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  • waiz

    Wij verkopen, ongebruikt, ongeopend, onbeschadigd DJ-apparatuur in de originele verpakking verzegelde doos met absoluut geen TEKEN VAN wear.We antwoord op alle e-mails per paar keer per day.We ZIJN STRIKT BUSINESS & WE HOPEN OP WAT MET IEDEREEN DOEN.


    Blijf up to date met de nieuwste functies DJ heeft voor U de DJ apparatuur voor uw club of home studio VANDAAG.

    CONTACT E-mail: – musicalplace@live.com
    SKYPE: musicalplace

    2 Pioneer CDJ-900 draaitafel + Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus DJ Mixer … $ 1700USD
    2 Pioneer CDJ-850 Multi Player + DJM-850 DJ Mixer ….. $ 1500USD
    2 Pioneer CDJ-2000 Turntable + DJM-2000 Mixer Package … .. $ 3900USD
    2 CDJ-1000MK3 Platenspeler + DJM-800 Mixer Package ……. $ 1200USD
    2 Pioneer CDJ-350 Turntable + DJM-350 Mixer … $ 980USD
    2 X Pioneer CDJ-400-K + DJM-400 Mixer Package ……… $ 1300

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  • koeledude

    was the macbook a 13″ or a 15″?

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  • jj

    when u buy the ddj-sx. does it come with the necessary output wires? or are these sold seperately?

  • ricks

    Hey! Does anyone know where the master tempo key is on the DJJ-SX?

  • DJVaage

    “It’s sheer size” is listed as a bad thing????
    Really? The size of this controller is exactly what i LOVE about it. Not just does this give me more space to work on but it also looks a lot more professional when performing instead of using a small controller that makes you look like you’re playing with a kids toy.

    If I was to perform using CDJs and a mixer (A very common standard DJ Setup) this would take up more space than this controller (here referring to using CDJs 2000 + DJM900).

    This controller takes almost as much space as any traditional setup would and it is to me one of the biggest positive things to say about it. It is a much nicer transition to using controller when the workspace is almost equal than to moving over to something much smaller.

  • dj flyer

    Just got Traktor pro2 for my DDJ-SX and it’s working amazingly good!
    Didnt like serato dj, too much manual work and awfull waveforms among others…
    Been using virtual dj for ages but now it’s bye bye

  • Patrick Dennis

    I’m crazy about the controller, but I look forward to the traktor version of this controller, and the size, pioneer has used the right scale , I really do not walk around with a toy, so I find this size the right one,even for my part i want it slightly larger.

  • Dean

    Can I use it with tractor I would prefer not using serato ?

  • Dean

    Can I use it with tractor I would prefer not using serato ?


    The best dj controller Pioneer DDJ SX definitely is worth the $$$, The guys at SIX STAR DJ they have it a very low price.

  • Mike

    It’s a video to show different effect of DDJ-SX very easy to use … Enjoy my friends 😉


  • Damo

    I want to replace my DDJ SX Deck 1 or 3 to my CDJ 900; How do I do that? Do I have to also link my CDJ 900 to my laptop via USB?

  • Elgatovacomomoto

    Im planning to get one, but I I’m trying to find out a couple of things about it first.

    Besides from using it for djing, I’ll use it as a sound card in ableton live.

    Can anyone confirm some of the folIowing questions please!?

    -Are the channel inputs terminal equal to soundcard inputs?

    I mean,
    Can I record a mic, a turntable or a line input signal?

    -How many outputs it has as a soundcard?

    2? 4?

    -is it fully mappleable in other softwares than serato?

    If yes:

    are the pads velocity sensitives if mapped in ableton live?

    I can’t found this info anywhere, so, someone that already got one, please a little help here!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • arturo

    could you connect a launchpad to this and mix live ?

  • Want to use my turntables as an extention. If connected , will the Serato control vinyl work as well?

    Curious if there is any glitch, proper digital to analog sound conversion, latency issues etc.

  • looks as if novation twitch and s4 had a baby who consumes a lot of steroids

  • where can I find the TSI for Traktor 2.6? (No mapping vipers, I know)

  • denyto

    hi, does serato dj have a beat jump function, like traktor pro?

  • cai nay thjch roi nha.phaj kjem tjen mua caj nay thoi da wa ma;

  • will

    ok!! I’m stuck between the Numark NS6 and the Pioneer DDJ-SX. Which one is better?

    • Simon Lee

      DDJ-SX for sure now.

  • So if you hook up two turntables to use in combination, can you play and control MP3’s like scratch live through the SX? Or does the analog inputs not convert to a digital signal ?

  • jjsproductionz

    The BEST!!!

