened it up its surprisingly solid and durable. The main thing I am gutted about is that there is no DJ tech tools mapping and no space for arcade buttons.
          But its nothing a midi fighter and DJ tech tools magic couldn’t fix 🙂

        • James

          Remember you can always make your own mapping, it really isn’t that hard. DJTT spent a long time on their VCI mapping yes, but it’s far from rocket science!

        • Anonymous

          Of course, I’m currently in the process of remapping the original to work with the mkII.

  • darasan

    [quote post=”10077″]newer and significantly more plastic MK2 model.[/quote]

    Ignoring of course the fact that the S4 is constructed ENTIRELY of Chinese plastic.

    Enough with the Native Instruments propaganda!

    • Chris Jennings

      [quote post=”10077″]Ignoring of course the fact that the S4 is constructed ENTIRELY of Chinese plastic.
      Enough with the Native Instruments propaganda![/quote]

      I think you need to take a better loot at the S4.

      • darasan

        Yeah, I took a very good look at it. Let me repeat…save for a thin aluminum panel around the jogs and transport controls, it is constructed _ENTIRELY_ of Chinese plastic.

        Wake up guys! I like the S4, but the whole “Oh my God, the VCI-100 MK II contains some plastic” thing has been blown so out of proportion…

  • I think th mk1 is legendary and the mk2 is bound to fail. Its lack the pro outputs the vci 300 has and no mic input. Also NAMM 2011 will likely have something to outshine the mk2.

    It’s sad that they didn’t improve on the legendary mk1 in a similar way that they made the 300 such as quality product. all they needed to do was make a Traktor version of the 300 and it would be a legend once more.

    Vestax just let the reigns go without really knowing how close they were to becoming the “Technic” brand for the controller DJ.

  • Some_Dj

    im glad i have one

    vci 100 mk2 looks shit and you cant put arcade buttons on it whats up with that???

  • okey i´m very interested in a refurbish VCI for a nice price 😉

    • Kevin

      send you a message on myspace!

  • Anonymous

    Oh man.. 🙁 I thought they would leave it for a good one year or more but,i guess thats not happening.Better save up quick and get one.Even though i lean towards the S4 too,i really like the simplicity and build quality of the VCI.

    And yeah,they better be showing a good replacement of the VCI.And i really hope it isn’t another plastic conroller like the MK2.

  • echo66

    how many euros would you give for a vci in good shape?

  • As good as the VCI 100 is, I think it’s fair to say many owners like my self wouldn’t of gone for it if it wasn’t for the epic TechTools mapping.

    • La Quenepa

      I had a great run with the default mapping until it was mastered and new functionality was needed. With the new overlays it changed the look and different knobs and other stuff gave new life to the device. But you are correct, if it wasnt for DJTT the VCI would have been forgooten very quickly and now Im thinking over and ovwer again to sell it or keep it..

      • Jsooze

        I agree. I too don’t know whether or not to keep my VCI or trade it in to put it towards a new controller. I have not mastered my VCI yet and still lack an external sound card so I dont know if I should trade in or buy the sound card and keep with the VCI. I also just sent my VCI in for a firmware upgrade

  • Marc

    Pioneer’s controller looks very interresting!

    • Tho it would be nice, it looks like the mythical pio controller is nothing but internet gossip

  • Fleater

    There must be good things coming in at NAMM then….

    • Vinicius Hoffmann

      I agree… NAMM should have a nice Vestax controller to bring S4 down 🙂

  • djwetslide

    why is there no talk of the vci 300 which is newer

    • Tom

      Because they killed it when they paired it with itch.

  • Nice article.
    I hope that my VCI will last at least long enough till there´s an equal controller on the market. I still don´t know if the mk2 will be equal.
    Your idea about keeping the mk1 alive is really cool.

  • Tom

    Hey so I hope this doesn’t mean the end of TechTools mappings and support for the mk1? I assume that it is not. Very glad that you guys managed to secure the last batch! I just got mine in the last few days and I’ve barely put it down!

  • Anonymous

    NOOOO! Off to order one now

  • Thats awesome guys, great idea, Im sure lots of people will be interested in something like this.