• Whatever… haters gonna hate. I, for one, am all the way on board with the neo Sprockets look:

  • dumb question

    how are you running 2 F1’s and an X1 on a 2 channel mixer?

  • Dillinger23

    Stu… Stu… Stu….Studio line from L’Oréal! I have been using this site from the beginning, had all the VCI-100 SE overlays and firmware updates, love it dearly, and have always thought big props to Ean for all his work, and while I have mourned some of the lost innocence as DJTT has become a more commercial venture, who the hell am I to say to someone not to build a life for themselves and capitalise on their success.

    But…… that IS NOT a mixer ‘demo’, that is an NI advert shot like a bloody hair gel ad, and Ean WTF with the moussed bouffant hair dude…..???? PS. That is neither ‘deep house’ or ‘new’.
    Disillusion is now complete. 🙁

  • All i want to know…..what program was used to edit the video? lol

  • calkutta

    actually,its one of my favorite ean golden routines.its an actual ‘feeling’ like a noir-trip type vibe.no offense to the other work,but this is more ‘beautiful’ than ‘how many effects can we get in one routine’…imo,its harder to do less with these new tools,too many options lead to people pressing every button.less is more.you want complex,cue juggle mozart.props ean,great track.

  • Ean, I respect the fact that you acknowledge Craze would
    have been a better choice to introduce the mixer. With so many different
    types of dj’s and equipment to use now, I don’t think you were a bad choice.
    You have always amazed me with your knowledge of different types of music and
    willingness to adapt to them. The video and tack was amazing and I think you
    should be proud!

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  • Anonymous

    Watching this (and previous videoes) proves to me that Ean Golden is turning more and more into an music artist and less DJ. It’s amazing and inspiring to see how he uses the DJ-gear more to play and perform than just play records. Keep it up.

    On the other hand i wish it would demonstrate more in detail how the different NI-instruments interact with Serato, that could be inspiring to se and learn, and I think it could sell more units for NI as well. The video is as stated, more of a MTV music video than a real demo of the new product.

  • I think it’s fair to say that it might have been a better move to have craze do the first video on this mixer since he would use it in the most natural way – with turntables. I was asked to demo it with only controllers and did just that, but in hindsight, it probably makes more sense to show it with turntables first and then the controller context 2nd.

    While some may look at this as a scratch mixer only, don’t miss the opportunity for a great controller hub (which it’s amazing at)

    • Stewe

      I thought Shiftie should spin it first but as you said they wanted controllerism and they did get it.

    • I don’t even have a turntable connected to mine at the moment. In fact I might not have bought one so soon had Craze done the first video.

  • Mihaly

    Come on now give Ean a fucking break here, yea alright the vid wasent all flashy and there werent 2O tracks played at one time with 2O effects and all the other stuff the mixer can do but whatever. If you want to know what the mixer can do go read the damn specs, or watch the vid Ean did on EXPLAINING THE MIXER. This live remixing stuff really is difficult and nice work on that, congrats on the vid and thanks for all these years of djtt.

  • I think Ean did an incredible job here!!! I love it … it is not always about how crazy you get but about how it works in the classical sense look at Eric Clapton playing only the necessary… Ean… hat off this was amazing Thank You!

  • DJ New Deep House

    Don’t you think it’s funny how Ean has been “inspired by the new deep house sound” ? New? Really?
    There is a backlash against the EDM culture in The USA and all of a sudden Ean is a serious house head, when it was he who was partly responsible for the EDM explosion..

    • GRM

      While forming your refined conspirative theory, did you consider the possibility that Ean just actually got inspired and plays what he likes?

  • ScratchDJ

    What the hell was NI thinking not having Craze do the promo vid for this mixer??? That was such a lame, disappointing video..

  • ScratchDJ

    What the hell was NI thinking not having Craze do the promo vid for this mixer??? That was such a lame disappointing video..

  • would i trade for my s4? yeah i think i would. they made it thick like rane, yay!

  • GRM

    I love this. I tend to trust demos less if I see cool technique, but shitty music. With all my love for DJTT, I must admit that this had been the case for with most of their videos so far for me. But now it looks some actual music is happening in those clips from time to time. Big plus for me.

  • tr4gik

    da fack happened to you hair Ean?

  • Sort of hypocritical to be praising NI’s videos when just a few weeks ago this site was talking about how to make a good DJ routine video and using NI’s F1 video as an example of what not to do.

    • GRM

      You missed the point, friend. They demonstrated shittines of video with NIs shitty video. Nothing about NI in general. Now NI made a good video (with fuckin Ean in it, god damit) and they pasted it. No hipocrisy from my POW.

  • What did I just watch? Did Ean just reduce the functionality of one of the more important NI products to be released to an EQ machine? If I didn’t know what this video was about, I would swear it’s an F1 video and NOT a Z2 video. I learned absolutely nothing about the Z2, and this video came off as a pointless Ean performance.

    Was the performance kind of cool? Sure. But what did it have to do with the Z2? Isn’t there someone like Davey Dave who could have done a better demo while still keeping with NI’s image?

    • cp43

      Not sure what you watched, he did some cue point juggling, and used effects x1 style. Great job in my opinion. Don’t forget the f1 is a new controller as well, 2 birds one cup;)

      • But this video doesn’t say “Traktor Kontrol F1” in the heading. It’s meant to show off the capabilities of the Z2 mixer. And I’m not sure how effective a mixer demonstration can be when the user never touches any of it’s faders.

        You’re right – this would make a great F1 video. But the F1 wasn’t NI’s big announcement today, and this video (while pretty) totally failed to show me anything about the Z2.

        • LocoHood

          You are exaggerating, plus he is constantly combining the use of fx, possibly macros on the Z2 with the sounds triggered from the F1, it clearly shows how NI gear can be used in conjunction and I like that. To show how he only uses Z2 or making it the only focus would be unrealistic IMO. It’s a hub, a mixer, and thats what I saw in the video, obviously in a more “artsy” style intended for promotion and not tutorial.

  • dj primitiv

    congrats awesome video

  • Guest

    I think it’s fair to say that the event here is Ean Golden, not the gear. Using effects without straining after effect. Impressive!

  • That’s a pretty amazing video Ean and the track is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Ean! Definitely you’re the best person NI has in their group of DJs for “demoing” their kit. Like the hair cut too!;)


  • RockingClub

    Ean Golden videos are simply the most amazing ones!