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Audiobus App Connects iOS Music Performance Apps

Making and performing music on mobile devices has gone from being a non-existant industry five years ago into a very compelling paradigm with new devices and applications constantly being released. One of the biggest obstacles in moving these types of applications and instruments from a computer-centric model to a mobile world is that there’s been a major lack of interconnectedness between applications, especially when it comes to routing audio.

Enter Audiobus, an “inter-app audio routing system”, to solve this problem. The application is an elegant solution to routing audio, letting the user send audio being generated by an application into other applications to filter, distort, and mix the audio. Check out the video below to get a quick introduction as to the concept:

Right now, there’s just a limited selection of applications that have compatibility, as it’s up to each individual app developer to code the necessary items for input and outputting audio in a way that AudioBus can connect to – and up to AudioBus to distribute access to the SDK to interested developers (their blog post indicated last week that over 750 interested devs had sent a request already!).

Here’s the full list of supported applications right now:

We’re personally hoping to see integration with live performance and DJing applications – it would be great to see iMaschine, Figure, and DJ Player able to accept and send audio.

The AudioBus application costs $9.99, is compatible for iOS 5.0+ devices, and is available now

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  • scooterADAM

    add intua beatmaker 2 plz!

  • Chris Alter

    I was just thinking these days. If there could be an app that would be able to manage others in the same device. Now, making music with mobile devices is becoming more and more a reality. For both the professional and the amateur. An application like Audiobus I think it is necessary. Lowers the cost for the purchase of other devices. Simplifies, decreasing the use of external connections. Great idea

  • iMaschine, FL Studio Mobile, and AniMoog all need to have support added.