• Ry

    Wow that’s impressive… all the practice and time that went into making that horrible track.
    Can anyone really stand to listen to someone scratch and push effect buttons for more than 5 or 10 minutes anyway?

    • Groo

      lol you mad bro? you sad bro?

    • anonymouse

      Its a technical display Ry … not a musical one, i agree Ry its horrible musically 🙁 … but enjoyable technically … limited crowd … most of the ppl w/ hard-ons probably live in these comments ;-x

    • Kieran

      Someone’s jelly…

  • tragik

    Oh the tough guy pose, im impressed.

    • evan

      Reserved only for the hardcore, blind and blog readers. Its almost ready for an NI youtube video promo ;-P imagine seeing that pose live lol