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Vestax Debuts The Spin2, Designed To Control Algoriddim djay

Continuing a long week of pre-BPM gear announcements, Vestax has announced that they’ve been working on a second version of the Spin, the Spin2. The unit takes the portability and slim package of the original Spin and applies it to workflow and usage, in that it’s designed to work seamlessly with the desktop, iPad, and iPhone versions of Algoriddim’s djay application. The controller is clearly designed to be an introductory controller for those looking to grab a few tracks from their iTunes library and start mixing right away.

As far as the unit itself, it looks very similar to the design of the original Spin – the main noticeable differences being the strip search touch sensors at the top of each deck and the replacement of the unusual fader EQs for more traditional pots. The unit also is a bit more subtle than the Spin, with no brushed metal jogwheel plates.

Check out the Vestax announcement video below showing off some of the coolest features of the new kit:

Complete djay integration is pretty awesome – especially because that the unit can take advantage of iOS 6’s Multi-audio Support, allowing DJs to have both cue and output audio in complete stereo.

The unit has a suggested retail price of  $349 / €329 / £269 and will be released in December, likely just in time for the winter holiday season – and perhaps like it’s predecessor, you might spot it in Apple retail stores…

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  • Djharry


  • dumb question


  • 2 words – “lightning port?”

  • Reel dude

    Boring product, boring demo, the truth is that a nice ultrabook and a couple controllers is the way to go

  • Scott

    I’m kind of liking the idea of having an interface for my iPhone. My kit has been super reliable, but two of the guys I DJ with regularly have system crashes and hardware failures all the time. I hope that I never have to deal with that, but having a complete backup system just in case would be pretty damn handy.

  • I actually quite like this. For DJing at small parties and little house parties, garden parties, etc, that you do not want to take your full set up, flight cases, etc. I would NOT use this at a proper gig or big event but its a handy quirky little controller. Its going to be made well (its vestax) and has all dials/sliders you would need, the jog wheels will be bad I reckon – lots of lag and you wont *really* be able to scratch. I imagine its going to be expensive (again its vestax!) Thats my thoughts anyway. 🙂

  • Too expensive

  • Anonymous

    I like it.
    BTW, any Trance, House, Electronica only DJs dissing this really can suck a fat one, because anybody can mix that shit with anything. The whole vinyl argument is stupid and only applies if youre a turntablist or play Hip-Hop or such.

  • Dj

    Aww how cute is this.. My lil nephews would love to play with this thing..

    • Anonymous

      what kind of music do you play?

  • Hell Yeah AIR-HORN SAMPLE!!!!!