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Crazy MIDI Controllers: Turntable Rider

We love finding new controllers that push the boundaries of how DJ software is controlled, and the Turntable Rider project is no exception. The concept is simple: throw some sensors and controls on a BMX bike and link those controls to sample triggers and jogwheels in Traktor. So how well does it work? Check out the full video and making-of video inside. 

We’re going to call it here – this video has clearly had some post-production work done on it, especially where the sample triggering happens and the start/stop of the track occurs. When it comes down to it, this is a sponsored project by a Japanese bicycle sharing service. But instead of just dismissing it at that, take a look at the second video from the Turntable Rider project – a behind-the-scenes making of that shows a bit more raw performance along with interviews with the team behind the project.

Sure, no one’s going to be DJing a set by riding their BMX bike around the stage at Madison Square Garden anytime soon, but it’s this kind of open-minded thinking towards controllers that inspires DJs to think outside of the traditional paradigms that we all too often find ourselves stuck in.

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  • Zacharysaintcyr

    that is sick

  • AJ

    wut!? sounds like a lot of fun!

  • I love this!! id buy but price would be like $600+

  • spaz

    Practical application? I suppose its more intended to be creative with something unseen. Pretty cool all the same.

  • Now here it is….attach that too BREAKDANCERS!!


  • what a bunch of hipsters

  • Lone_ronin Reminded me of this, to a less kilted level. I have seen him “preform” live and it’s well beyond amusing.

    • John

      I don’t even know what i think about that guy hahaha

    • Matmuir

      Everyone should watch the 50cent part. Pure awesomeness.

    • As a drummer I’ve got to take my hat off to that guy.  He may look totally mental but what he’s doing is really quite hard.

  • Coasterguy181

    I actually would dj a whole set riding a bmx bike. Guess what my other hobby is?

  • RockingClub

    Might find its place in some music videos soon 😉

  • Thanatos

    have you been paid to share a commercial add not even about djing ?

    • Slime Ballin’

       Wait… what?

    • Dolphin

      Japan doesn’t need commercials, they just do.

  • hotmouth

    ok now that is one of the most innovative things, music or not, I have seen in a long time. I think this could be huge. Just think of using something like pilots use for targeting, You know that motion sensor stuff that follows your eye. Yeah just think MIDI-EYE, now that would be amazing. Or something as simple as a glove fingertips, or virtual scratching by rubbing your hands? Sounds dumb? Not to me, I love the alternatives and the eye/ear catchers like that video/project. What they did there may be an open door into other applications besides music.

    Major+++++++ very cool

    • I’ve specifically been learning more about MIDI as I want to create MIDI gloves.  I’ve been drumming since I was a kid and constantly drum on my fingers, my thumb is the trigger, 1st finger kick, 2nd snare etc… That’s the beautiful thing about MIDI it can be used for nearly anything!

  • JuanSOLO

    Thats GOTH TRAD. Dude kills!

    • Michael

      He is a boss!

  • max

    i would instantly make a competition out of this idea. there should be one DJ & one BMX driver. they both consider which songs or samples should be used and which kind of BMX tricks will be shown. epic.

  • Epic

  • Brian_johnstone

    pre-production or not… that sh*t is sick!!!

  • fascinating!!! 

  • Asian boys.. Amazing!

    • crayon

      ASIAN? I hope you are complementing? How about you see all people as human from now on, that is an order, I command you to see people as humans and stop the calling out of race, It starts with you and soon the world will be AT PEACE, Thankyou fellow human for doing your part.

      • marrrrk.

         hotmouth, ease up. Some people (like myself) take pride in my heritage and aren’t offended by what Hugo said. I would say that the word “amazing” is to be taken as a complement, and you are reading way too far into a three word sentence.

        Back to the video, it’s fantastic! As a cyclist and DJ, I can get down with this idea. It looks so fun!

        • Mygaffradio

          Asian boys.. Amazing! No lads I dont think it was a race thing… I think Hugo is a Homo… [PS This is a Joke, and not meant to cause an offence to Hugo or Homosexuals] Hotmouth lighten up you crazy human you. – @ yhe video, 
          Asian boys.. Amazing! raging I sold my old BMX with left sided pegs now…  Does it work with Traktor LE?

  • Lauti

    fuck controllers, all i care is the girl: so cute

  • Takemymoney

    where do i buy this!

  • Jasonmd2020

    Great. Now we gotta set up a whole new battle! BMXDMC!

  • Essentials

    Great concept for performance art, but i don’t see any real use for this in a “DJ” environment.

    • ffffffff

      Is that right?

    • Dolphin

      that’s exactly the kind of mentality which will not lead to innovation.

  • becker2430

    Anyone know the name of the song playing while the guy wearing the red hat was riding?  (he was the one cutting over the song and not doing any major bike tricks)

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  • what a cool concept it could work as a new angle in the pro floor competitions as they choreograph music to the trix.

  • Great to see it actually did work… I found the “making of” better because you could see the rider move and music change…

  • Anonymous

    DJ Level: Asain

    • chodo

      some hipster pun, or a 2nd grader misspelling?

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        You forgot to add, “Not sure if…” before your comment. Lulz… 

    • great job you looked at the top comment on the youtube vid

      • Anonymous

        Herr durr, genius. I posted a week ago as of this reply, youtube was a day ago, captain obvious.

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  • Glad you enjoyed!

  • i was ready to see pharell williams for some reason lol good vid and the japanese did it again…sigh..go azn! bahaha

  • djtoontk

    First 😀

    • Boxcar

      Nice work dude! You’ll be remembered as a legend for this. Can I have your autograph?