• Jordan

    wow. what a joke.

  • DMm

    Dj Mags Top 100 “Popupar” “Djs” the most insignificant poll of all time

  • So: Andy C, voted number 4 in their “greatest DJs of ALL TIME”, and yet this year doesn’t even make the top 100, oh how the tides of popularity have turned!

    Actually, can we please have a feature on Andy C, perhaps his Alive show? It’s pretty Tech, he uses lots of Tools, and he’s certainly a DJ!

  • Andrew

    Bassnectar? He tours long and well!

  • Dj Dylan Lopez


  • “Awkward Moment? Ranking in the Top 100 of a DJ poll when I’ve never touched a CDJ in my life” – Joel Zimmerman

  • Storm

    Where the fuck is A-Trak?!

  • No A-Trak?!?!

  • Vladimir Chilikov

    the first 4 arent realy anything i would call GOOD djs… Only posers..

  • @javierlaborde

    So sorry for Ricardo Villalobos

  • Anonymous

    This list just goes to show you the direction of EDM music and what being a “popular DJ” of that music means. You need to produce it too.

    It’s funny how many people hack on the list and its accuracy and nag on those who get towards the top. Who cares? Take it for what it is or for what you think it is and leave it at that. If you aren’t on the list, does that make you a bad DJ? Certainly not. If you are on the list, does it mean you truly are the world’s best DJ? Certainly not.


  • Destiny

    Pretty awesome with the Mau5 on 5, since I’m pretty sure he doesn’t call himself a DJ at all…

  • LOL I’m pretty sure Skrillex doesn’t even consider himself a great DJ. almost the whole top ten is ridiculous.

  • ztronic

    Avicii is Tim Berg!
    As much as many may hate this list is right on.
    Not saying its all my pref but get a chock fulla nothin this is what it is.
    And that is the point. We all wanted free music and mindless choice
    Well freedom has its downfalls.
    Break me off a peace of that gas/oil war!

  • at least there is a highly celebrated DJ at the top instead of poppy trash like guetta

  • Anonymous

    TBH, I’m kinda embarrassed DJTT is giving so much attention to this crap and by doing so it’s sending out a totally wrong signal to it’s younger follower base that are over-thinking a career as DJ.
    For people wondering what I’m talking about, this is your weak up call, because no such thing in this world exists as an “overall top DJ”: At best, you can get an indication about “what DJ seems to very popular atm in genre X/Y/Z”
    And even that isn’t really an indication about the DJ skills of that person in that particular genre. You could be rocking every local commercial trance venue every night for years with an amazing set of never-seen-before controllerism skills combined with the amazing gift of playing the right track at the right moment and not make it to this list because Armin, released it’s latest album this year and you are solely focusing on DJ skills

    • Anonymous

      It’s a popularity contest… 😉

    • Your Dad

      Dude calm down, DJTT covers topics related to DJ and the community. It’s not about being a elitist jerk. Relax.

      • Anonymous

        Well, the fact that they edited the main article after receiving the comments on it just proved my point.

    • Ayura

      Dude, you’re kind of a troll. Seriously, stop! If you are half the DJ you say you are you wouldn’t have time to write long posts bitching DJTT out about everything they do. Get over it! Put the Red Bull down and go take a nap.

  • so, @atrak isn’t a dj anymore?

  • i’ve listened to music of less than 30 of those in the top 100, i would pay to see 4 of them. looks like my interests will never be “popular”…

  • Anonymous

    A top full of shit.

  • lowsum

    This is so depressing…no wonder why I drop djing …with all this crap it seems the new generation is mindless.

    • Anonymous

      The new generation needs the educators 😉

    • Lauti

      what does this list have to do with DJ TECHnology or dj TOOLS?

  • boys noize is not on this list, proving that it once again has literally zero relevance to the world of dance music

    • Mattmangrease

      Agree so hard.

  • Nick Leong

    “At 44 @daftpunk continue their habit of polling high in the #top100djs without actually playing”

    This has got to be the best tweet so far

  • All results out! Armin is back at 1, Tiesto at 2 ,Guetta is 4, Avicii is 3, The mau5 is 5

  • mattmangrease

    Paris Hilton #1. Calling it.