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  • uilton


  • adenm

    its done it before an i have no idea how to fix it again i turn on the controller with the software and computer following directions but the controller will not work it turn on but with not be compatible with the computer please help!?

  • chuchocalle

    I have an issue with the master volume and sampler volume they both quit working, anyone have troubleshooting Ideas? I have tried different versions of VDJ and Traktor and still same problem.

  • HelpPlease

    I need help please I just got the controler today in the mail and I can’t seem to get sound out of the headphones. The headphones work fine as I have use them in other devices and they work, Please tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Also the secondary card is my controler Im freaking out please please help

  • ghostphace

    I’m having trouble mapping djc.4 to traktor pro 2 after upgrading. After importing the map there is no In-port/Out-port options next to device name under controller manager. Before the upgrade there was no problem, any advice would greatly help my frustration!

  • johndiz0

    has anyone be able to get the inputs to work on mixxx for timecodes. i mapped it but it only works with one input instead of two. just wondering if anyone has a good mapping where everything on this controller is useful. thanks

    • Jive

      You got it mapped for MIxxx? 😀 Are you willing to share that? I have been looking around but not much luck there. Cheers.

  • ali bombay

    I bought the djc.4 and I need the Traktor Pro mapping. Can someone help? thanks

  • Anonymous

    Maybe a stupid question, but how can this controller be considered a 4 deck controller, when it is missing the channel controls for 2 decks? I only see two on it.


    • freshar

      Theres a button(next to that blue light) that toggles between deck A/C left side, and B/D on the right… The the channel faders control the respectable side

  • Nimbus

    Hey lads – thanks for the honest review. I did a tutorial about this model on my website.. for using this controller with Traktor Scratch, and using traktor to use this controller as a conventional mixer. maybe you lot at DJTECHTOOLS can do a better tutorial for us?? I don’t think most people realize how powerful ASIO4ALL can be to power up your controllers features!

  • Magilla

    My experiences with stanton have all been good. A good piece of equipment for the $$$.

  • EvO

    This is an absolutely killer deal for a controller of this magnitude. The only other controller out there with the amount of potential in this price range is the novation twitch, which I’ve used and hated every moment of it. It was terribly glitchy and lack of jogs make it pretty worthless. I’ve been running the DJC.4 for about a month now with no problems at all. Everything is extremely solid build wise and faders and knobs have a pretty nice resistance with no notice of them giving out or loosing said resistance. For a Stanton product i was a little wiery at first, but after playing the hell out of this controller i would give it a 8 outta 10. The only gripe is the plastic buttons on the cue/loop/effect section. Replace them with a rubber style and you’ve got a 9…My go to controller is the NS6, but this is a perfect compact package to take out and about while maintaining a hell of a lot of control in Traktor.

  • bob Dusan

    It’s a great controller. I just wish there were more mappings available for it. *hint hint, cough cough*

  • Mihaly

    Ive had many problems with stanton, with their internal software of their cdjs for ex, and their poor quality products that dont last at all…its just me but i would never buy stanton again, yea its cheap and cheerful but whos to say I wouldnt save for a couple of more months so I could get the more expensive S4 that I know I can run over with my car and itll still work? its not that hard to map kill switches after all

    • Megalex

      This is manufactured for Stanton by a company in HK… who make extremely good products for a number of top brands. They even make some of their own products under the VOXOA label. I have the C60 which is the sister model to the one above… but it has way more features… BOOTH OUT, MIC TONE CONTROL, DVS DIRECT, STAND ALONE MIXER MODE, ILLUMINATED JOG WHEELS.. and it works with Tractor Scratch natively.

      Its the best piece of kit I ever had..

      • Noflex

        OH, and an S4 is a cheap plastic console with parts that fall out (headphone jack for example). Not good value even now that the prices is reduced by a few hundred $ already

      • IHateChineseKnockoffs

        I went to your website. You offer “reviews” about Chinese knockoff dj controllers. In one section you claim that the stanton above is a “rebranded version of the Voxoa C50” (which is the name of the knockoff controller). Go away.

        • UrAMoron

          haha you do know that the Voxoa factory makes this Stanton controller right? Stanton has them put the Stanton logo on it and then Stanton markets it as their own. So technically your hated Chinese knockoff is the original and Stanton has the copy. Try to learn a little about how the world works before blindly spewing your ignorant bullshit. Unless you like looking like a retard. Just sayin’

  • Mark Marlatt

    I have had nothing but issues with stanton! even if the product was ok, i still would never buy anything they make again. the customer service is downright terrible, and the products i have used broke all the time. even broken after getting repairs.

  • any chance we will see jog wheel Fx mapping for this controller? i love the Eq kills, something the S2 doesnt have, but ean’s custom S2 mappings are the shit! my next purchase just may be the DJC 4 instead of an S2.

  • tr4gik

    meh … TOY.

  • I like the 4×4 button matrix. Instant Grat anyone?

  • mmullen68

    Ever since i bought my s2 I’ve griped that i wish the eq’s where push button for kills like this offers. I also would have liked to see the s2’s gain knob push button to switch it between gain and a filter but on both recommendations I got shot down by forum members saying push button is horrible for eq’s. glad this proves them wrong. Still for the price of 350 you could get an s2 for about the same price and map it to control 4 decks just like this one does. I wouldn’t consider this new Stanton a 4 deck anyways . Its a 2 deck that can be mapped for 4 just like every other 2 deck controller. am i the only one who sees 2 volume faders?

    • You could always map the A/C & B/D botton select to change the EQs to filters?

    • Andrew Fountain

      I told you they were crap probably… and they are after about a couple of months of use they get very wobbly and make the mixer feel terrible to use although my comments are based on the Reloop Digital Jockey 2, which is what this is parts wise as they are made by the same manufacturer. I could be wrong…


  • I’d like to know why Markkus thinks this would be good for a mobile DJ?

  • ilasik

    What do you mean by your last sentance”…it’s a sleeper in the controller world.” Did you mean to say “keeper” Is this a typo?

    • “sleeper” is a term that i’ve heard in the context of cars mostly. it refers to a car (controller) that appears stock or vanilla on the outside but actually has high performance upgrades on the inside. he meant it’s nothing that would grab your attention but when you really analyze its attributes it is very functional and can keep up with sexier models like the S2.

    • In the US we say something is a sleeper when it is not considered a threat but becomes one.

  • DJ Freez’

    Good review, thanks. But how would you say this compares to the Reloop Terminal Mix 2? It seems that the two are quite comparable, having an almost similar price, both being 4-channel controllers, though with 2 line faders. Serato on the Terminal Mix 2 is a big plus for me, but how do the two compare in terms of build quality and options?