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  • Mick

    Add one more to the list! “No Breasts No Requests” THE BOOK, a hilarious collection of notes and requests given to DJs. Less than $10 on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/No-Breasts-Requests-Booths-Around/dp/0692229000

  • Georgie

    Haha love this article! Nice man and Happy Holidays to all.

  • Misr King

    Forget Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Decksaver covers would have been a better bet!

  • Snakey

    I see it says the new colours will be out ‘Next Week’.
    Are these on schedule as the week is nearly over?

  • DJ Fayze

    Ordered some of the V-Moda Faders, my ears take a pounding with all the concerts I go to. They have great reviews and they’re 20 bucks, what more could you ask for? And stunner of the month could be fun too haha.

  • Maxwell

    novation launchpad its the instrument that most music performers/producers have or need and will use. it was n still a big controller/instrument with good price

  • For aspiring / new DJs, classes at Dubspot could be good too.

  • Sloope

    I’d say that stickers for the laptop are quite cool.

    • funkall

      where do you see stickers?

  • The Wollium

    I’ve wrote an Article about Gifts for DJs on my Blog back in October. It’s in german and i mentioned some things that don’t appear here. like new colorfull earpads for headphones and so on. If you want to take a quick look: http://www.thewollium.de/2012/10/geschenke-fur-djs-von-tranen-und-kommenden-glucksmomenten/

  • DJ TeeOh

    The title should say “GIFT IDEAS FROM THE DJTT STORE”
    More self promotion of the DJTT products instead of giving an all around quality list. i would think a “Christmas List” would consist of stuff that ISN’T primarily all from the same store. (What are we all 8 again? I want these 20 things from Toys R Us) How about some variety. Out of all the products EVER featured or reviewed on DJTT and this list shows mostly DJTT gear?? Guess you gotta make money somewhere.

    • Eric B.

      11 out of 28 products… not even half… loose use of the word “mostly” but that’s okay TeeOh… You’re no stranger to self promotion… A business making money somewhere… imagine that.

  • I think a budget MIDI controller gift for DJ’s this year would be the Traktor Kontrol x1. It’s really well built and when the fact that you’re getting a piece of professional grade DJ software with it now makes it that much more of a deal.

  • They took my Oyaide d+ cables idea 😀

  • Laptop stands and gig bags might be a good thing to add to the list.

  • FYI Beatport no longer sells gift cards on their site

    • and you have the wrong price listed for the Z2

      • Spacecamp

        Price looks right from here. It’s $799 in the DJTT webstore unless something changed 🙂

    • Spacecamp

      Damn, why’d they stop doing that?

  • Rukks

    Way to step up your game DJTT! Much better post than your last, relevant links and unbiased posting on your blog! By the way, I have the watch…my gf got it for me, Its cool but I rarely wear it and its pretty big so scratching with it on is not the most ideal, still neat.

    • I guess we need a Kontrol S4 Controller top for next year’s wrist watch.

  • Jochen
  • NZim

    For the Low-Cost list –

    Headphone adapters are great to have in spares, but don’t hesitate to spend a little more for something solid. The contact quality inside those pictured is often sub-par, leading to intermittent mono/stereo sound in the headphones while jumping around a bit behind the decks.
    If you’re in a dj duo, headphone splitters are pretty cool (same rules are above apply), I’ve seen a pretty neat one shaped like a Y with rubber caps but I can’t find what it is.
    Finding a neat little box for carts (ie smaller than a classic ortofon box with a piece of foam in it) can be nice too. Or an audio interface pouch of some sort…

  • Novation Dicers … WMD !

    • OH and the Launchpad… they’re running for what? $120? and they come with a light version of Ableton.

  • volpe

    these are on my whishlist: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CRA802
    less cable-chaos for anyone using external mixer and soundcard:D

  • The S4 for beginner DJs?

    Where is my beloved Novation Twitch in this? 🙂

    • fellow twitch user here, you can bet it’ll start getting a lot of mentions again when it becomes compatible with Serato DJ. at least, at the moment serato says they plan to add Twitch support I think in the spring.

      • If and when it does, I might actually switch from Traktor, which I’ve been using since version 3 or something like that. That says a lot about my love for this gorgeous machine.

        • The Twitch has that wonderful Pinch loops function in Serato. I’m hoping to have more than one filter at once like you can do in Traktor. Also, HOPEFULLY Serato DJ will make the 2+2 Track Decks that we have the option for in Traktor. I just don’t like programs not giving me options to do things when some other hardware has the option with the same program.

    • Yeah, the Twitch gets next to no love from the “Big shots” even though it’s a freaking wonder controller able to be used in Ableton, ITCH (and soon Serato DJ) and Traktor.

  • DjM8

    chroma caps are pretty good gift ideas but when will we know the new colors???

    • Yeah! Can we get some Glow-in-the-Dark (colored options for) knobs and sliders offered… please?

      • DJ ENS

        UV reactive ones too in mega neon!
        I’ll buy a another whole set for super flouro UV green!

  • steve

    Those 808 posters are SICK. buying now, take my money

    also since when is limp bizkit still making music?

    • Spacecamp

      Apparently they’ve been together this whole time! Didn’t recognize anyone but Fred Durst though, seems like a new band almost.