Crazy MIDI Controllers: Turntable Rider

We love finding new controllers that push the boundaries of how DJ software is controlled, and the Turntable Rider project is no exception. The concept is simple: throw some sensors and controls on a BMX bike and link those controls to sample triggers and jogwheels in Traktor. So how well does it work? Check out the full video and making-of video inside. 

We’re going to call it here – this video has clearly had some post-production work done on it, especially where the sample triggering happens and the start/stop of the track occurs. When it comes down to it, this is a sponsored project by a Japanese bicycle sharing service. But instead of just dismissing it at that, take a look at the second video from the Turntable Rider project – a behind-the-scenes making of that shows a bit more raw performance along with interviews with the team behind the project.

Sure, no one’s going to be DJing a set by riding their BMX bike around the stage at Madison Square Garden anytime soon, but it’s this kind of open-minded thinking towards controllers that inspires DJs to think outside of the traditional paradigms that we all too often find ourselves stuck in.

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