• Luang Prabang

    I got a Tweaker at home but wonder if you need to prepare all your songs before playing with CUE points.
    Because how to start song wherever you want without jogwheel ??

    Maybe a way would be to map the big browser wheel to be a jog wheel ??

    If any idea let me know

  • Be

    I made a Mixxx mapping for the Tweaker:

    Also, the price has dropped to $100 and now includes a free case and free shipping.

  • crowdBoy

    now that traktor has finally set free remix decks this can be a great controller for that!!

  • shiftdj

    I have one. I wouldn’t sell it for gold. Its brilliant. Accurate review. This coming from former die hard vinyl/technics mk5G dj.

  • Elktrknoiz

    Experiencing some sound issues it only plays good On ableton the 1st time you open it but the second time after saving the performance the tweaker won’t even light up the pads or be detected not even manually , and no sound on browser after using traktor or ableton ..Mac 10.6.8

  • arkaei

    here’s a video of me playing with the Tweaker at the BPM show. enjoy!

  • Justin

    It says availability “Now” but even the Electrix website isn’t selling it yet. Where can I get one of these?

  • my only concern is can you scan through the tracks like the TWITCH?

    • Electrix

      You can hold down the Shift button while moving the channel fader. The channel fader spans the entire track, bottom is begining, top is end of track.

  • But will it blend? .. or control the remix decks

  • DJ Transporter

    With a little bit of, er, tweaking that will be an awesome traktor mapping. Can’t wait to get one of these beauties…

  • Anonymous

    This thing is hot! I like it, definitely a step in the right direction for midi controllers. Reminds me of livid stuff but a better deal and a more versatile layout.

  • Now that looks pretty fucking sweet – finally a controller that doesn’t add a shitload of unnecesary buttons, faders and knobs or remains short of.

  • Brian

    I just want the Electrixk hardware effects to come back; maybe as a tabletop all in one.

  • Anonymous

    Really like. A device that totally gets Digital DJing.

  • Sexy.

  • That outside casing (which appears to be a design thread running through all their new products) is uuuugly. Besides that though, looks pretty awesome!

  • asger

    I would say that the monome’s inspired the button grid controller, not Ableton..

  • Stewe

    Dope unit! Although default traktor mapping seems very much simpler than it could use for my purposes as second controller. 32 layers selector trough master shift button, that’s what I’m talking about.

  • neotechtonics

    Great controller! Finally a controller with 5-pin MIDI in and out!!… oh wait!.. it’s USB powered!? some people don’t use computers you know!

    • MrPopinjay

      Couldn’t you get one of those mains to USB adapters that people charge their phone with and use that?

    • and what exactly do you intend to do with one of these without a computer?

      • BobEDigital

        Control midi hardware… you know, people made music before computers, right?

        • Mitch

          Uhh, synths and sequencers don’t really lend themselves to the ADD button mashing “controllerist” style this thing represents.

        • This is so inconsequential. First, there’s 5V Wall-to-PC adapters all around, and second, wtf are you doing in DJTT if you don’t own a computer and are a music producer who handles midi signals? I wonder what kind of gear you produce with…. This gear is not designed for old school setups, that’s for sure, take off the blindfold, this is 2012… There is so much more you can do with a computer than without one.

    • DJ Bloodhound

      or just a wall powered USB strip, then he would have room to power other devices and the option to plug them all into a computer as well

  • Interesting, but I think without a sound card it might have a hard time finding buyers. I think Electrix should probably find an Ableton Live DJ plugin (Max 4 Live) partner for this controller. Oddly, I know one that fits this bill. http://www.stagecraftsoftware.com/