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Pioneer’s DDJ-WeGO Announced

The digital DJ industry is in full controller-announcing swing this week, and it looks like Denon won’t be the only manufacturer to announce a new ultra-portable beginner controller. Pioneer has just released details on their new DDJ-WeGO controller, a basic two channel controller designed to work with a custom edition of Virtual DJ LE.

The unit is pretty small, with a 14″ X 8″ face, and has design similarities to the Pioneer EFX-1000 and the DDJ-ERGO units.  As with the Denon MC-2000, we’re expecting this to be very specifically targeted for beginners, as it just has a basic RCA master out and 1/4″ microphone in and is mostly focused on looks. Remember the “Pulse Effects” lighting found on the DDJ-ERGO? That’s on this unit as well. Oh, and you can choose from five different colors for the body of the controller: white, black, red, green, and violet.

Have a look at the promotion video below for more details and to watch yet another “too cool” promotional video dance party.

The DDJ-WeGO will be in stores sometime in September, with a suggested price of $399.

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  • Why is everybody hating on these cheaper controllers? I’ve been doing my thing for about 7 years now (all on a crappy hand-me-down Toshiba keyboard). I’m 20 now and in college. I DJ at bars on campus and I’m poor as hell. Would you all like to know why Pioneer is “stooping” down to this level? Because of people like me who have a whopping $15 in their checking account. I wouldn’t consider myself beginner or a pro, but I do enjoy what I do. I’ve been messing around with these “cheap” and “flimsy” controllers for about 3 years now and I love them. Sure I would love to shell out the $2,000 for a good set of tables and a mixer, but when I look at my bank account I die a little inside.

    It is true that this equipment allows anyone to DJ. But who were you when you first started? Weren’t you just anyone? I understand that 20 years ago their wasn’t all of this technology that their is now so it was much harder to get really good at this art (and I applaud all of you who grew up in that time period). Its not fair to say that companies, like Pioneer, who are trying to appeal to a cheaper crowd are creating bad DJ’s. Bad DJ’s die out… very quickly. Don’t get mad cause their might be some competition now. Those who are truly talented and dedicated will push through and get better. I love that Pioneer is doing this. I’m happy that all companies are doing this. Now I can afford a controller that almost mimics a set of tables. I understand that this controller is cheap but its still made by one of the best companies out there. The wheels are super responsive and scratch almost as if they were professional. I’m buying one because its what I can afford, not because I’m a bad DJ. GET OFF MUH CASE!!!

  • Jay

    I sold my cdjs just short of a year ago now… very sad day but needed the cash at the time for my studio ha … I dj in clubs every week and have found that i would still like to have some kind of controller that hooks up to my traktor pro software that will give me the full benefits of mixing in my studio before my gigs etc and still have the same feel as i would djing on cdj’s. I love the pioneer look and feel on the cdjs which I have never had with a midi controller…. I have actually bought several midi controllers in the past that have always failed me in making me want to move over from cdjs to digital djing on my laptop… I am looking for the best priced best cdj like performing controller out there…. can anyone please offer me help or advice on this…. i have been lookin at the DJ pioneer ergo just due to the fact it has the same jog wheel as the cdj 400 which makes me think this would be my best option as its affordable and performs just the same when mixing as a cdj would…. as I do not mix with sync i need excellent time coded jog wheels with traktor can you help me with this please

    • MrBreakdown

      If your going for Traktor functionality no doubt the s2 or s4 is the way to go, with that said I own one of these wego’s and I enjoy the hell out of it. Super portable, is a four deck controller and has a mapping for traktor, these are all pluses for me. Will it replace my tables and my Z2….. No, but its small, and does everything I need for prepping and mixing for fun or before a gig, and for the price nothing can touch it!

  • matthew l

    wats price ?

  • Jeff

    If anything the DDJ – T1 is the way to go if your going with a Pioneer dj controller in my opinion this controller lacks everything essential to even label yourself a dj. And with “Traktor being the best DJ software, out, in my opinion again” The T1 is great for any mobile DJ on the go especially with the ability to mix 4 records at once if you are mixing harmonically. Looks don’t make a person a DJ just saying. . . Yes I get the marketing and money income blahh b lahh blahhh bullshit but why would Pioneer lessen themselves to something so pity as this controller..? Doesn’t even come with full integrated software might as well fuckin chuck out the extra couple hundred and just go with the Kontrol S2 or something similar with full software..

  • I’m sorry, but I’ve read all your posts and I must say that back in the day if you could only afford to buy two belt driven turntables, a crappy yet durable gemini 2 channel mixer, a create of vinyl and you could rock a party. You rocked that party! Yes, Pioneer made a inexpensive controller. But have you taken the time to think about the benefits of having a small controller like the DJJ-WEGO? In the close to 20 years that i’ve been a DJ (which about the age of some of you out there), I’ve owned Gemini Turntables, Technics 1200’s, CDJ 1000’s and more. Then I got two hernias from carrying speakers, creates of records, CD albums and a DJ coffins (my I add, now I know why they called it a DJ coffin!). I sold my speakers, since I got injured by carrying them. I still have my turntables, 2 kontrol X1’s, a crappy Numark mixer. When I go to spin at a party, I have to pay someone for them to bring the sound system and set in up. I bought a Denon DN MC6000 and sold it ’cause it’s too heavy to carry after a LONG night at a party. The WEGO is portable, compact and has the basic controls that I would use at a party. I wouldn’t spin with it in a club. For that I would used timecode CD’s or Vinyl and my X1’s. But, for DJing a small private party, wedding or at a bar (that doesn’t have their own DJ gear) it’s cool. As far as the whole color issue goes, there are DJ’s out there that go to to have their CDJ’s,DJM, DJ Controller and other MIDI Controllers skinned with their logo or just their favorite color. So I don’t see the color to be an issue. I just think that those of you that do have issues with the color. Truly have issues! Ean Golden, proved to me that it’s not the gear that you use, but what you can do with it! The man mapped out an M-Audio 25 key keyboard MIDI Controller to work with Traktor and blew my mind with what he was able to do with it! At the end of the day, nobody gives a damn what you are spinning on nor if you are syncing your tracks or not. They only care if you can rock their party/night.

