• klauny

    Hello I homemade this overpriced cable, its realy easy :)) Actualy does powering my wego and ipad also, using 10W for ipad and 5W for wego.

    • Chris

      Wanna make a tutorial on how you made it?

  • Stéphan Vuylsteke

    From the Pioneer product page: “Cannot charge iPad” (http://pioneerdj.com/english/products/accessories/djc-wecai.html)

    So basically, it’s just a regular powered usb hub, with a pretty steep price, and just 2 usb ports.

  • GiorgioG

    When NI do this for S4??????

  • hardcoreplur

    too bad grow up to a S2 and (soon to have) XPS18.

  • keynote101

    let the revolution begin…