  • IMO Big controller = good. Playing a show on a dinky little VCI-300 or what have you looks like you’re using a little kids toy compared to a traditional cdj/tech12/mixer setup. If you have something that actually looks like pro gear I think it lends itself to a more serious looking performance to the average clubgoer. Plus it is the first controller that i would consider buying, coming from tech12/mixer/ssl. Seriously droolworthy.

  • From a guy who travels with an s4 and F1… the size of this thing would make it very hard for me to travel with… it looks awesome but A. I’m a tracktor guy and B. the S4 in a flight case is difficult enough through airports etc… having to cary somehting bigger just isnt a good idea (for me).


    My dislike about the DDJ SX there’s no Auto play like other units that’s one feature they forgot to include.
    Can this be included in the next software update

  • The CroudBoy

    We Would love to se a DDJ-SE!!!!! DJTT special edition!! with two mappings one for traktor and one for serato!!! that would be really dope!!

  • Greg4422

    Deal breaker…no FX on mic or extrenal inputs or ability to record those inputs.

    • DJKillDit

      LOL, Yet you have DDJ – SX in your Icon Image LOL

      • 🙂 I sold it on ebay…with the exception lack of FX on the mic or external inputs…I loved the controller.

  • Mike

    I have this controller and its amazing. The only reason why a DDJ-TX would be good is just for the effects traktor has(Serato DJ effects are good but meh). I like that I can overlap tracks in extended mode which in my opinion is better than traktors wave setup. I have tried the traktor mapping and it is terrible with the jogs. My favorite feature is the slicer which is pretty much almost the same thing as the slicer on the djm 2000 nexus.

  • DJ APA

    Hello guys, but there is already a bag ddjsx??

  • scoop

    I gotta ask – what booths are you playing in that can’t fit this? Are you saying they can’t even fit CDJs and a mixer? Or are they already installed and in the way?

    • most booths i play don’t even have even enough room for a S4 let alone this monster and most booths have stands installed on angles for the CDJS’s and the djm800/800 is built into a recessed surface.

  • jason e.

    the cross fader feels like garbage.

  • Jam-Master Jake

    This review says that you can “choose the location out of 8 slots for a loop to be stored”. I see that it’s possible to do that in-software, but is it possible to do this using the DDJ-SX hardware? And is it possible to fire off those stored loops using the SX?

    I’m absolutely LOVING my SX…I just wish (or hope) that I can figure out a way to trigger stored loops on my SX. If it’s not possible, hopefully Pioneer could be persuaded to add that functionality in a firmware update (if that’s possible). You could simply program the SX to give you control over the 8 loop slots by pressing Hot Cue twice for example. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to me.

    Excellent review!

  • Overtyme

    Need to know if Traktor version is coming? My S4 is almost had the bun and soon to be a piece of art on my wall of music.

  • R3production

    Hi all, i was Lucky enhough that i could purchase one last week in Las Vegas Guitar Center. Thanks to the super help i received from them…I have installed all but i am getting Poppings in my sound on the down beats. What i found out is if you use Key Lock and make a loop it creates this noise..Tried everything from latency and all other possible settings. Serato works fine if KEY lock is turned off..I want to say also big ups for Viper who has made a tremendous good mapping for this unit to use with Traktor 2.6.. I have purchased the version and loaded the TSI and all works fine.. Here i don’t get popping noise if Key Lock is on…I have 6378 songs Cue/loop and grid stored in TR, i have to do it all over if i want Serato as software..What i find the weakest on the DDJ SX is the Mic input.. it is straight through and no effects or processor can be run like the sound limiter or FX on the deks. For the rest the sound quality out put is real good as with all Pioneer mixers..
    I am waiting for the service department from Serato to give me a solution on the popping noise…
    Good review from DJTT, or maybe you guys can make a DJTT performance mapping for TR like i have on my VCI100SE…Would love to use fader effects and jog wheel effects…Than i might drop Serato again..

    • djkucha

      what’s up buddy … I found a solution for the mic input… and it works great .. its just doesn’t fit in my case. lol .. .info@djkucha.com

  • Anonymous

    Who actually uses EQ kill switches? I have never liked them and and always reprogram them on my midi controllers.

    • I use them sometimes, but this new snap feature with the Z2 kind of replaces that.

  • And the Ean Golden version is coming out when? Now if only Serato would just work on the look and feel of their software, we’d reach DJing 2.0.

    • KIO

      With Turntables >> CDJ’s >> Controllers >> DDJ-SX that would be DJing 4.0 :):)

    • Anonymous

      One of these days someone will actually post why/how the UI affects the software’s usability. Not today I guess.