  • DJ FKS

    I don’t see this as a bad thing. They, just like any other company out there, are just trying to make some more money. Nothing wrong with that. people on here are basically saying any kid off the street is going to want to be a dj. But you know what, to play music the right way isn’t something you learn over night. And most of these kids out here are just going to get one because it’s “cool” and don’t really have the love for music that most of us have. They will buy the controller, toss it away in a few years, While the rest of us will be busy playing music like we have been doing for years.

  • The CrowdBoy

    pioneer making controllers look like toys so that they aren’t taken seriously, so everybody keeps buying their CDJ instead

  • dj bisu

    oo super man

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…what is the message being sold by Pioneer?

    Especially how the headphones are passed from one person to another. Not sure I like that message, as I’ve been practicing over a year and a half now to do what I think a good DJ should be able to do and not look like a total moron. Now everyone can buy a “WeGo” and “we Go”ing to be a DJ automatically”? Uh, uh. Not a good honest message.


    • step1

      I think part of that message is that it’s ok to hand off control of the deck to someone, whereas traditionally (at least, in my experience) DJs even at home or house parties are SUPER protective (and rightfully so) of their expensive equipment. Since this isn’t as expensive and much more basic in terms of usage, it’s easier to let other people give the decks a whirl and not worry about whether they’ll understand how to work it or potentially destroy it, especially if the only experience they have is maybe software mixing only (i.e. demo version of Traktor or whatever). I agree that it sends the wrong message that DJing is easy, although with sync buttons and pre-cueing/bpm setup and all that it’s definitely much easier than it used to be.

  • wana see this with a add on design to the DDJ-T1 and S1 a 4 channel version mimicked on the EFX-1000 couple it with traktor F1 control and am sold

  • dj z3

    400$ isn’t it to much for start equipment?

  • MayRant

    I love my CDJ 900’s and DJM 800 setup but I think this gonna be a nice simple solution for easy mobile playing. I love that if I just wanna go hang out with some friends and play music I can now bring everything in a backpack as opposed to lugging around an 80lb coffin. With the right program and some clever midi mapping this could be a pretty powerful tool.

  • DJ

    Pioeer shell out controller after controller and it just gets WORSE, every kid on the block has the ambition of beeing a deejay but they wont walk the mile to reach it, its all about cheap crap, crap quality in music and crap djs . . . thats the evolution for ya in a nutshell!

  • While I’m sure this branding works on their targeted market, it almost seems like the video is making fun of itself.

  • blakaneez

    why does the majority of the video just promote the different colours of the unit?

    • Because on the whole it’s short of features?

  • Artur

    Pioneer is losing his ambition to create high class and professional equipment…

    • Mike-ale

      Sorry but no, I wouldn’t say that’s true. They just know where the market share is. Instead of only competing on high-quality products, they also targets lower-quality to low-demanding customers. Some of these may decide DJ’ing is not for them, but the rest of them will probably be loyal to Pioneer – that is if this is actually a good product, which I have no idea about! With David Guetta and Avicii being idols, why should companies forego the opportunity to sell to the new EDM fans?
      Another thing – I’m a bedroom DJ, but I have the impression that CDJ 2000 is a high-quality product. And although it was released three years ago, what actually needs to be improved?

      • hear hear

        between the DJM-900Nexus, the DJM-2000 and the CDJ-2000 pioneer’s got the high-end market on lockdown. If they want to continue growing their customer base, they have to keep moving downmarket.

        The CDJ-2000 is about perfect. Aside from slip mode, I can’t name one significant change I’d make to it as a CD player. There’s not much more you can shove into a mixer than the DJM-2000 provides, and the 900Nexus is about the perfect mixer that hasn’t gone off the deep-end with effects (really not trying to sound like a fanboy, but failing.) Basically the only thing I could ask for is a DJM-800 form factor mixer with all the Pro DJ link features of the DJM-2000 (even though I prefer the former) since the nexus is inexplicably missing them, but that’s just grasping at straws.

        Overall I’m not sure there’s much more innovation to be done right now. A CD player is, in the end, a CD player. The 2000’s got enough features and ways to be used that it’s going to last well into the future (considering you can use it as an ultra-high-end controller or standalone player and several configurations inbetween.)

        I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not trying to be snippy. Just doesn’t seem like there’s much for pioneer to… do.

    • Ethan

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that. They still are making the best products they are just expanding their product lines now and it’s not even they never made cheaper options the cdj 350/400 are much cheaper entry level CDs after all.

  • Michal Pardus

    – So they are making controllers for kids and girls now? Next year DJ Controller in every box of corn flakes! Wait… I think Virtual DJ did that years ago… 😀

    • honest to god they are missing pink. I’ve seen female mobile djs using the DDJ-ERGO who likely picked the controller for its aesthetics.

  • phil


  • ehh…..