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Lemur Remade For iOS devices!

The incredible Lemur interface has been well known as the quintessential piece of digital kit that has worked its way into the booth with Daft Punk and Deadmau5. Just in time for the holiday season, Liine has relaunched the Lemur platform on iOS, bringing the powerful platform to an affordable new price point. Video, links, and more after the jump.

Super-exciting, we can’t wait to download our copy this afternoon. We’ve always been impressed with the original Jazzmutant Lemur, and bringing it to iOS is a real no-brainer.  Check out the full product description over on Liine’s site, or join ongoing discussion in our forums.

Had a chance to play with the new Lemur app yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

  • good device, i like it.

  • Where can i buy it? 

  • Geejunkmail

    Thats a rubbish promo video! Dont let arthouse people make creative decisions for new products!

  • Justinmc

    about time…. but i still prefer to have some sort of physical feedback like i do when i push buttons. i dunno, i think the touchscreen thing while cool, just ain’t for me

  • Kinskop

    This is a huge step in iOS Controllerism!!! I’ve just managed to build a little iPhone tool with it to store and recall GroupFX settings with Hotkeys. That’s something I’ve never been able to do with any other midi mapping software! 

    For more Information check my Blog.

  • Djteeoh

    DAN!!! Will you PLEASE do an article on cheap dj setups? I see your store posted the holiday bundles for djs….but realistically, its waaaay to expensive for the beginner djs. There are alot cheaper options like 2 nanopads, traktor or virtual dj, and a mixer. I’ve used everything from midi controllers and gemini turntables….to the top of the line gear. So i feel there is a way to breed and build the music we love so much, articles like that will help. Music starts with ability….we have to ENABLE the children/beginner djs to learn and expand. Without getting them started, we many never give the next Grandmaster Flash the chance to reach potential. Heck, you could even produce nanopad DJTT specialized controllers and mixers in a bundle. For a kid with the desire but only a $100….thats a start.

  • Audiomontana

    richard coleman devine with the soundtrack .. AGAIN — talk about innovations of the decade :  this guy has been owning electronic music for TWO decades … RCD ! In everything. 🙂

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  • how works in traktor ??????

  • djfunke

    I’ve played with a few audio apps on my galaxy s vibrant with the toxic heros deranged9 rom based off the 1.2gh bali-x kernal with the voodoo sound app, and I haven’t noticed any latency. I couldn’t tell you about stock, but do you have any info as to why an android device can’t have low latency?

  • Patrick 1234567890

  • Wow now i need an ipad for xmas

  • Quenepas


  • When are you guys gonna release the s4 mapping??

  • Cody Spaulding

    when are you guys gonna release the s4 mapping??

  • o another music app.  sounds good

  • Brandedtravesty

    is it really worth the $50? so much more than TouchOSC? can you guys please do a review 😀 thanks DJTT

    • I personally believe it is. Two reasons why: Scripting and Physics. TouchOSC doesn’t have either…unless you build another program to do this for you. Lemur it’s built into the layout itself when on you’re iPad. So interface elements that need to depend upon other elements can be scripted to do so…and no external programs on a server are required for these to function properly. How it should be. The same can be said for the Physic influences to interface elements.

  • Lol4k

    Is there any template already made for TP2 ?

    • Alexfells

      Yeah look on the liine website.

  • Alexfells

    Might have to get my self an ipad. I’m usually use traktor but I’ve been meaning to start using ableton for stuff other than production.

  • I have it and it absolutely kills all the other touch/osc apps. 

  • Clockwerk

    what of all us PC users… 

    Id would still love my hands on an actual Lemur…
    Not an app… but The Lemur Hardware itself…
    its a shame they stopped making them…
    they were like no other…

    • Alan

      Try the KS-1974.  

    • 4321djgear

      youtube “lemur app”, there is a video for connecting Ipad to PC using lemur. Personally I want a PC laptop over a MacBook Pro, but I really can’t wait to use this with Max4live. Just having a hard time believing Apple would allow there overpriced hardware to work with a PC. I’m sure Apple will release a Ipad pro once I buy Ipad2. So is the blessing/curse of tech shopping.

  • Luis castaneda

    $50 dollars you cant beat that its worth it? i don’t know i least me i like feeling physical knobs and faders!!!

    • Alan

      Have you tried it before saying “I like feeling physical knobs and faders”  that is like saying I like push button phones over the iPhone without ever touching one.

    • Quenepas

      The lemur was touch screen to begin with -_-; Dont troll with shit you dont even start to grasp

  • Rick Dawson

    now we just need an android version.

    • Anonymous
    • guywithknife

      sadly android still hasn’t fixed its low latency audio issues (ie, its not very good at low latency audio – there was a bug filed about it in 2009 but it has still not been resolved last I heard)

    • Anonymous

      No, we don’t. Android is still severely hampered by various issues. That’s why every killer app is out for iOS and not Android, despite device activation numbers.

      I would NEVER trust a Honeycomb tablet in a live performance!

  • If this is easier to use than TouchOSC and doesn’t crash I’m definitely going to buy it.

    • Kevins212

      Im finding it alot more stable than touchosc. I also think the template editor is much more intuitive.

      The other thing is that u can go thru hardware if u have the right connections..not sure of touch osc lets u do that..

      • do you have any online guides?

        • Kevins212

          Check out the lemur editor manual.. The pdf is on their website. Its very well laid out and easy to understand..

          I really only understand the basics of mapping and was able to follow it pretty well.

  • Bellend

    oh great, another pointless app. Great.

    • cabdoctor

      Oh great, another useless comment from another guy who makes two songs go the same speed!

      • LOL

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        • woaaw

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        • woaaw

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          • Metachemical

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          • Methodamericon

            C O M M E N T C E P T I O N

          • Cobb

            “We Need to go Deeper”

  • This looks so rad!

  • Very good, if you can’t beat them, join them!!! 😀 Really gonna kick TouchOSC out to the curb. 

    • It’s literally ten times more expensive though.

      • Alexfells

        There’s a reason for that. The quality of the lemur products.

        • Nope.avi

          It’s not made by lemur. Liine bought the rights to the name. So no, we don’t know if it’s quality yet. I’m guessing it will be… but we don’t know yet.

          • Alexfells

            I was under the impression that the programmers from jazzmutent left and bought the rights to the name?