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  • J.Hill

    Ergonomics is crazy important and something I struggle with… I’m 6’7″. There isn’t a DJ table or booth made that is tall enough for me, so I end up stooped over the whole time… its hard to convey a sense of energy to a crowd when it looks like youre slouching…

  • Mad article!

  • Anonymous

    Great article!!

  • Troy Monroe

    You guys should have a nice fat PRINT button at the end.

  • +1 for mentioning height vs back problem issues… my back gets JACKED every time i DJ… mainly cuz my set-up at home is too low atm. It’s sort of comforting to hear that i’m not the only one.

    • Your certainly not the only one! Try raising your equipment by using a flight case or raising your table so that when you put your fingers/hands on the platters, that your arm is perpendicular to your body. This should help.

    • Taylor Knox

      Believe me, you are NOT the only one 🙂

  • stf

    I definetly need organization, It’s hard for me to choose the next track.

    • Certainly organization can help you build a collection of suitable tracks that naturally follow each other.

  • really good read!

  • Deksel

    Stretching? For Real?

  • ohh A+ article. Might have to fire up a printer or somethin

  • I definitely agree with preparation! I practice setting up my mappings and settings, then purposely mess with it until it’s messed up so I learn how to fix it! How I prepare for a gig is I make a fully fledged play list that takes me many hours of preparation. Then I heavily improvise live with other tracks that may be requested or I feel would work better with the crowd and use effects. In the end what the preparation was for is structure and to me creates a really professional sound. Preparation is extremely important.

    • Sounds like you got a great workflow for preparing and performing mate!

  • IS

    Music Technology student! I wish my school had something like that to offer. I’m just a business major with an emphasis in information systems.

    • Yeah I’m lucky! I attended DKIT, best college in Ireland! 😀

  • Decitronic

    Awesome article, particularly the section on experimentation, the rules and avoiding decimating your work!

    Looking forward to more, Keith. 😉

    • Cheers Sean, no better man for experimenting! 🙂