New Maschine Mk2 Hardware Announced

This morning, Native Instruments announced the brand new generation of the Maschine and Maschine Mikro -and it looks like the Kontrol F1 won’t be the only RGB backlit piece of kit in Native Instruments’ lineup for much longer. Read more about the new Mk2 Maschine units inside!

The new Mk2 editions of the units come in both black and white, with all 16 of the pads backlit in colors that correspond to the colors in the new Maschine 1.8 software, which has been updated to provide color support and a few new effects. Additionally, the software now comes bundled with a free version of the ubiquitous (sometimes too much so) Massive soft-synth.

One final major item to note with this new generation of Maschine products – NI is now offering customizable kits for Maschine users to change the color of the faceplate and knobs on the device, with colors offered in gold, red, blue, pink, and grey.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a Maschine launch if we didn’t have a video of finger-drumming legend Jeremy Ellis using the new products and showing off each of the features throughly – have a look below!

The Mashine Mk2 and Maschine Mikro Mk2 are set to be in stores on October 1st.

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