New Launchpad S from Novation

The Novation Launchpad S

More hot news in the controller world – Novation is relaunching their classic best-selling Launchpad controller with a few updates to make it a more modern controller. Here’s the rundown of the major changes to the controller, dubbed the Launchpad S.

  • much brighter LEDs
  • significantly faster refresh rate (switching between modes & general performance)
  • and it’s now class compliant –meaning it doesn’t require a driver and will work with iOS apps!

The controller is set be available later this month (April 2013), with a MSRP of $169.99.

Novation has also gotten a performance video together from KillTheRobot for this new relaunch, showing off the controller’s stronger lighting. Check it out below:

If you’re into his performance, KillTheRobots also put together a behind the scenes video of how he crafted his performance – especially helpful if you need help making cool light shows on Launchpad controllers. He’s also got the full template of his performance available for download here.

Learn more about the Launchpad S on Novation’s official product page

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