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Electrix Tweaker: Finally Ready to Launch at NAMM ’12

We’ve been waiting to see a finalized version of the Tweaker in person for quite a while, and we finally got to see one on the floor at NAMM running a mapping for Traktor. The unit you see in the video is the final build and construction of the product, and it’s shipping in May.

Apparently there’s a second unit at NAMM that we’ll track down tomorrow that’s got an awesome Ableton MIDI map, but we wanted to go ahead and give you guys a chance to see our quick look with the Tweaker that we shot today. Click through to watch!

Manufacturer: Electrix
Product Name :
Tweaker (originally it was called the “Tweaker Factory” – no joke.)
Release Date:
May 2012

  • Developed in partnership with Livid Instruments
  • RGB grid of smaller buttons and 8 single-color velocity pads
  • Browsing section at the top, two channel sections on either side
  • Endless rotary encoders with LED ring lights
  • Lip of unit allows for easy application of overlays
  • I/O: USB, MIDI In and Out

Since we finally know it is on the way in just a matter of months, are you tweaking out for the Tweaker, or will something else from NAMM help you get your fix? 

  • well im getting this and a kontrol f1 and thats gonna be my live setup and I can use the tweaker for ableton music production

  • Dj Topik

    Demo show casing mappings to Traktor would be great! Looks interesting at first glance…. need to see it in action.

  • Dj Topik

    Demo show casing mappings to Traktor would be great! Looks interesting at first glance…. need to see it in action.

  • I just found my new controller. I was looking for something completely left-field to simplify my set. This controller is it. I may grab two of these.

  • Yeah! Awesome!
    My dream of being a DJ would become possible.

  • Daniel120890

    I think do to pricing behringer will kill all this controllers

  • Quenepas

     I love Livid’s appeal to boutique-like components. 
    Looks good, solid, simple, efficient and versatile.

  • I thought this looked like a controller from Livid! They make some great stuff.

  • Interesting. Very interested in this hope to see more videos.

  • Erik Ev_L

    This is awesome for 2 reasons. First, I was always a fan of Electrix in the past, and am a huge fan of everything Livid offers now. And second, I had contacted Travis from Livid a while back looking to build a custom controller with a similar lay out, and he was kind enough to oblige me but kept saying to wait…. And I’m glad I did. This looks amazing!