  • Ricochet48

    I bought a VCI-100SE as soon as Ean had them available, but my schoolwork and subsequent career had prevented me from really delving into it’s creativity as much as I’d like. Years later I find myself with the cash and time to re-invest. Looking back I would have got an S4, but with the unit being dated at this time, the DDJ-SX seemed like the best option for me (not mobile) so I pulled the trigger at $775 (no tax/ship). I’ll be honest the effects are not that impressive and I’m dying for DVS ability (combine with SSL), but it seems like there are no other stellar options available. It they announced a DDJ-TX I’d be there in a heartbeat. I’m sure NI is going to ‘borrow’ some of the DDJ-SX’s features/build and make an S4 MKII in a year or so. In this case I’ll trade in my DDJ-SX for $700 and pay the difference. Oh and I also got a Midi Fighter 3D this weekend so I could hand it to girls at my apartment bangers 😉

  • I could see run of the mill clubs going to this as an in house set up. It’s essentially 2 cdjs and pioneer mixer all rolled into one, but for a fraction of the cost, and plays nice with Serato, so it will be good for their top 40 grinders.

    It’s similar enough to a cdj set up that the transition isn’t as huge of a leap as other set ups can be. The first time I played a gig with the S4, the club sound guy had never seen one in real life.. lol.

    • Jay

      No clubs are going to but this POS

  • Darilov

    Looks nice and stronger than the S4 and its also huge. There’s no carrying this beast around in a back pack. That’s for sure!!

    • Fits in the same backpack that was designed for the DDJ-S1 and DDJ-T1, so yeah you could.

  • nidi

    The only thing i dont like are the buttons with the lit text and lit outline.. maybe its the plastic they use but something about those buttons looks very low end to me. The rest looks awesome and professional!

  • tr4gik

    seems like an awesome piece of hardware… But … after seeing the size comparizon with the S4 i think this thing is way to big to put anywhere.

    • technicaltitch

      much as I love controller-porn, that was the genius photo of the article.

  • fachkraft

    Please Pioneer, I need this Controller without the wheels and for traktor, that would be awesome!! 🙂

    • ian.c

      ^^scope the novation twitch

      • Luca Pedonese

        I have Twitch. It is not a pro product. Bad level bars control and audio output very low. Don’t buy it.

  • pretty cool but the mapping my friend did for the vestax vci-400 for traktor works so good that shockingly i’m not really impressed by this other than it’s massive size and larger pads.

    • jprime

      Does his vci-400 mapping have loop roll and slicer?

      • Feroxz

        Interested in this aswell. Which functionality does this mapping have on top of the regular?

  • Phillip Diaz

    mappings are available for Traktor made by a DJTT forum member! and they seem to work flawlessly! just imagine erasing that pad’s option buttons and replace them with the functions of the VCI-400 EGE pads! sweeeeeet!

    • technicaltitch

      what is the jog wheel responsiveness like? the S4 doesn’t use MIDI for the jogs supposedly so that it can get a higher resolution.

  • i’d like an DDJ-TX

  • Loudist

    The build quality looks fantastic. Shame the GUI is so vomit-inducing…

    • Anonymous

      What aspects of the GUI are affecting the functionality for you?

    • I find the GUI to be very much standard Serato issue. Looks pretty much like Serato Scratch Live. If you don’t like it because you’re used to where things are on Traktor I get it, but to call it vomit inducing seems a bit exaggerated. This reminds me of the whole Windows vs. Apple deal, to each their own. Personally I like both, and it’s nice to have the option with Viper’s midi mapping for Traktor.

  • Rene

    Will there be a Traktor version as well?

    • Paco Loco

      I hope so!

      • same here. im pretty impressed. I would get this if it worked with traktor. I know this is a dedicated controller for serato but traktor is pretty friendly when it comes to sound cards and midi controllers. I would not be surprised if it did work with a lil midi mapping……or am I totally wrong?

    • As per usual, it will most likely be compatible with VDJ ages before they come out with a version for traktor. Keep Controllers Open Source!

    • Its MIDI compatible so you can use it with anything (According to product description); just waiting for mine so I can map it out to traktor.. Hopefully there is no issues with the sound card and jog encoder tho :S

    • there is already a Traktor tsi on this veerry site by Viper who also made one for Djay. Virtual DJ also has a maper for it. So now before many who pre ordered it even got it it works with most DJ software.

      a little demo I made showing looproll without and whit Flux mode on traktor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNDfNGClGDA&list=LLLKXb6yK5Om8e4VkxT1rX7A&feature=mh_lolz

  • Weyland

    Do Chroma Caps fit on them

    • Spacecamp

      They do on the EQ and FX knobs for sure.