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  • youngster

    Pads do not have only on/off. Velocity!

    • CUSP

      And increasingly, they have LED feedback.

  • these units are also very compact which makes them extremely versatile and portable and oddly enuff their plastic structure is very rugged (lol i have put them thru the ringer) and if i were to review the unit i would also have to mention that i own 2 units and one of the “cue” buttons which us a physical (pad-like_ rubber button) doesnt trigger as well as it used to..

  • u guys covered the touch controllers and covered the ipad and I agree it makes a great controller with touchOSC and some of the layouts that are offered out there, but I really feel the stanton scs.3d’s (oddly called: dascratch, not a great name, but…) have a unique touch feel especially their take on touch version – linear faders and their interpretation of a “single shot” button i feel that they really have something here, small touch surfaces as buttons kill switches, cues, loops, each combined seamlessly in a multifunction pad that is also capable of sending multiple midi signals at once so is also multitouch (although not in the traditional sense) I am sure cost is a factor but the scs.3d & scs.1d units by stanton cost a bit over $200 so it cant really be that big of a factor…there is a con which is actually a pro as well depending on how you look at it…The da router program that runs in the background translating the touch responses to electrical signals which the software routes through as midi msgs (based on bomes midi plugin) this also keeps the computer from sleeping or shutting down which i find to be great. I have had more than one instance where I may have walked away from my setup during a gig only to come back and find that something or another (i.e. a mac update) was trying to make my macbook restart…NOT COOL…but the darouter software kept the laptop from actually doing it. #SAVE

  • I can’t believe the comedy oversized table tennis bat didn’t get its own entry. #articlefail

  • A lot to choose from and ultimately is about who is controlling the controller. 

  • If anybody knows where to source single piezo pad controls please let me know. I am trying to build a unique personal controller.

  • Eli Backer

    Where can I find mod/pitch wheels to buy?

  • Roger haug

    you show a pitch mod joystick from novation. Under that one sits a X/Y Touch PAD. Or the same is on all Korg Kaossilator units. Finger touch parameter controll. Plays notes or manipulate effects.
    I was missing that one, and it is my favorite controll.
    Nice article …

  • you forgot powergloves and mind control.

  • Zac Kyoti

    I second the resetable “endless” encoder, preferably with led feedback a la APC40. These types of controls are killer for digital djing and live pa. Taking advantage of our software, using things like resetting eqs on track load, smart switching of fx banks using the same set of knobs, all can become a problem with fixed pots. Soft Takeover/Pickup mode is a drag. But it’s sweet to push a button and have everything on your controller updated and ready to tweak.  Speaking of the push encoder/endless encoder combo – Livid Instruments makes a sick 32 endless encoder w/push controller module called Code that is definitely on my list. A bit pricey, but definitely where it’s at.

  • you forgot lasers… haha like the laser harp and laser guitar etc…

  • i found a 10 knobs/joystick arcade controller in a garbage-container. Hooked it up and voila….. got it to work with junxion and ableton live. Joystick left, 8 knobs, joystick middle, another 8 knobs and joystick right, again 8 knobs. 2 of these and you can play a liveset with it. I use them to select a device and then use my remote sl with the 8 macro’s to control the device………

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget toggle switches (single throw, douple, multiple throw). 🙂


  • Very good overview.
    I’m missing pushable rotaries. Its nothing but a rotary combined with a button but in terms of user experience (kill/adjust effects, search songs) these things kick ass.

  • great post. 

    even though i love doing long transitions, i never got the hang of those Rane rotary faders. 

  • how informative

  • Personally I miss the rotary knobs found on for instance the APC40. These knobs which have visual feedback for their position through leds which makes their position “(re)settable” through software.

    I personally think these type of knobs should replace all simple rotary knobs/encoders currently used on almost all controllers (including the DjTT models). But I guess the con is the price difference.

    • I agree with you!
      The knobs on APC always made me think about buying one.
      But instead I’ve gone to the iPAD + TouchOSC, so led feedback is not a issue anymore as I have all the feedback that I want now 😀

    • “But I guess the con is the price difference.”
      this, and also the lack of having a center dentation, which for many controls is incredibly useful (E.Q., filters, key, pan etc.)

      but for controling effects and the like there nothing like having a fader for the wet/dry and encoders for the parameters