Denon Announces MC-2000 Controller

Denon today announced the launch of their MC-2000 unit, a new budget controller targeted squarely at the young beginner DJ. Designed to work Serato DJ Intro, the unit isn’t anything revolutionary or groundbreaking – but instead seems to be focused on taking both the physical size and  the price point down on this introductory class of controller to a very reasonable level – expected to be around £269 /€325/$299.

The unit sends full MIDI, so it is mappable in other DJ softwares. Additionally, it sports some fancy backlighting, as well as a sufficient soundcard featuring RCA master out, a RCA aux in channel, and a 1/4″ mic input. Also is that Denon has a pretty realistic ad campaign going on in their video – sure, it’s classic “you’ll rock the party/get the girl/be popular” salesmanship, but the routine isn’t some unrealistic, error-free routine that a beginner would never hope to achieve with some practice. That being said, we’re not sure that beginners should be encouraged to use every. single. effect. in a row in a mix – but again, perhaps it’s just a reflection of what new digital DJs actually do (Author’s note: I’m guilty as charged here. When I started DJing, I could not stop playing with the effects). 

Have a look at the unit for yourself in the video below:

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